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  • ashishgour
    09-15 09:58 PM
    The markup is scheduled for 9/17 Wednesday..

    Thanks a lot for the call call!!!!!!

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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-21 12:04 AM
    You sure are one of those cry babies :D:D
    Good luck buddy with your endeavors!
    Well sir, let me disabuse you of that notion. Eb3-other workers is ahead of EB3, and that in itself flies in the face of your assertions.

    Why should USCIS approach oldest priority first? Well because that is how the law is. The law only affords you the initial set of numbers all the spill-over numbers from another category is supposed to be used in a FIFO manner.

    You have made other comments about being cry-babies etc, I could respond to that in more than kind, but I will not, because I refuse to get distracted beyond sane arguments. And BTW: respect, not unlike trust, is to be gained, not asked to be followed.

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  • gc_on_demand
    03-31 12:24 PM
    Visa allocation chief mentioned in AILA comment that USCIS knows visa usage pattern. Which means that they know pending I 140 for EB1 in pipeline and they also know that average time to get approve new I 140 is X months ( 4 months ) so they know if person files in May 2011 chances are rare that he/she can get GC from 2011 quota.I am not saying is that applicant can't get it but when u look at I 485 complexity and add scrutinity on EB1 I 140 its more than 4 months to get GC from start to finish without any RFE.

    That is why they are so confident to release quota now. which may bring date so much forward so that can attract new cases and move back dates to certain point in time. Specially this is how DOS does for all family based CP cases. When they think they have 10k visas coming they move dates to cover 15k out of which 12k may reply on time and they always have control to retrogress dates if they run out of visas.

    Big question is how far they want to go and get new cases. If they don't go upto Mid 2008 in next 1 year , Eb2 will loose some visas to EB3 and dates for EB2 will be "C" , if they go with some calculated guess and usage pattern + buffer they should go well into early 2009 with in next 1 year.

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  • funny
    09-09 03:48 PM
    I called the members and most of the calls went to voicemail. Left a message urging them to support the bill. I also started posting this in our university Indian student Association group so that they can start calling. I thank IV for the telephone numbers.

    Call all your friends in other companies and ask them to call, specially the oes who do not visit IV. Let them know.


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  • old_hat
    05-11 12:14 AM
    See the url below.

    "The Computing Research Association's annual Taulbee Survey of 192 U.S. universities with doctoral programs found that total enrollment by majors and pre-majors in computer science increased 6.2% last year. If only declared majors are considered, the figure jumps to an 8.1% increase, the first boost in computer science majors in six years. "

    Are you happy now? Since H1-B quota is reduced, more students are considering computer science as a viable option. If H1-B is limited only for genuine requirements by american companies for the best and brightest and not used as displacing american companies by indian crooks from TCS/INFY etc., even more americans will go for those degrees.

    Are you satisfied? Now get lost!!

    Go f*** urself. It was your fellow country-men (a jerk desparately trying to immigrate to US) who was making nonsense incest allegations first in this forum about americans. Do you get it,IDIOT, before lecturing me?

    I don't give a damn what your epics say or what you practice in India. All I pointed out was teh corruption in India pointed out by international agencies compared to western democracies.

    dude, not a meaningful response. I asked you to give me the break up of foreign students. the report just talks about total number of students increasing. And again it nowhere gives data to suggest that responder thinks that reduction of h1 visa numbers is the reason. I will give you a very simple reason. It took tech sector a good 3-4 years to get out of the dot com mess!

    Dude it seems you are not doing too well in IT but you should thank your stars that you did not consider the alternative career of law. you would have been massacred. your points are vague. you make utterances that tie yourself in knots and you throw words you know very little about. Start with naimg two indian epics.. next step find brahma there.

    btw "f** u" does not qualify as an argument. you can thrust it where you are speaking from.

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  • GCNeophyte
    08-13 01:33 PM
    Congrats.. its bit boring to ready through your story though..

    Finally got the CPO emails/texts today morning for both me and my wife.

    Came to USA in 1996 on H1. Masters (F1) from 1999-2000.
    All GC applications in EB2. Nationality : India.
    Applied in Mid 2001 : company (think $15B!!!) went kaput.
    Applied in Mid 2003 : I quit in mid-2005 - while labor pending.
    Applied Nov 22, 2005 : Approved Aug 11, 2010.

    Labor applied via PERM - approved in about 4 months.
    I-140 applied soon after - approved in about 4 months.
    I-485 applied during the July-August 2007.
    Receipt Date: Aug 16, 2007
    Notice Date: Oct 1, 2007
    At NSC.

    Quit in mid-2008 with 485/EAD, sent AC21.
    Got RFE in Sep 2008 (missed the 2008 boat).
    485 LUD stuck at 10/29/2008 forever until today.

    Opened a SR on Aug 5th.
    Took an infopass on Aug 6th - all I could get was, "your application is with an
    Immigration Officer since Aug 2nd". Nothing else!
    Don't know if either had an effect.
    Didn't do anything beyond the above two.

    I think anything that's helpful for anyone based on dates/apps/process/procedures are all listed above. Now for a bit of something in my mind. No particular theme but general rambling....if you so indulge..please continue. Else Have a good day and happy life. And thanks IV.

    It has been a long journey for sure. A lot of my friends who came to
    USA in 1996 are now citizens. I have NO regrets at all. I took my own
    path. Sometimes I used to think that if I had done the GC process
    in 1998/1999 instead of quitting my full time job to do full time masters,
    I might've gotten GC sooner. OR what if I had stuck with the 2003 application,
    sure, it would've taken longer to get even the Labor cleared but I would
    have gotten GC in probably 2007 - and worst case 2008. And heck, I would
    have made an additional $150K (since the company got acquired by "as big
    as it gets" tech company). OR what if I had chosen a very safe choice out
    of masters [believe it or not, I got 12 offers back in 2000 - but then heck,
    every body else got 12 offers as well]. OH btw, the full time masters ended
    up costing me about $45K in credit card loans. So point in contemplating
    all the "coulda woulda shoulda"s in life.

    As Nike says: Just do it.

    I strongly believe it was because of the masters that I got the first 2000/2001 company, I got into the next job - and because of it to the next one and because
    of that to the current one - where I am extremely happy and think
    will over time come out very well off too.

    At all times, I never compromised on my job. Took the job which offered
    me the most challenge and allowed me to learn as much as possible while
    working the smartest folks around. That I think was a great benefit - all
    along - since that component of life (work) never bothered me. And was never
    afraid of taking (apparent) risks either. To me they were calculated risks.
    The 2002 company I joined, it was a small startup - I was employee number 20-something and was the only H1-B until we had about 150+ employees.
    When I quit it was 450+ folks and was about 750+ when it was acquired.
    The company I joined in 2008 (via AC21), was and still is a startup. When
    I joined we were 8 employees and still now, remain lean-and-mean but
    kicking some serious ass. (if I say so myself..pardon me). :)

    The biggest hiccup as I think of it now was that my wife was not able
    to work from 2003-2007. But the EAD in mid-2007 finally solved that
    problem. Oh, I never hesitated traveling either : travel to Africa (three
    countries) one year, and to Europe (three countries) one year and
    Asia (two countries other than India) in one year.
    Also purchased a home in 2009 (it was very tempting during the
    2004-2006 times...but waited out for good).

    So yeah...H1-B/EAD/AP are all handicaps - only if you convince yourself so.

    A couple of times I had contemplated Canadian PR or really
    moving there or to somewhere in Europe (and even Aus PR).
    But pursued nothing mostly because I was lazy.

    But all along my wife fully supported in everything I (we) did.
    Be it change of jobs, other big decisions..what not.
    So thankful to god for that.

    Just a bit to go back in the way back machine.
    Long ago, labor was the bottle-neck. Then 485, then something else.
    Things repeat - old is new, new is old...repeat.
    There were times when there was no online checking, no sms, no email notifications.
    Six year h1-cap was strongly enforced. no concurrent 140/485. No one year extension of h1. No 3 year extenstions of h1 after 140. No 2 year EADs. No AC21. No priority date porting. I can go on....but a lot of stuff happened...happens.

    If there is one thing I learned wrt immigration, it is do things ASAP. Never postpone anything at all. As much as possible get first in the queue.

    A general piece of advice: Never reject an option you don't have. [this is more to do with folks who say, "I am only in year 1 in h1..I don't know if I need gc..let me see after 2-3 years.." - guess what einstein, it is easy to give up your gc after you get it, then to get it when you desperately need it.]

    Good luck and all the best to those who are waiting.
    EB2-IC seems in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.
    EB3-folks need some serious legislative help - please consider contributing a fraction of what you send for your immigration-lawyers and get something done. support IV.

    And finally: Be Happy!



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  • getgreensoon1
    03-29 10:41 AM
    The Department of State announced that the Indian EB2 category is expected to advance one week in the May Visa Bulletin. The demand for EB1visa numbers has decreased by 50 percent this fiscal year. Last year from October 2009 to February 2010, 22,000 EB1 numbers were used. During the same period this year, only 10,000 to 11,000 have been used. EB1 will be current worldwide all fiscal year. This will free up an estimated 12,000 visa numbers to fall down from EB1 to EB2 this year

    Looks like the IT bodyshops have done less visa fraud this year than in past years.

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  • hopelessGC
    08-20 03:21 PM
    I am already using Vonage and spend an extra $30 per month on phone card. I am salivating at the prospect of saving the $30 per month :D


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  • nkavjs
    11-09 12:22 PM
    I do received RD as July 2nd and ND: Oct 10 on RN. I am not planning to bug IO@NSC for EAD or NC untill Jan 2008 or I see my PD current per VB.

    Good to hear that USCIS did something right for someone. Atleast they recognised your Receipt date as July 2.

    On my case they moved my file from NSC to TSC on 4 August and they used that date on my notice date as recp. date.. instead of 2 July.
    I didnt get any response from my attorney yet.. but Shd I worry about getting my recp. dates corrected to 2 July.. I have PD of July 2003 EB3-India.
    BTW I thought you are current with PD of 2001. Isnt it?

    Pls. correct me if I am wrong. txs

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  • iak1973
    04-01 12:48 PM
    India/China Quota numbers � Update | Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP: Blog (

    India/China Quota numbers � Update
    April 1st, 2011 by William Stock
    While the USCIS numbers of pending I-485 make me relatively pessimistic on movement for India and China EB-2, the State Department�s internal case management staff are feeling more optimistic. In fact, we are seeing the National Visa Center issue fee bills for EB-2 India immigrant visa files with priority dates as late as November 2007, which would seem to indicate that NVC, at least, thinks the visa numbers will move at least that far ahead this year.

    A caveat against reading too much into the NVC action: recall that it was imperfect information-sharing between USCIS and the State Department that led to the July 2007 �Visagate� debacle, and NVC likely has a small minority of the overall number of visa petitions with India and China EB priority dates in 2006 and early 2007, since so many of those beneficiaries could file for adjustment of status in July of 2007.

    It�s also possible that NVC is simply trying to get cases set up with fees paid and documents submitted in case the numbers stay current for the rest of the fiscal year � but applicants would lose their filing fees if the numbers retrogress later this year.

    We will have to wait for the May Visa Bulletin from the State Department, likely released by April 13 or so, for more detailed information on the State Department�s thinking.

    Counting the dates..... Thank you all in IV team; great work


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  • johnggberg
    07-09 09:40 PM
    if they forward to flowers, lets add some message for men and women in the army, thank them for there efforts and ask them to call uscis look into our efforts humanly

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  • ramus
    06-29 07:04 PM
    There is more update on AILA web-site...
    "Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability"

    Can anybody find out what is it?


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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-28 03:30 PM
    My prediction was more on the long term like 5-10 years horizon. REITs have lost almost 70% of their values, but that's because asset value has gone down. If you want to gauge the returns look at the dividend yields on REIT which hasn't gone down that much. Besides due to free fall of oil and credit crunch we have deflationary pressure affecting the rents.

    I don't think deflation is going to last very long, and sooner than later inflation will come back. and rents will go up. The enormous spending that is on card along with the money printed for bailout will eventually lead to inflation and dollar decline. Though I would rather have a deflation, signs tell me it is going to be inflation, call it my luck I have often been on the wrong side of the table. Look out for 50% REIT dividend yields in next 5-10 years.

    rents will sky rocket in our dreams (I own a little REIT - so in my dreams too). rents are mostly decided on supply and demand, location and vacancy rates. in 99% of the areas the rents will increase by a very small amount and there is a good chance that it will stay the same or come down (because of deals). there is a huge oversupply of rental apartments and townhomes/condos (which are converted to rentals in many places)
    in other words - rents will not go up for long long time and in my experience in many places, it has come down by around 100 - 200$ in many locations

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  • Green.Tech
    09-16 11:26 AM
    Each and every call makes a difference!


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  • realraghu
    09-22 07:30 AM
    realraghu- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN

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  • caliguy
    10-23 02:45 PM
    @ fatjoe

    I am not getting through. It just keeps ringing. Has anyone called Ombudsman number and got to speak to anyone?

    Did you send 7001 to Ombudsman? So, Ombudsman is also hopeless?
    Did you call them to find out the status? Here is Om's #, in case you don't know: 202-282-8000. Call them and update us as well.


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  • nkavjs
    11-09 02:13 PM
    On the Receipt notice. it says application received on 4 August. Processed on Oct 1, 2007.

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  • vg1778
    10-03 01:06 PM
    Colleagues who sent on Aug 10 Receiving RNs. Its getting so frustrating now...I called USCIS again 3rd day in the row and still nothing in the system.
    Sent emails to USCIS Complaint deptt, Congressman and will be sending the fax to the director now.

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  • i99
    09-14 02:06 PM
    i am waiting too, for the full month of june my attorney was sitting on my case not filing it as they were busy preparing the doc's for the july filers, finally they filed on july 2.

    our attorney, too. they did not send in june, did not tell us that they did not, in addition asked for more money from the employer in the meantime saying that they increased their fees for everyone/:mad::mad::mad::mad:

    07-11 01:28 PM

    01-10 02:23 PM
    If USCIS wants to do bad regulations, they will do it - with or without IV campaign for reform. What is the gaurantee that Michael Aytes will not issue a memo tommorrow restricting job movements further? They always keep doing that every now and then, on their own.

    Given the current volume of changes 350,000 apps, regulations are bound to change, one way or another. Whether you want it or not. If USCIS officers (not the top brass) feel overburdened with EAD/AP work they'll start issuing more, and more, random RFEs, NOIDs etc. to reduce their burden ( passing the burden to you). They also might introduce labor market and other restrictions to reduce the backlog by eliminating all AC21 users. What is stopping them from doing it on their own?

    Evading activity under the pretext of imaginary fears will not stop USCIS tommorrow if they decide to pass tough regulations. By requesting the 'right' changes, we are making sure 'wrong' changes don't happen. For that to happen we need to get involved in the decision-making process and influence the decisions in the right direction.

    Agreed. Positive intervention is always better.

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