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  • anilsal
    01-24 01:14 PM
    this is such an outrage! this true or made up..

    authentic the picture is....

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  • sgupta33
    01-10 01:38 PM

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  • leoindiano
    10-07 01:52 PM
    USCIS decided to take our $604 and give me an my wife APs in 9 days! They seem really efficient when they have to take money from us. But really slow when they have to approve GC applications (EB2, PD of Dec 2004). USCIS just seems to be interested in 'extortion' payments to employ USCIS staff - more a lawless mafia than a organization upholding the law!

    BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

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  • thakurrajiv
    09-26 11:59 PM
    Its not that I think I am smarter or have any additional insight...but I take things at face value. Of course the total number of pending cases in the chart and in the PDF should match - they both are exactly what they say they are "PENDING EMPLOYMENT BASED I-485 cases" If that's what the report title says, that's exactly what it means. No point in over-analyzing if this is just for pre-adjudicated or only primary applications etc....

    I say stupid questions because people still ask "Does the PDF report contain numbers for dependents or only for primary applicants" - so you are telling me that this is not clear from the PDF report??
    Illinois-alum I don't have anything against you. I just objected to your language.
    As far as your clarity on dependent question goes, it may not be clear to someone very new to the process. So their question might be valid. Nothing wrong in this.
    And on over-analysis, I don't think that's the case. We still don't have clear answer on discrepancy.


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  • ThinkTwice
    09-26 02:35 PM
    "involvement" does that qualify some one to be president, I am not for McSame or Obama but I know one thing for sure... Who ever is the next president has his work cut out and what this country needs is a visionary leader, not some one with the same of what has got this country into this mess.

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  • conchshell
    07-11 11:47 AM
    I have posted this note on flower campaign related threads, I aplozise for polluting the threads but the point is to look forward and decide what do we want to do next.

    With a successful flower campaign to USCIS, we must draw our conclusions from this success, and use the outcome to make the San Jose rally a success.

    Please note that legal immigrants is a small handful set of people. Just a usual rally/demonstration will not make a dramatic impact. We have learned from the flower campaign that if we use innovative-peaceful ways of demonstrations, and manage Public Relations and Media well, we can be successful once again.

    Please think and try to come up with some ideas. I have come up with these four ideas:

    1. Project Martin Luther King Jr. as our hero in these rallies: Please understand that local Amrican people better understand about Martin Luther King Jr. andhis idealogy then M.K. Gandhi. My suggestion is that we should include large picture posters of Martin Luther King Jr. with a slogan "We legals too have a dream". We should also take Gandhi's posters. There is a possibility that all Black American organization may lend their support to us.

    2. An act that attracts media attention: Please remember the scene from Gandhi movie when protesters led by Gandhi peacefully burned their resident permits in South Africa. To do something similar and show our symbolic protest against USCIS, we can publically burn a Photocopy of our H1B approvals (I-797). Please note that we are not asking people to burn the original I-797 approval but a photocopy of the document. This will send a message that taking the great pain in obtaining these legal documents are not helping us getting a better treatment by USCIS. This act will perfectly portrey the pain of legal immigrants and once again will attract media and newsprint to keeps us in headlines. This should be part of our demonstrations.

    3. Waive American Flags: Please understand that recent media reports that only Indians are responsible for the flower campaign may hurt the campaign in the longer term. Please waive small American flags and show our solidarity with local Americans.

    4. Distrubute a flower with a pamphlet to the people passing by at the demonstration site. A well worded paper will be required that can project our problems to the people.

    Please share if you come up with innovative ideas to make these rallies a huge success.


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  • ajay
    01-05 09:30 AM
    This is really intriguing since nobody has even brought this up. I really welcome this idea and would support fully in all my abilities.

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  • royus77
    07-09 09:55 PM
    This is awesome even before getting the flowers we have achieved what was intended.

    I request members to refrain from making personal comments.
    Everyone has got their opinion but if that is against our idea and thoughts we should tackle it fairly.

    Anyways KUDOS to Everyone participated in this cause.

    The message was reched to whoever it needs to ( Media) and USCIS make it easy by posting the same in website. This is a big victory for IV and the next step is to have a big rally to carry the message forward. Please vote to join rally in DC for the week end


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  • needhelp!
    01-14 02:36 PM
    Those letters need to be going out..

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  • 21stIcon
    05-17 12:02 PM
    I am eligible to file 485 on June 1st, but my passport expires on July 1st week. what do you guys think , do I need to get new passport before I apply or USICS do not care about passport expiration date as long as I have valid passport on petition submission date?


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  • prioritydate
    07-14 10:26 AM
    Loo Doggs is a xenophobe and nativist to the core...

    He doesn't like Illegal immigrants "because they broke the law"

    He says he likes Legal immigration, but then he curses every avenue for legal immigration under curent law.
    1. He calls the diversity visa lottery the "great american giveaway" and has called for its abolition.
    2. He calls family immigration "chain migration"
    3. Finally, he calls employment-based immigrants as "stealing american jobs"

    C'mon dude, its time to give up the pretense that you like immigrants!!

    Too bad! they didn't deported his Granny when they came through Ellis Island.

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  • nocomment
    09-23 05:17 PM
    That's exactly what I wrote a few posts above. I think the more basic question is - What does 485 inventory mean? Is it already filed 485 numbers or "can be filed based on approved I-140" numbers?

    To the OP: Can you provide the link from where we can open the PDF instead of just throwing the PDF open. Maybe that will provide a better context to the numbers.

    The data says Individuals born in india, Their country of chargebility could be different?


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  • ita
    09-09 05:40 PM
    Called everyone from pappu's list.

    Thank you.

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  • ashshef
    09-24 05:07 PM
    1) Each (EB1/2/3) - 28.6% WW quota = 40040
    2) 5 subscription cataegories under each EB category: I,P,C,M,ROW
    3) Assumption - USCIS distributes equal share among these 5 different subscription categories = 40040/5 =8008 in each EB category for a particular subscription category.


    EB3 All = 40040 ( 0.286 x 140000)
    EB3 ALL = EB3 I + EB3 C + EB3 M + EB3 P + EB3 ROW

    Assuming equal share of all of these 5 subscription categories - 40040/5 = 8008 applications to be worked for "Assigning the visa number" not " for granting the visa (IN other words physical greencard order)"

    7% + 2% = 9% country specific limit is meant for "Granting the visa - Ordering Physical Green card" out of "Applications which have been assigned a visa number"

    Number 2) and hence number 3) are definitely wrong.
    As I mentioned in my other post, the categorisation for I,P,C,M and ROW is based on the fact that I,P,C,M are the only countries with demand exceeding the annual limit.
    ROW = All countries not hitting the 7%(or 9%) country limit. That doesn't mean they are capped at X/5. What would be the basis of that cap.
    Assuming USCIS acts like it is supposed to, follows all rules etc........They start using new numbers on Oct1st of the new FY with a fresh slate of 140k available.
    Now by law, they will first divide the cap into the 5 EB categories -EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5. Now once they reach the 7%(or 9) cap in any of the categories, they will have to stop assigning numbers for that country. So for EB3, once they reach the 7 or 9% quota for I,C,M,P - they will need to stop. The rest of the countries(ROW) will get the 100 - (7 x 4) = 72% of the quota. This could be divied up between UK, France, Pak, Germany etc etc. As none of them are going over the 7%, the country cap doesn't affect them. But Since there are a lot of apps under EB3-ROW, there's never any number to spill over to the capped countries.
    In case of EB2, only 2 countries hit the cap - India and China. In this case even P and M are part of ROW. But since the apps from ROW is less than the remaining quota of (100 - 7 x 2)% of the EB2 quota, the remaining will be spilled over. The spillover rules will determine who these go to.
    The way the current spillover rules stand, your final calculations will still hold true for EB2 due to the spillover ultimately remaining the same to EB2. But not for EB3.


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  • kushaljn
    01-11 12:39 PM
    Interviewed on 28th dec. I got my pp stamped on 10th Jan evening. Received email from mumbai consulate on 9th morning after which a friend of mine submitted my pp and other documents + 155 INR. I called the VFS office twice and they gave me wrong information that I can come and pick up my passport after 2 days (11th).

    I took the chance of going on 10th and collecting my pp since my flight is on the 12th and luckily I got mine the same day.

    Good luck to all who are stuck with PIMS delay.

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  • rakesh_one
    05-10 10:09 AM
    My wife is on F1 visa and I am hoping the dates will move soon and we will be able to file 485. I would like to know if

    >she can file 485 by being in F1 ?
    >Once she files being in F1, can she still continue to be on F1 and travel in and out of US on F1?
    >What will be her status when she starts using EAD if she filed being in F1?


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  • new2gc
    08-26 06:06 PM
    Hi mckottayam,

    Thanks for your question, while we don’t have a Vonage plan that can be used on your cell phone right now, we’ve got some exciting mobile news in development. Stay tuned to Vonage news on our Facebook ( page and on our Twitter (!


    MY friend just spoke to Lingo, they are coming up a cheaper(may be $1 or $2 cheap) plan with unlimited to India/China and 101 countries and also can be used from a registered cellphone incase you do not have internet for any reason.

    So, wait for couple of weeks and then choose the right one.

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  • suriajay12
    03-13 07:41 AM
    Could not find the link..Which page do I need to go on to vote.. I have searched about 500 pages.. Pls. advise..

    RV You will see "Agenda" as one tab. In that you can post it under immigration. There is a button called "Send or submit your ideas".
    The letter to send is in page 10 in this forum.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    12-06 08:07 PM
    Yes I had one pending and no RFE was received for either. My lawyer is expecting a notification from USCIS stating the second one is withdrawn.

    congratulations! So you had the second I-485 still pending when teh first one got approved? Did you get any RFE about it from USCIS or were you asked to withdraw one of the petitions?

    11-03 09:23 PM
    Not an issue. It can be done using business necessity letter. Companies like Google should not have a issue as they regulary higher such qualified people. On the other hand , the non genuine case will have difficulty as from now onwards these positions will be scrutnized more closely. Moreover, any indication of fraud may result in the the audit of original labor also.

    Not only consulting companies but genuine companies in the software arena will also face trouble. If I interpret it correctly, most new hires at places like Google, MSFT, Amazon etc. even if having MS from top-notch universities in the US can apply only under EB-3 as their job description will fall in Job Zone 4.
    On the other hand somebody having a non-IT or CS degree from a mom&pop University can find a job, state its "research" and upgrade to Job Zone 5 and apply under EB-2.
    I wonder how this will fly with the affected companies?

    05-11 12:06 AM
    dude you are yet to show data to correlate students graduating correlating with H1 visa numbers. You say that Ms/Yahoo/Goog have no peers in India yet refuse to acknowledge these guys stand on visa status. You claim you have not found any indian with good maths skills but you can not explain the professors in top universities nor can you explain the number of phds there.

    See the url below.

    "The Computing Research Association's annual Taulbee Survey of 192 U.S. universities with doctoral programs found that total enrollment by majors and pre-majors in computer science increased 6.2% last year. If only declared majors are considered, the figure jumps to an 8.1% increase, the first boost in computer science majors in six years. "

    Are you happy now? Since H1-B quota is reduced, more students are considering computer science as a viable option. If H1-B is limited only for genuine requirements by american companies for the best and brightest and not used as displacing american companies by indian crooks from TCS/INFY etc., even more americans will go for those degrees.

    Are you satisfied? Now get lost!!

    No I would not attribute you as representative of us culture as i meet much better people in life everyday. you obviously think that your three trips to india gave you deep understanding of indian culture which is like saying you understood quantum theory in 1 min. you obviously are talking out of your ass. and if u think "arsha-bharata" makes any sense to vast majority here you are talking out of your ass.

    Go f*** urself. It was your fellow country-men (a jerk desparately trying to immigrate to US) who was making nonsense incest allegations first in this forum about americans. Do you get it,IDIOT, before lecturing me?

    I don't give a damn what your epics say or what you practice in India. All I pointed out was teh corruption in India pointed out by international agencies compared to western democracies.

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