Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • snathan
    09-09 06:10 PM
    Just called Howard L. Berman's office and staff told me he is supporting the bill.

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  • iv_only_hope
    01-11 02:12 PM
    Look at this ignorant guys quote from the above website.

    "I just read a couple days ago that over a million "immigrants"
    applied for citizenship

    Do we not have limits? and don't they have to be
    green card holders to apply ?

    Also do we not have demographic limits?

    Most of the million all seem to be from one area of the

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  • eager_immi
    06-25 07:48 AM
    Technicaly you should possess only one I-94. So when USCIS asks for a copy you should submit only the latest. If you submit extra copies you will create more confusion why you possess more than one I-94. My advice just send them the one that is valid and latest. USCIS can determine you live in this country legally from your records including ur passport, I-797, I-20 past EADS etc.

    I-94s are submitted at the airport when you leave the country. In many cases there are no I-94s coz they have been submitted and no one thought of making copies of them before travelling out of country. I am sure I dont have all the I-94s that I ever used. I submitted them at the airport when I went out and didnt make copies.

    I think it must be ok if you dont have all of them. Can anyone advise if that's the case?

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  • snathan
    03-31 11:48 AM
    53,872 ( EB2 Total allocation in 2010 ) = Some X (EB2 ROW usage is say X) + 19,961 ( Total India received in 2010) + 6,505( Total China's received in 2010)

    ==>> X =[B] 53,872 -19,961-6,505 ==> X= 27406

    ==>> So Total EB2 ROW usage in 2010 is = 27,406


    1)EB2 I & C Usage = 19,961+ 6,505 = 26466.

    2)Visas due to Spill Over for EB2 I & C = 26466 - 5,604 (EB2 (I&C) Regular quota {2*(40,040*7%)} ) = 20,862

    3) Visas due to spill over for EB2 India only in 2010 = 26,466 (EB2 I & C Usage ) - 2,802(EB2-I Regular quota {40,040*7%} ) - 6,505 (EB2 China Total Usage) = 17,159.


    1) In 2011 according the USCIS statement we are getting 12,000 spill over visas in MAY.

    Out of that about 10,000 will be allocated to India.

    Reason: India PD based on April bulletin = 08 May 2006,
    China PD Based on April bulletin = 22 Jul 2006

    India has to get cleared 3 months (May Jun and Jul) before the spill over allocated to China.

    The average demand for EB2 India is about 1.5k/Month.

    which takes 3*1.5 = 4.5 K visas.

    The remaining Visas = 7.5 K

    The average demand for EB2 China is about 700/ Monnth.

    The Total demand for EB2 India & China together from Aug 2006 will be about 2.2k/Month.

    So 7.5K will clear about 3.5 months of EB2 I&C from Aug 2006.

    So The May bulletin takes the EB2 I & C to November 2006 Or December 2006 as we also get the regular monthly quota of 2*(40,040*7%)


    Just my assumption. God only knows how USCIS moves the dates in May.


    Thanks for the info....I believe it will be either Dec 2006 or Jan 2007


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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 01:34 PM
    [QUOTE=eyeswe;960064]I asked this question several times on all the threads that are discussing the new USCIS data, but no one seems to be answering this, but I think it is important to make sure this wrinkle is sorted out...

    When they say inventory of 485 apps.. by any chance does it mean only the 485 that has been pre-adjudicated? I wish that was not the case.. but these numbers are too small to believe otherwise.. I hope one of the doctors in USCIS VB Theory (and I know there are a whole lot of them here on this forum) can sort this doubt quickly by throwing some nice logic.. But I would like to hear that so I am convinced with the quality of thi spread sheet.



    Agreed. These numbers do not seem to be real load. At the time of July Fiasco as per USCIS's own notification total more than 250000 EB based 485 were filed and more than 350000 family based 485 were filed.I am quoting this based on memory so it may be possible that this quot is not 11% accurate may have some variation at that time but it is not completely wrong.

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  • deba
    06-15 05:10 PM
    Folks, while reading the 485 instructions, I found that the check is to be paid to 'Department of Homeland Security'. Not to USCIS as mentioned in the very first post of this thread. Please comment.


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  • Sri_1975
    06-18 03:35 PM
    Thinking about it instead of everyone filing individual complaints with ICE is there a way we can collectively file a lawsuit against companies ( atleast 2 to 3) on L1 misuse? Would this get some attention?

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  • grupak
    03-25 04:24 PM
    Yes, "Interviewing" is not written there. And we all know that "Recruiting" or "Hiring" is not equivalent of "interviewing"

    The employer will come up with many excuses to not interview a candidate or hire. If the law doesn't allow you to discriminate when hiring based on national origin or EAD or whatever, rejecting candidates even for an interview doesn't make sense.

    Interview is part of the hiring and recruiting processes. Would you say employers putting a job ad saying we will only interview someone from a particular nationality is allowed?

    However, the more important point is we are fighting to get multi-year EAD in IV among other things. The law doesn't allow discrimination based on EAD for hiring. Let the govt lawyers and employers figure it out if not even interviewing candidates because of EAD comes under the purview of hiring or not and if it is legal or not.


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  • meg_z
    11-06 03:16 PM
    More info

    Have not heard anybody being stuck there. Appreciate any comments there. Thanks.

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  • svkrishna
    01-31 08:58 AM
    Dear Prashantc.
    Congrats.. You are right. Never do the visa validation in Chennai again. Hopefully we will get GCs soon. ( which is one more ordeal)



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  • reddymjm
    08-07 03:42 PM
    I was double minded to do porting or not. Now I am considering it very seriously. Got a green signal from my current EMPLOYER to go ahead for EB2.

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:15 PM
    my attorneys have asked me to have a relaxing wkend...Looks like they are already taking enjoy their wkend.....


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  • asharda
    07-11 01:42 PM
    I know it is hard to believe, but according to the tracking number below, Mr. Gonzalez signed for delivery of my flowers today.

    See below:(click on view package progress)


    LOL :D :D :D

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  • KKtexas
    08-21 01:49 PM
    Monthly Service Charge for Vonage World Plan
    Monthly Service Charge $24.99
    FUSF (VoIP) $2.41
    State/Local Taxes and Fees $1.90
    Regulatory and Compliance Fee $1.49
    Emergency 911 Service Fee $1.49
    E911 $0.50
    Total $32.78


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  • sgupta33
    01-11 01:46 PM

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  • BharatPremi
    03-25 04:11 PM
    Not a lawyer, obviously :) , but the first line on I-9 about discrimination covers "hiring, discharging, or recruiting or referring... It is illegal to discriminate against work eligible individuals."

    Yes, "Interviewing" is not written there. And we all know that "Recruiting" or "Hiring" is not equivalent of "interviewing"


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  • simple1
    06-10 05:05 PM
    If the post is true and from real world person, then the OP and his sponsor are in violation of the Law. The L1B are not supposed to be based/hosted in client location unless specifically stated in the approved petition. Defiantly not supposed to do in case of blanket L1B.


    This could be a fake post from the loser's guild -or- lou doggs fan. I personally believe this is a fake post.

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  • inderman
    10-20 03:03 PM

    Same here, i got a similar response too... If they are true to their words abt under review, we shud b fine...

    But the problem is, they mite b stating this under review for all cases to avoid repeated requests and hence the issue..

    Is ur case also at NSC?

    How has ur luck been with the POJ method? Have u always recvd the same informn from all IOs?
    I always get a different response wen i talk to an IO at NSC...

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  • vsrinir
    09-12 08:52 AM
    I called list

    06-21 02:33 PM
    What to enter in Part 16 in form I-765(EAD)

    16. Go to Part 2 of the Instructions, Eligibility Categories. In the space below, placethe letter and number of the category you selected from the instructions (Forexample, (a)(8), (c)(17)(iii), etc.).

    Please let me know

    01-14 01:41 PM
    For those wanting to personalize it a little bit.

    The Honorable George W. Bush
    President of the United States
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Mr. President:

    I write today to urge you to fix America’s broken legal employment-based immigration system. Currently, more than 500,000 skilled individuals who contribute to the American economy through their hard work in high technology, scientific research, medicine and other fields find themselves trapped in a process that is hopelessly backlogged. If nothing is done, hundreds of thousands of immigrants will wait years or even decades in a process that was never intended to take so long. While comprehensive change will require legislative action, your administration can implement administrative remedies to improve America’s competitiveness, eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies, and improve our quality of life.

    <insert personal blurb here>

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds from around the world is in America’s best interest. In February 2006, your Domestic Policy Council issued a report on the American Competitiveness Initiative that recognized the importance of employment-based immigration. The report stated:

    “The President also recognizes that enabling the world's most talented and hardest-working individuals to put their skills to work for America will increase our entrepreneurship and our international competitiveness, and will net many high-paying jobs for all Americans. The United States benefits from our ability to attract and retain needed immigrant and non-immigrant students and workers, and it is important that America remains competitive in attracting talented foreign nationals.”

    You can advance your stated objective by making common-sense administrative reforms to fix a system that is clearly broken.

    Implementing much-needed reforms will also free government resources to focus on pressing national security matters. For example, current rules require the Department of Homeland Security to renew the Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants each year as those immigrants wait for green cards and permanent residency in the U.S. Rather than renew these EADs annually, the government could renew these documents every three years, freeing countless hours that could be better spent serving the Department’s mission.

    The greatest impact of the broken green card process is borne by the legal immigrants and their families. The more than half million highly-skilled legal immigrants already working productively in the United States find themselves trapped in a system that is taking years longer than intended. During this wait for a green card, these immigrants remain trapped in a legal maze, unable to change jobs – even within the same employer – without starting the arduous immigration process over again, and subject to waits that grow longer and longer.

    We implore you to exercise your authority to implement administratively these much-needed reforms.

    • Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.

    • Revise the administrative definition of “same or similar” to allow slight additional job flexibility for legal immigrants awaiting adjudication of adjustment of status (I-485) petitions.

    • Allow filing of Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) when a visa number is not available.

    • Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.

    • Allow visa revalidation in the United States.

    • Reinstate premium processing of Immigrant Petitions.

    I urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay. Action is urgently needed to fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Why not an interim AP or ability to travel using Original AP receipt before the actual AP arrives? The AP issue does cause a lot of disruptions in planned vacations or also in cases of unplanned emergencies.

    Sending my Letters today.. written and stamped up

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