Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • kams
    06-15 02:24 PM
    No confirmation no., but they gave me time for check-up and took my details. In any case my wife is trying to gate crash (walk in ) now:) . If successful, I will follow and will update you guys. Wait for couple of hours. Thankfully they are very close to my home.

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  • ski_dude12
    12-10 08:12 AM

    What takes priority in life? Time with family or getting stuck in the GC mill.

    I find it disheartening that a senior member like you would advice someone on foregoing their pleasure trip and donating to IV. Would you be willing to cancel all your pleasure trips/family outings to donate money to IV? If you do, i feel sorry for your family.

    Please donate that extra money meant for leisure to IV instead going to Bahama this year.

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  • sid
    04-02 02:00 PM
    I applied for my H-1B extension and got an RFE asking for contracts and client letters for the requested period i.e., for the next 3 years.
    I see that they asked for client letters from you ... but did they ask for the next 3 years? and if so, did you guys reply the RFE with a client for 3 years?

    I have been working at the same client for the last 3 years, through a vendor. Mine is a small consulting company. The client has been extending the contract in 6 month increments and I could get a client letter for the next 6 months only.
    Same is the case with the contract.

    I could not file for 140/485 in july, 07.. so do not have the EAD safety net.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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  • grupak
    11-19 11:48 AM
    IV should publish backlog examples such as this one to the media. This person has waited for over 7 years to get immigration benefits from the govt!!

    Maybe I am missing something here but the green card for this beneficiary was started in 2005. The PD of 2000 is due to a labor-substitution. Aren't those the facts here?


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  • vivekjay
    08-05 05:21 PM
    Found this one on the internet... maybe someone can help to give more information about K-3 visa ...


    Only US citizens can file for a K-3 visa. Geencard holders will have to bring their spouse on a non immigrant visa (HI or L1) or under the F2A catogory for family based immigrant visa which is heavily backlogged.

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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-09 01:24 PM
    Hope it happens.


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  • pappu
    05-01 11:56 AM
    During the Fox news channel interview of Aman Kapoor, I heard the issue of Drivers licence renewal mentioned. I have heard that people who have one year or less than one year on their work permit have difficulty getting renewals.

    Is that true and if yes, is it in every state?
    Has IV mentioned this issue with the senetors etc as part of the backlog and retrogression issue?

    Pls. post more details if you know. It would help us to be more aware and educated about this issue so that we can address this with more details when we contact other people and our employers.

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  • BharatPremi
    12-09 03:05 PM
    Thank you very much for the response. I actually want to put 5 years minimum experience though my lawyer said that it is too much. He would recommend either 2 year or 0 year work experience for this position with M.S. degree. Accordingly, we come down to 2 years with M.S. degree. After receiving the audit letter, my lawyer said I should have put 0 year instead of 2 years. I was also told by my lawyer to give him the answer about the following questions:
    1. Why does the company require 2 years of work experience?
    2. Why does the company require M.S. degree for this position?
    3. Why does all skills and programs require for this position?
    4. How long it take to obtain those skills and programs?
    I’m very confused and have no idea what to answer why the company require M.S. degree since it is the requirement. Have anybody also have the format of the audit letter?
    Also, if I have to be outside of the country by taking vacation due to this H1B issue that is going to reach the 6th year, do I have to be employed full time with the company and get pay as well? Thank you very much.

    Can you eloborate more on onet code -classification and job description in detail? Other thing , Was your MS Certification in your country of birth or in USA? And if it is not in uSA did you get it evaluated in USA and have submitted evaluation cert copy along with your application?


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  • gsc999
    03-04 01:02 AM
    Prove it. I trust my lawyer. She says that only H1B expenses should be paid by employer. Period.
    You know what, you win I loose. Keep paying for your GC out of your pocket.
    7.5K and counting. :p

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-10 04:30 PM

    The only reason I want to still enter on H4 is that my H4 is stamped until 2010, hence why not use it and save money and hassle on AP entry. As you have said that working on EAD immediately invalidates the H4 status. This is OK for me, but at least I have avoided the AP procedure stuff. Plus the primary applicant is on H1 and hence we both can enter on H1 and H4 respectively rather than one entering on H1 and the other on AP. Let me know if this clears your doubt and if so, can you think this would work out. Also, if you can, please respond to my other questions


    There is no hassle when one enters on AP. You can continue to be on H1 and enter on H visa, and your wife can work on EAD and enter US using AP.

    For all the questions that you have posted, the simple logic to follow, is once you use EAD, your H4 is invalid. Once you travel abroad and want to re-enter with H4 status, you are basically stating that you are going to comply with the immigration rules pertaining to H4 status. And then after entering you want to use EAD, then it would invalidate H4.

    I suggest you consult a good immigration attorney.


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  • waitnwatch
    05-26 09:46 PM
    Maybe he had it confused with the Indian Parliament. :)

    I guess so .... but we should give learning01 the benefit of doubt given that learning01 is in a way the eyes and ears of IV.... keeping track of what's happening in the media.

    That was a genuine slip (of no real consequence) and I definitely commend you on your efforts learning01!!

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  • jfredr
    06-15 02:24 PM
    I will check with them


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  • bestin
    10-09 01:13 PM
    you have to apply for extension hope you got the passport renewed.

    Visa stamp is for entry, I-94 determines the status and length of stay. Even if the stamp is valid if I-94 is expiring you will be out of status.

    If you have filed for I-485 then your status will become AOS.EXACTLY,btb i was in canada and travelled back on 07 feb 07.My passport was valid till sep 07,but somehow the IO gave me i94 till my visa expiry in 2009.

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  • desi3933
    06-25 03:30 PM
    I double checked with my attorney , either or AP or EAD usage will change your status, ie H1 is no more valid.


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  • horus
    09-14 10:29 AM
    PD: 4/3/2007 (EB3/Other)
    I140: RD 5/23/2007 ND 5/24/2007 LUD 6/22/2007 (pending at NSC)
    I485: RD 7/2/2007 ND 8/28/2007 (Sent to NSC, receipt received from CSC) transferred to NSC on 9/4/2007 LUD 9/6/2007
    EAD: card ordered 8/30/2007, received 9/6/2007, LUD 9/4/2007
    AP: approved 8/31/2007, not received yet, LUD 9/4/2007
    FP: no notice received yet

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  • Kitiara
    12-30 10:21 AM
    Sorry about anyone not being able to view Lost's entry - I've updated the link now so you should all be able to have a look at it. :)


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  • jfredr
    06-15 02:24 PM
    I will check with them

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  • manand24
    10-05 01:04 PM
    My wife and I did our finger printing today, LUD on both our I-485 applications today.

    I called FBI, the customer service representative told me that the results for me and my wife have been sent to USCIS.

    See signature for details:


    PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
    I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007

    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007;RD 09/18/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007


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  • validIV
    03-17 09:07 PM
    MTR = Motion to reopen = appeal :)

    05-07 10:56 PM
    221g means that additional processing is required - It can take about a month to get the visa stamp after you submit the docs. Did you submit the additional documents which were requested?

    02-07 04:50 PM
    Does it mean that these developments or should we call no developments on the high skilled immigration front in the developed countries have an underlying message for all of us? Return back to your home countries.... In USA, one positive thing was that it has been 'the melting pot' of people of all cultures and nationality to come together. I will give you an example: my friends 2 year old says that he is an American and not his native origin. In UK, you will still find 3rd generation people telling their nationality to be of their native oigin.

    In USA, the immigrants intergrated with the society but in Europe, the message is clear, you are here that is ok, but live in the other side of the city and have limited opportunities. If Sensenbrenner and co have their way, US would be on the same path.

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