Thursday, June 30, 2011

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    06-02 10:40 AM
    VIA Department of State (

    Media NoteOffice of the Spokesman

    Washington, DC

    May 20, 2011

    [Also available in Persian (]

    As of May 20, 2011, qualified Iranian applicants for visas in the F, J, and M categories for non-sensitive, non-technical fields of study and research and their dependents will be eligible to receive two-year, multiple-entry visas. This is an increase in the current visa validity of three months, single entry.

    This change will allow Iranian students and exchange visitors to travel more easily, furthering our goal of promoting the free flow of information and ideas. This important decision is being taken as the global community witnesses the Iranian Government�s increasing censorship and isolation of its own people.

    Iranians currently in the United States on a three-month, single-entry visa in one of these categories must reapply outside the United States at a consular post in order to obtain two-year, multiple-entry visas. Keep in mind that the validity of a visa refers to the time period the visa holder has to enter the U.S. It has no bearing on the length of stay permitted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials at the port of entry. Iranian students and exchange visitors in good standing in the United States do not need to apply for a new visa until after they depart the United States.

    PRN: 2011/807

    More... (

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  • h1b_forever
    02-04 03:23 PM
    You can get the visa the same day, no appointment required. You will need to be there early in the morning

    Make sure all the documents are the latest

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  • sukhyani
    08-23 06:40 PM
    Hi !
    Our lawyer had posted our application on July 2nd and we had our fingerprinting scheduled for 21st august which was completed.

    I checked my status on the USCIS site for the very first time today. And it says. "On July 30, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case" . Can anyone kindly explain me what this means ( how July 30th and what mail are they talking about ?we never received any! ) ...


    They are talking about your receipt notice.

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  • adhantari
    08-09 11:01 PM
    time like this..... EB backlog so bad........ wait time soooooooo many years......... you really think we care about new H1Bs...................... I say its good the CAP is not filled this year............maybe the corporations will find it difficult to get fresh cheap H1Bs.... then will push congress for Visa recapture........... so they can get skilled man power they need............


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  • rajuseattle
    11-28 11:03 AM
    Hello immi2006,

    Were your collegues EB-2 classification with old PDs from the DoL's backlog centres?

    I see some of the EB-2 indian nationals with old PDs received approvals so that USCIS can process their I-485.

    If you are EB-3 then you might want to wait until Dec 2007.



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  • goatlip
    10-24 02:41 PM
    Here is an example of what legoman was talking about above.

    3D shadow example (

    email me and I can send you the .t3d file if you like.


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  • mombemoo
    June 19th, 2005, 06:07 PM
    thanks!! it's always good to hear that i'm improving from someone as good as yourself. it was funny, as i was going back the dirt road, the party kids from the night before were on there way out, they don't know what they missed this morning.

    That's why you get up at 4:30! My friends make fun of me for that... The successive ridgelines in the fog make for a real feeling of depth. I've tried that technique a few times, but never pulled it off this well. I also like the aspect ratio you chose, it contributes to the 3-D, receeding-to-a-point, effect. The color here is likewise very nice. The only thing I would say could be better is that the sun is distorted by the cloudline. It would be better if totally obscured, or better resolved. In any case, you can't control the clouds. Super shot.

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  • r2d2
    04-27 06:01 PM
    Thank you so much for your reply


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  • pappu
    12-07 10:21 PM
    I am surprised How NU is achieving some of the web faxes. Their home page makes you send a email/web fax to Dems&Reps before it lest you in.


    It sound so weird that the GC holders you mentioned dont want to register. Sweet! Tell them that by registering on IV, their GC will not be revoked.
    nice reply!
    Its good to hear that GC holders are also willing to help us. Have them register on our site and request them to make phone calls. If you know US citizens tell them too. Tell them to mention that they are US citizens when they call lawmakers.

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  • mannishk
    08-06 03:03 PM
    Thanks, that is what i had thought and came to know by an attorney as well.



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  • GCBoy786
    10-07 11:14 AM
    This is very common... We received all of our receipts in a span of 3 days... Same thing happened for my friends...

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  • Aristotle08
    07-08 10:28 PM
    My labor certification was filed in December '07 and is in the process of audit (Fragomen law firm issue). Meanwhile, there is news that my company is being sold off. Will I be able to continue my GC process if the company gets sold off but I am able to retain the same job and title.
    Is anyone else facing a similar situation? What are my options here?


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  • sve0390
    07-17 10:40 PM
    I have the same question. Is there is list of FAQs somewhere?

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  • pmat
    08-08 02:25 PM
    It is okay to under-enroll in the last semester after the approval of International Student affairs office of the university.


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  • pappu
    02-05 10:57 PM
    Hi all,

    I am on H4 for the past few years. This year I am planning to switch to H1. A consulting firm of only 5 employees is willing to sponsor my H1. I would like to know the chances of my H1 getting approved. Because the company is small am I going to face any problems? What will be the impact of the size of the company on H1 approvals.

    I would really appreciate your inputs because this time I want to resume my career again and I don't want to have any problems with H1.


    find out about their ability to pay you so that they don't exploit you. If you are planning to apply for Greencard then this is very important.

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  • Roger Binny
    06-06 04:29 PM


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  • sanju
    12-09 12:20 AM
    This one is even better



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  • waiting4gc02
    04-08 11:39 AM
    Just wanted to find out if you were aware if it makes any difference as to where you get your receipt from-- with respect to making an appointment(location).

    What I mean is, would it be OK to get receipt from a HDFC branch in Mumbai, if you were going to make an appointment with New Delhi Embassy ?

    Any experiences..?


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  • uimv
    05-27 01:21 PM

    If PD is current, are there disadvantages of being outside US (on AP) ?

    Thank You.

    07-08 06:30 PM
    I have heard about many COS applications getting approved, so you have a good chance.
    The only thing I would recommend is make sure your H4 is valid for a relatively long time going forward. This will ensure that even if F1 COS does not get approved you atleast are in status throughou the process.

    This is because sometimes the processs can take a long time eg. My spouse's COS from H4-F1 never got approved (name check etc etc took 2+ years), so we withdrew after the completion of the degree. Meanwhile the H4 had expired, creating complications.

    09-30 01:18 PM
    LUD = somebody 'looked' at your case for something ...
    On the positive side it means that the app is not lost

    Suppose I call the USCIS Phone service 1-800 number, then will it show as LUD?

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