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  • dealsnet
    08-18 10:35 AM
    Few years ago, USCIS did approved EB2 with 3 year degrees.
    But now they are very strict. They are refering into EDGE (Electronic Database for Global Education) database, created by American Association of Collegiate Registars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) which didn't equate 3 year Indian degree with US equivalent bachelors.
    Check thier website
    There might be very few cases 3 years degree approved in EB2 category. Try in EB3.
    If you don't care about money try one application in EB3 then try to port it to EB2.

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  • vinicola78
    11-04 02:17 PM
    I am also trying to stay afloat through the very debatable AC21 process. Currently, my case is being handled by Ron Gotcher and I have been very happy with all the help and support so far. Not to mention, they are really reasonable.

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  • gsc999
    07-19 05:20 PM
    Alternatively, IV can find you a spouse to get married ASAP. Just kidding.

    :) :)

    Fuzzy, you are scaring single people by using spouse, married and kid(ing) in one and a half sentence :p

    I second manoj's demand, we need representation. Power to single members of IV, let our issues be heard. This will help resolve the H4 dependent issue. Since future IVer would both be on H1-b. Thanks to this idea :D

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  • Law Loving Alien
    09-28 10:27 PM
    Nebraska is infact slower than Texas as far I-140/I485 goes. Checkout this link....

    It says NSC is slower because they have extra VSC cases to deal with but would improve significantly once they are done with VSC cases in future.

    My I-140/I-485 was filled in June 2006 too and its being processed in NSC. All we can do is wait and watch...


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  • sandy_anand
    11-12 02:33 PM
    I know Immigration voice is not for profit organization and it is doing a great job.

    My intention is not to belittle IV, my intention is just to express my opinion as a user, most of the problem will be solved if the links are not shown to non members if they are not allowed to see the content.

    I just saw your post in YouTube, it is very informative.

    All the time that IV volunteers put in and the lobbying efforts don't come free. There is a cost associated with it. As tonyHK12, I'd rather trust IV and risk $25 a month than leave everything up to chance and hope. Just my 2 cents.

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  • EndlessWait
    10-16 09:34 PM
    Hi Guys,

    My LCA has Computer Software Engineer as job title.I have 5 years of Experience as Oracle functional consultant.Currently I'm working as Oracle consultant.My 140 is approved and got my EAD card.In jan 2008 it will be 180 days of filing 485.I want to change my career towards IT Sales.

    I have an offer from an American Staffing company as a Technical Recruiter.The job responsibilities include hiring Software Engineers.But the job title is different from my LCA.I want to join this company using EAD in jan 2008 and apply AC 21.Today I have checked with my Lawyer this is what she says"

    In instances such as this, when we send the letter to the USCIS regarding AC21, we include the following details with reference to the job title. … Although the job title differs, the job duties are substantially the same. The title used by the company is their internal designation for this position."

    She says that i will be able to work as Technical Recruiter using EAD.Any one can suggest me on this?I have very little knowledge about AC 21 and how it works

    Thanks in advance

    sure go ahead... u can be dentist and then take a job at WWF as a wrestler..its basically the same..u can break the jaw..close to dentistry...aint it?

    LOL.. ppl have just filed 485 and now we will hundreds and thousands of techincal recruiters and desi body shopping company..

    go ahead use ac21....on a serious note u can't they are separate jobs..


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  • lazycis
    01-24 09:38 PM
    Should not be an issue. What is the school name?
    For example, this college accepts students if they provide I-485 receipt

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  • zCool
    04-02 12:12 PM
    Pls see below for answers
    My H1b is going to expire on April 17th. I had found a new job and they had applied for my H transfer on March 27th. I would like to know

    1. How many days is required to get a H1b transfer receipt.
    -- upto 1 or 2 weeks if it's Premium
    -- Upto 2 or 4 weeks for regular. Looking at your case, your lawyer probably already has receipt Number.

    2. What happens if my H1B expires before i get a receipt.
    -- Nothing, you will get a receipt sometime , so long as you get a receipt that will have date of receipt as you originally sent it. If you are afraid your company didn't actually send it, then

    3. Should i go on EAD or continue on H1B. My wife is a green card holder for last 3 years 6 months.
    That decision has no relation to pending h1. You can choose to go to EAD anytime. Looking at your situation, you are probably better of on EAD. Your wife will eligible for citizenship in 18 months then she can apply for naturalization, I think even now you can probably apply as spousal category so really no reason for you to be on h1 ..(Not entire sure abot this.. check with family immigration lawyer)

    PD Oct 2006
    I-140 Approved
    I- 485 July Completed 180 days.
    EAD and AP


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  • matreen
    06-07 10:12 AM
    I have filed through lawyer on 4/23 and my ead expiring on 7/23. After one week of filing I have receiving receipt notice saying we received your application and if biometrics required we will let you know in separate mail but so far I have received any update neither change like LUD.

    I have done my biometrics in 9/2009 and I am not sure if I need to do it again for ead renewal.

    I have my lawyer contacted CIS and CIS said it may not required biometrics but she was not 100% sure and said she will put a follow up request on my file.

    I am not sure what to do? my driver license gets expired with my EAD and will lots of pain if I don't get it on-time?

    IV any help or suggestions to come across with this problem?


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  • chanduv23
    09-22 11:06 AM
    With the kind of response I saw at the House judicary commitee inspite f making all those calls . I now realize where we are on their priority list , below horses .

    Sorry for the sarcasm , I am pretty bitter about the whole thing now after 2 repeated delays .

    Even I was under the same impression, but some members like sanju et al say there are still chances and GC issues are on top on the priority list. So lets hope for the best


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  • lazycis
    12-19 03:41 PM
    1. If I-140 is not yet approved and withdrawn, you lose I-485/AP/EAD.
    2. I am not sure why they cannot file a second I-140 based on PERM LC right away. Seems to be a no-brainer to me. Must be one of those lawyer things :)
    Q: Is it possible to file two petitions, such as an EB-1(a) and NIW, at the same time?

    A: Yes. Some of our clients file two I-140 petitions simultaneously. Some clients file three I-140 petitions at the same time. There is nothing stated in the law that prohibits multiple filings. Multiple filings increase your chances of approval.

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  • rbharol
    08-30 06:23 PM
    Folks in or around Dallas, TX - this is an opportunity for you to go and attend this hearing

    "U.S. Visa Policy: Competition for International Scholars, Scientists and Skilled Workers "

    DATE: August 31, 2006
    TIME: 09:00 AM
    Location: University of Texas at Dallas, The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science, Building ECSS, TI Foundation Auditorium, Richardson, Texas.
    Contact: 202-224-5225

    I think they have live webcast... It will be good idea to check online when hearing is going on.


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  • invincibleasian
    02-16 11:12 PM
    In my opinion this a useless thread!

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  • sixburgh
    08-05 02:40 PM
    I spoke to our immigration lawyer today.
    He said that entering on h1 while I have a pending 485 does not affect the 485 in anyway.
    He advised that I enter on h1 even if I have the AP.


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  • bhavana
    05-24 01:18 PM
    Fax sent

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  • rimzhim
    02-09 03:23 PM
    about Berkleybee latest postings. I know this person from day1 and no-doubt, as mentioned by others, she was an important member of IV and great asset.
    what's interesting is what berkeleybee has to say, and that is not nice news for any of us.

    i doubt if it is the same person because she would have first posted it here then.


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  • anilsal
    11-30 10:11 PM
    to file a new set of 485s for the new current PD when two individuals have pending 485s and a A# assigned.

    The great ways of USCIS.

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  • gjoe
    08-14 09:05 AM
    I have a total of 15+ yrs exp in the IT industry out of which 8 yrs in USA. I am also an EB3 :) BTW I have a 4 yr engg degree from a small college in india :p

    Count me in too
    I am totally pissed off with this system. The only wrong step which i took was applying in EB3 when i had three years of experience. Now i have a total almost 10 years experience in IT and still waiting like an illegal immigrant for GC.

    PD : EB3 SEPT 2002.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    04-18 06:35 PM
    Thanks for sending the email. Whats the email address that we can use to reach Obama.

    12-04 02:12 PM
    I have to agree with AngelFire here. There is a clear distinction between the EB2 and EB3 eligibility requirements. And who are we kidding, if your employer or attorney were willing to file an EB2 petition for you, would you be the "One category for all, Joe" that you are now, and demand that your employer file in EB-3 instead? Of course not.

    I'll admit it, I probably would have felt the same way if I was EB3. Being human sometimes makes us want others to not get what we don't have.

    I am amazed that there supposedly are people working at gas stations with valid EB2 petitions? And a "LOT" of them, too. I highly doubt that.

    There is a process and system in place to ensure the validity/genuine-ness of each application. If phony applications slip through that process, the process needs to be fixed and more checks established. I don't see how scrapping EB2 can fix that.

    I'll give you an example. I know someone that has an EB1 (NIW or EA, one of these two) petition in process. To the best of my judgement, I don't feel that this person qualifies (at all) to be an EB1 Green card recipient. And this person getting their green card before mine comes along, will cause some discomfort to me. But I can't let that bother me too much. There is a system in place to ensure that these type of things don't happen, and I would like that system to improve so that the people who truly deserve EB1 Green cards continue to have that option.

    I also know someone else that used the labor substitution option to get their green card within a year - start to finish. But this person was a genuine candidate for labor substitution. He had the necessary academic qualifications and work experience prior to the date of the LC, and the job was a valid one as well. He was a true example of what the labor substitution process was introduced for. Even if a large percentage of labor sub cases weren't as strong as his, I find it hard to hate everyone that benefitted from it, such as this person. It would be just wrong to say that this person violated any rules, because he didn't. Yes, I wish I qualified for some of these fast track options, but I don't, and I can live with that.


    01-04 12:18 PM
    If IV is successful with this 485 filing ability by 2/15 deadline thing... when does it become law and more importantly how soon can we file for 485 (before or after the CIR wars in Mach-September)?

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