Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • looivy
    01-26 01:25 PM
    Interesting...looks like this bill is moving faster than we'd would be interesting to see where it ends up. Also, it appears that this bill does not talk about giving the DV visas to existing EB-X categories but instead to create a new EB category for STEM graduates...not sure, but that's what it sounds like.

    IV shoudl push for this legislation.

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  • r2i2009
    10-14 07:50 PM
    Fu**ed up. I guess this is a waiting game. I do not think it is worth it. Is it?

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  • samcam
    05-24 12:55 PM

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  • Dj-Studios
    05-21 06:14 PM
    Sure. I don't mind getting owned again.:P


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  • Dj-Studios
    05-28 05:09 PM

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  • psgprasad
    03-21 05:56 PM
    Dear folks,

    I am from lansing MI. I have volunteered to meet the law makers for the STRIVE bill.
    I would certainly appreciate, if more of us can join this effort.
    if you would like to join or have already volunteered for the state of MI. Please email me with your name and contact details at

    Gajendra Prasad PS


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  • SunnySurya
    08-14 10:56 AM
    Though I EB2 but I support this and hence I am least I willing to contribute to this effort.

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  • jsb
    07-23 03:46 PM
    My case status online does not say anything about when it was received. It just says, "This case is now pending at the office to which it was transferred.". There is so much ambiguity at USCIS that it takes tons of reading / pulling hair just to understand what they mean. They have transferred my case three times. First of all there should be a reason for it (no reason makes it you wonder why ??) , then if they keep transferring it from one center to another, does that mean that the "received date" will be changing for ever and the case will never be processed ? I think USCIS should be accountable for that.
    basbawa10, Well, why they are transfering your case back and forth can only be explained by them. Very fact that your case has been transfered around suggests that somebody has seen your case. Procedures described in link mentioned above, has a protocol on determining proper processing center, which has a complex formula based on state of residence, center approving I-140 etc. If your I-140 was approved by one center, and if in the meantime you moved to a state in different center jurisdiction, or USCIS changed jurisdictions, it might have created ambiguity on who should deal your case. Back and forth transfer suggests that centers are not agreeing on who should deal with your case. You may want to try an Infopass, which would let you know if your case is preadjudicated. If so, you just need to wait for PD to be current again.


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  • hsingh82
    06-25 12:09 PM
    IMHO, this is a legitimate website as I have been getting updates from them regularly and they are a supporting group for illegal immigrants path to legalization. As per the email I received today, anti-immigrants have sent 693,437 faxes to Washington this month to oppose reform.

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  • alterego
    01-18 01:54 PM
    This is the sort of thing that should make folks wake up and smell the coffee. Advocate for yourself or lose the dream. Those of you hoping to wait it out, whether it be 5 yrs or 10 yrs, let this be the warning shot. When times get tough, you see all sorts of crazy things crop up, whether intended by the gov't or through vigilante enforcement like in this case.
    What makes EAD holders immune to these sorts of things? Nothing is certain in this environment.
    Physicians recently faced a scare(last year) when the USCIS TSC unilaterally started deeming MBBS degrees undergraduate baccalaureate degrees and declining EB2 petitions for them in spite of nearly half a century of precedent to the contrary. This in spite of the ECFMG, ACGME, State Medical boards(vested with the task of determining qualification to practice) etc all recognizing such foreign degrees for Medical/Surgical Residency training and subsequent practice.
    It was only after months of lobbying and various letters of support from medical organisations, and meetings with the USCIS by some prominent lawyers like Greg, that they relented.
    If that can happen out of the blue to International physicians typically working in underserved areas. Then those of you who feel an EAD card makes you immune are living in a fantasy. Take a stand, organize better and advocate for yourself. There will likely be a narrow window later this year for us, there must be a better effort.

    BTW. It took a friend of mine 7 months recently to get his EAD card. No explanation, no nothing. He did not push the issue because he was on a H1b visa, however those are the sort of things that can happen.


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  • prinive
    02-12 01:59 PM
    Hiking yes this saturday. Unless it is snowing heavily.. Went on hiking on LMK day. It was bit cold but as soon as we started, it was very nice....

    U Sure, with the kind of weather? Currently it is pounding snow at my workplace in New Jersey - unless you want to do a "threadmill" marathon :)

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  • perm2gc
    06-16 05:46 PM
    To all Bachelors

    1. you can files your I485 and later add your spouse if the dates are current or you have the priority date.
    2.You can apply for EAD during I485 and at the same time can be on H1 unless you don't change an employer using EAD.
    3.Unless you add your spouse to I485 have to maintain your H1 status as your spouse will be on H4.
    4.BY any chance your I485 is approved before adding your spouse(present in US) have 180days to apply for your spouse.
    5.If your I485 is approved when your spouse in outsite USA..then you have to go for consular processing.
    6. No one exactly knows if the PD will remain same or not.

    So anyone about to marry or planning to get married,talk to your attornies about your situation and take a decision.


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  • immilaw
    09-27 01:18 PM
    The large drop in competitiveness (is that a word?) in the U.S. is largely attributed to the immigrant population posting to message boards during work hours!

    So true. If the retrogression was not there, people will spend their time on other constructive issues.

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  • TheOmbudsman
    08-30 05:15 PM
    Since you asked what I am exactly doing here:
    I am not here to discuss illegal immigration. I am here to discuss how we can put acceptable proposals out there so we can all get out of this mess, or at least get out of here a little faster !

    Folks, allow me to tell you that we cannot succeed in this fight if our strategy remains wrong. By no means we shall find ourselves supporting what is against public opinion in our host country, which is now America. You guys from time to time, now what is called senior members from IV, pst phrases which may be PERCEIVED as an attempt to disguise the status of illegal aliens movement. Undocumented immigration simply doesn't exist. There are numerous ways one can find oneself without documents. I outlined an example before. "Immigrant" is not the correct designation if you never immigrated here. Start by showing our alignment with this country by using the correct term. We may be better accepted that way. By the way, wake up, is in major part thanks to the illegal aliens that many of us are stuck.

    Tomorrow you can go to India as an immigrant. The day that you find yourself pushing for more immigration than Indians want, it is the day you will not be welcome in that lovely country anymore. Italy is a sweet country, but people are fed up with immigration there. How about France ? America is next. The lack of sympathy for immigration is in the air. Which are our chances to fight against it just because we conceal our proposals ? Minimal.

    Sure. Do you want another one ?

    Main Entry: im�mi�grant
    Pronunciation: 'i-m&-gr&nt
    Function: noun
    : one that immigrates : as a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown

    I was amused by..."Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them"...Bravo...!!


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  • msyedy
    12-14 01:20 PM
    Do not even think about going to Canada.

    No jobs....No jobs...

    You will be dissapointed after becomming one. They say that medical is free..
    "Yes" but a young man will not have many illnesses. Prescription is not free.
    You pay prescription.

    40% tax. Gas prices are high, very few jobs.
    I have many friends who have Canada PR and myself want to stay in the US.

    We have come to US to make money and get a good carrier.
    Canada does not do any of that.

    Think again.......

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  • chanduv23
    02-04 04:01 PM
    My wife went on Jan 17th for h1b stamping in Chennai. It was cool. She is doing her residency in a non profit organization. The VO was cracking jokes, saying "You do internal medicine for humans whereas your husband does internal medicine for computers".

    I heard they are pretty cool these days. But make sure to take all your w2s and payslips and also make sure you tell him/her what you do and that has to match your petition, he may ask, how many years u r in US, how many children etc....

    If anyone had bad experiences in recent times, please let us know.


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  • jamesbond007
    10-07 02:31 PM
    So sorry to read that story. I wish that family had gotten the help they needed at the right time. I wish he had talked to someone.

    You've ever heard of kamikaze missions help by Japanese pilots during world war 2?

    They were suicide missions to bomb American targets (like Pearl Harbor) knowing very well they will not come back alive. They would crash their planes into enemy targets laden with a lot of explosives.

    Go figure!

    In civilian world, there can never be a valid reason to take someone's life. The only exception I can think of is self defence. Or while defending someone who is under attack.

    Military or any armed force is different; War is different.
    People involved there are trained to follow orders. Their commanding officers give them orders to kill someone, and they follow those orders without question.
    War itself is a sorry state brought upon the human kind by humans ourselves. And unfortunately, the commanding officers in charge of an armed force see even the men/women who make up the force as only a means for their objectives; and they use them as they deem necessary.

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  • justAnotherFile
    04-04 12:04 PM
    its unbelievable what has been achieved in the last 2 months.
    this is also path-breaking and historical as this is the first recorded organized group of high-skilled legal immigrants fighting for their cause.

    Kudos to the core team. ignore the detractors.

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  • H1B-GC
    08-29 10:54 AM
    This is a Tricky need Medical leave for your child but 4 months is a bit too long. your Attorney about the consequences of taking 4 Months leave on H1B visa.make sure your HR provides you with all the Paper work that your Attorney might ask to substantiate your leave.

    My LC and I140 approved (PD: may 2004). Applied 485 on Aug 8.
    I became father last month.
    My new born son is sick and he needs total attention for next 4 months. I have used up all my vacation and planning to apply for medical leave. Pediatrician recommends me getting medical leave and support my wife.

    I work in a very big hardware company. I have completed 3.5yrs in H1B so far.f I apply for medical leave, I may get a pay cut (like 20 to 30%). Will I be affected because of this medical leave? Are H1B's allowed to take medical leave (upto 4 months)..

    Your comments are very much appreciated.


    03-31 01:18 PM

    10-01 02:45 PM
    I came back last month from India via Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Airline does suck badly, but there is no need for transit visa if you got valid AP/visa stamp.

    Folks - Amsterdam, Dubai, Brussels are the best way to go. 4 years back, I had problems with Lufthansa, I did not know I ahd to take transit visa and they never allowed me on flight and I had to travel the next day by going to german consulate in morning get visa and went back in afternoon, and surprisingly they had blocked me for that day. Until then, I always used to travel ONLY by lufthansa, but after that experience, I never wanted to. I always fly emirates and I like it.

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