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  • Pineapple
    08-22 09:51 PM
    If 5882 is resurrected and debated, we should definitely do something - anything that time. But if not, and this (lets make calls! lets write! lets send flowers!) is another of lets do it because 10 people think its a great idea, not a coordinated campaign coming from IV core, count me out.

    I've always made the calls, contributed money, etc, but I'm getting a bit tired of this "charge of the light brigade" mentality. If there is zero chance of something happening, but everyone is told to make calls, contribute and after all the rah, rah, sis, boob, ba everything fizzles out, and it happens 4 times a year, the mood sours.

    Doesn't mean I recommend switching off the whole process and giving up. But the best way to beat apathy and cynicism to make sure we pick our fights. Fight only the winnable ones, and keep the powder dry at other times.
    Just my opinion.

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  • Ramba
    08-25 03:21 PM
    Nice math.:)

    wrong calculation 5000/2500=2. It is 2 cents perminute. Have you used C# program?:)

    Any way with vonage, one can call other friends in all other 60 counties and others part of us too..

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  • gc28262
    09-09 02:50 PM
    Called all except Steve King.
    called my local congressman too.

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  • whitecollarslave
    03-27 04:23 PM
    IMHO you misinterpreted the memo. An employer can definitely choose not to hire based on immigration status. This has happened in the past (circa 2001) and evidently many employers do not hire H1B or any employees that require "job related" sponsorship. From the same link, in the next para it says that employers can clearly specify that they will NOT do sponsorship without violating the law. The only question is what is considered a sponsorship, any restricted position (in terms of job responsibility) can constitute a sponsorship (where by employers have legal burden beyond what it takes to hire a US Citizien/Permanent Resident for the same position). H1B definitely falls into this category and EAD borders that category. I am not an expert in labor laws but my experience says that employers have too much control on who they want to hire they can get by with almost anything. The biggest hurdle against any law suit is, EAD is an obscure document with very little clarity about rights that come with it and its usage. It was supposed to be an interim document whose usage only now is becoming main stream. May be one law suit or precedent will clarify it all. But once again employers will get by it the same way they get by with age, ethic, gender and racial descrimination.

    Thanks for pointing this out. But you are confusing EAD with H-1B. You are right to quote that its legal to refuse employment to somebody who requires sponsorship (H-1B). That does not mean that refusing somebody with EAD is also legal. Your assumption or conclusion about that is not true. As soon as you use EAD you lose your H-1 status. EAD is not tied to H-1Bs or EB immigrants. EAD is issued to a whole bunch of immigrant types including refugees, FB, etc. There is no sponsorship required to hire somebody on EAD. A letter of job duties is a whole different story and nothing to do with hiring practice.

    There is nothing obscure about EAD. Employment Authorization Document - if you have it, its valid for work anywhere in the US. Whats the use of EAD if employers won't accept it? What you say about EAD's usage becoming main stream only recently is not true. We need to start thinking outside the box of EB/H-1B, and so should the recruiters. It maybe true that the IT recruiters who normally hire people on either H-1B or green cards are now having people with EADs. But they are ignorant and they are breaking the law by having a policy to not hire somebody on EAD.

    You are right, employers do have a lot of control in who they can hire. But they CANNOT pick and choose based on nationality, race, etc. Same way, as per Federal law, they CANNOT choose people who have only green card and reject somebody who has an EAD. (See the question from FAQ I posted earlier). If an employer says that they will not hire somebody on EAD, they are refusing to hire not just EB immigrants but also refugees, agricultural workers, FB immigrants. That is crystal clear discrimination as per Federal law.

    The only thing that may create a problem is if the DHS and the Federal law treats a EB immigrant with an EAD differently than a FB, refugee or other immigrant with an EAD. (I had asked about this earlier)

    I appreciate that you guys bring out opposing views but I am saddened by the attitude of our community of being helpless and not believing in our rights. It bothers me to know that the highly educated members of such an affluent community will surrender without even trying. This has nothing to do with the state of labor market. Wake up folks! The Federal government has a whole agency to protect people against such discrimination, and we are here speculating on nuances. If somebody denied you employment on EAD, just talk to them and see what they say. You don't need anything in writing.

    What would you do if the same employers told you that they will not hire you simply because you wear a turban or you are from China (or Bulgaria or Pakistan)?


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  • EB2IndianGC
    09-21 04:06 PM
    How long does it take for USCIS to give a decision after you respond to a simple RFE.

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  • answers_seeker
    07-09 10:54 PM
    This is just a message to 2005/2006/2007 PD guys. Please don't think that some miracle will happen and dates will be current soon, it will take its own time. Mostly for EB2 & EB3June 2006- June 2007 guys, it will be like a lottery if the PD becomes current somewhere in 2007 Oct-Nov time. Right??
    So life is not always easy. There are people waiting since 2002-03-04.
    Don't think that life is not a FIFO always.

    Why some of the guys became violent when I said, INDIA IS GREAT???
    Guys.. do you know why I always feel like this???

    As my parents,in laws and most of my relatives stay there. Not only mine, allmost all guys who are in the IV, they must have parents and relatives in India for sure. There is no other reason why I said India is great.

    Someone asked me to pack up... YES, I will if nothing happens;however, I will be waiting to see the progress for sure. This is July. Let's have a look over OCT bulletin after 2 months and for sure dates will move atleast 4-6 months for EB2 guys and 1 year for EB3 guys. So wait, be patient, instead of doing all this.
    Anyway, our turn will come sooner or later, so why to become impatient just seeing the JULY bulletin CURRENT and then "U".

    Mainly this is the message for 2005-2006-2007 PD guys. Please don't take it otherwise.

    In the name of thinking differently we have smitha, senthil1 , asdqwe..and these guys confusing this struggle / fight for us trying to get ahead of the line or as senthil1 keeps saying uscis/dos made an honest mistake and asdqwe..keeps saying we need to fight for legislation rather than wasting time with these efforts. What all these guys and their ilk fail to understand is most of us are pissed off about the way it was implemented and handled rather than the ability to file AOS itself. If we sit and do nothing is like asking uscis / dos to walk all over us again and again. Besides in US law whenever there is a gray area, the decisions are based on precedents. This means if they have done this now means they can do this in any bulletin hence issued. They can issue a bulletin in Oct 2007 and on Nov 2 say "oops sorry my bad wrong bulletin" . Please come out of the basement and face the sun.


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  • kaisersose
    03-24 09:45 AM
    As already answered in the previous post, it is all clearly laid out in the I-9.

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  • drona
    07-10 08:21 PM
    Posted on nriworld a couple days back. We must have missed it. Hope they will update today's events :)

    NRIs in US to organise 'Gandhigiri' protest in Washington


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  • Libra
    07-09 10:06 PM
    If she know the actual problem she wouldn't have said that, she has only half knowledge about the pain many of guys took. so its waste of time to responding to her post. ignore her.

    Ms. Smitha nobody became voilent when you said India is great, ok? so cut it off stop visiting this forum so that you'll and others get some peace of mind.

    I agree what you said but why the heck the USCIS make my life restless for 2 weeks. i spent 5000 dollors for nothing... that is what we are asking for not to go ahead of people with older priority dates

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  • jungalee43
    09-09 04:17 PM
    I am surprised that all other threads are getting updated quite frequently. People are posting question related to their RFE and as usual once they get answer to their problems, they vanish. People are posting jokes on IV, but when it is their turn to call, we've to "bump" this thread and send e-mails to members. So pathetic.
    I felt very sad when I read 30000+ members donated some 4000 dollars in last two months. I felt my donation of about 1000 dollars since 2006 is being wasted to answer questions of or to solve the problems of these free riders &/or one question members.


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  • vnsriv
    01-24 04:29 PM
    Looks like it's a high time for a non-stop GC(Green Channel) airlines between US and India. Lets contact Ambani's. They of course can raise money for this within days thru their IPO or atleast influence Indian Govt to do so.

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  • royus77
    06-29 09:00 PM
    On another front, if this actually does happen, I will be the first person to sue USCIS for all the expenses, lost time and headaches that I incurred in preparing the 485 application...I think USCIS can't get away without reimbursing everyone for all of the above...

    I like this part ...


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  • syedn
    09-10 06:55 PM
    Can you please let me know how to initiate ombudsman inquiry.

    Send email to:
    You will have to fill this form and attach to the email:

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  • glus
    01-16 07:24 AM
    I am not sure if I am correct, but I have heard it is totally up to you what form to use when re-entering the U.S. If one posseses a valid H1 and AP, it is up to him what to use. Many people choose to use H1 to enter to safeguard status while I485 is pending. I may be wrong; but I could swear I read about this some time ago.....

    Please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • Brightsider
    10-05 09:38 PM

    So guys from TSC keep trying and hope to get this Ms can alway ask the person's batch number and name and don't waste your time if you get someone else.

    All the very best and hang in there...


    Congratulations my friend!
    Admire the never-flagging spirit. Glad to know that you have made your Peace!!

    Dont hold yourself back in having the ball of a time.... you deserve it!

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  • feedfront
    09-20 12:02 PM
    I'm also from Sep-Oct'05. I got RFE. Waiting for RFE...


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  • kshitijnt
    05-10 06:14 PM
    It is not true that all the H1bs are creating jobs. For one example I worked in a big garment company and they laid off hundreds of people(around 800) 4 years back and did offshoring 90% with 10% H1b and L1 to Infosys. This would have created less than 10 new admin jobs for setting up office here but it displaced 800 jobs plus all the new projects(jobs) go to Infosys and US government lost millions in taxes for a private company to save a few million dollars. But if a H1b is a real innovator or investor then he could create scores of new jobs but those guys are very less. They should be identified and rewarded by faster GC process.

    But real intention of H1b when it was created was to fill shortage of skills but not for competing with citizens in rate. If the real intention is to compete globally then that needs to be revealed while lobbying with Senators. There is nothing wrong with immigrants or H1b persons. Most abuses are done and enouraged by employers. Corporations prefers a person always to be in H1b so they want more H1b quota and less gc so that they can exploit people.

    Basically H1b numbers and offshoring needs to be increased when demand is high(Really it was needed on 1999 and 2000) and it needs to be decreased when demand is low. Also today also there is shortage of skills in a few areas. System should handle those also.

    Well there are different examples you can cite all the time to turn the argument in your favor. By themselves H1Bs in that status can not create jobs, because they are bound to the employer. However there is no denying that a lot of them such as those who graduated from US universities with masters degrees, those from IIT or IIMs are smart and bright individuals. I know at least 2 Indians , family friends that after getting their green cards, started companies on their own and now employ hundreds locally if not thousands.And let me tell you these are not desi consulting cos. The very premise of tying an H1 to employer is wrong, not the individual by himself. Instead if there is point/skill based immigration system then it will ensure only the brightest will come inside the country. Currently the decision to hire the immigrant rests with an employer and hence we see systematic corruption to some degree.

    Also what I said was companies are profit oriented business entities. Of course they will want to hire people who best benefit their business. Nobody is stopping a local from proving that.

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  • immi_enthu
    09-10 11:41 AM
    Some one gave me a red for calling.

    Admins please find that anti-immingrant and ban him/her.

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  • logiclife
    02-04 01:39 PM

    The last line in this article may mean something for us.

    Hopefully. Let's see if this point is driven to congress by March 27 when they sit down and think "IMMIGRATION !!".

    Robert Kumar
    04-03 07:27 AM
    Don't know.

    Can somebody please give us the link of the document that shows how many applied , yearwise.

    09-21 04:06 PM
    How long does it take for USCIS to give a decision after you respond to a simple RFE.

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