Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • hopefulgc
    01-05 09:45 AM
    I express full support for this.

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  • nkalpana
    02-12 02:40 AM
    ... do we have to think out of the box to identify what is really the problem?
    What are they doing with our documents... where are they storing it? whjat security are they giving to our sensitive docs? what is the process by which they are clearing the backlog, when everyday they get loads and loads of new work??

    shahuja... we are still waiting

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  • rubaru
    10-15 04:42 PM
    Yes ndialani,i waited for 6 month which i did because i don't know I140 premium started from June 2009(For most the cases).They started in Feb 2009 but its applicable to some limited cases).

    May be i would have moved it to premium if i knew in June.Some of the options which i would have tried during that 6 months period was InfoPass,Senator,Ombudsman etc but wasn't very serious about 140 as i thought it may take some years for gc(since the dates very moving very slowly at that time).


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  • arkrish68
    09-09 05:38 PM
    I wanted to put down the various steps I undertook or have happened since my PD got current in hopes that it might help anybody...

    PD: Nov 2005 EB2 @ NSC got current in August.

    We were in India when my wife got a FP notice in July. Missed it completely but was lucky that the lawyer realized we were on vacation and requested a postponement of FP appointment.

    The original FP appointment notice was for July 7th and we never received a second appointment notice until Aug 20th.

    In the meanwhileI travelled back to USA and opened SRs, Infopass and sent emails to NSC, Opended an Ombudsman inquiry, contacted senators separately for myself and for my wife. I got GC approval on August 10th.

    My wife had her FP taken on Sept 3rd and today we received CPO email for her too. Good luck to all who are waiting and I suggest do everything you can like SRs, emails, contacting senators, ombudsman inquiry, infopass appts. Not sure what worked.

    My Main conern was that my AOS (principal applicant) would be stalled because my spouse (dependent) had expired FPs and we missed an appointment. Apparently this turned out not to be the case.

    Thanks IV for a lot of useful information. All the best to everybody.

    Can you please let me know how to initiate ombudsman inquiry.


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  • rag1232
    03-30 10:35 AM
    My PD is 01/09/2007. Is there any chance to reach my spot in May visa bulletin? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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  • i99
    09-24 12:04 PM
    Your attorney HAS to reply to your inquiries. It is stated in every State's BAR website. Otherwise, you have right to make a complaint that stays with the BAR records forever. BAR has to publish it to anyone who asks for information about that attorney. Attorneys do not want that.

    We were in a similar situation. We sent an e-mail and left a voicemail saying something like: "In our point of view, a reasonable time for you to reply to our inquiries is 3 business days. If you do not call us and let us know another reasonable period of time for a reply period immediately, we will assume that you will reply to our inquiries and/or let us know the information about our case coming from USCIS in three days".

    I guess we are learning this country's ways.

    This worked very well ;

    Our case:

    i99 - I140/485 concurrent/NSC/July@d/R.Williams/No CC/No RN

    Atleast your lawyer replies to you:) Our lawyer stopped replying to our e-mails since after mailing the AOS package in July. They don't even entertain phone calls.


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  • old_hat
    05-09 12:21 PM
    I also saw a quote from one of the Indian offshoring company CEOs that only 25% of Indian engineers are employable. "

    The percentage of people here are a very small percentage of that 25%.

    If H1/L1 visa is restricted, that will give an incentive for americans to acquire a degree in science/engineering, just like the indian students taking courses in india offering a better ROI, as they get the feeling that they won't be discriminated in a job and investing $$$ in education is not going to be wasted.
    H1/L1 restrictions are not going to encourage american kids. It does not impact their thinking. Maths, science are tougher subjects for kids. Kids in India were pushed by their parents to study science in search for a good career. Kids here have a lot other avenues which are more attractive to a kid. Kids do not understand L1/H1. 90% of adult population here does not understand H1/L1. REstricting H1/L1 will not influence a kid to take up science and engineering.

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  • srikondoji
    06-29 05:01 PM
    You can sue this firm, if they have really suspended the work on I-485.
    How can they react to rumours?

    Mathew Oh says this

    06/29/2007: Notice to The Oh Law Firm Clients

    * We have suspended the work for July 485 filing development pending the clarification of the rumor next week. Please bear with us in this confusing and difficult time.

    I am of the opinion these rumors may not be rumors, they have some insider information. We are out of luck I guess


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  • amitga
    07-18 08:22 PM
    Lou Dobs is going to talk about immigration legislation burried in defence spending bill (which is under debate now) now. He just mentioned that there are pieces of 'Amnesty' legislation in the bill and he is gonna talk about it.

    If anyone has DVR please record it and we can disect it and post it on you tubes.

    I also heard the same thing. It is not clear if whole immigration bill has been attached to defence bill or only illegal immigrant part of it.

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  • vikki76
    10-26 08:30 PM
    This is really great news. Congratulations caliguy--I have been following your posts since Sept and know that you were quite active (read that perturbed) on your case.
    One less thing to worry about in life.
    You have been quite persistent in your efforts to get correct answer from IO.

    In my case- when I reached IO using POJ- I was told that case has been predjudicated, and now assigned to IO. How do I get more info than this? Even I have multiple 140-so ,I too am bit worried about that part.


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  • anura
    04-06 06:28 AM
    Is there an admin around here to delete the spam and remove the spamming usernames?

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  • mojito_blender
    06-21 03:01 PM
    Does anyone know about the W2 form and 1040 tax return forms? I currently only have W2 and 1040 for the year 2006, but my lawyer says I need to submit the past three years. Is there any problem?


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-02 03:11 PM
    That's good news APB.

    I guess it may either be the SR that I opened for my wife or the letter I wrote to wife got a call from a CSR from DC and she told that her case is pending because of the Biometrics, she said she is issuing new biometrics...the speaker phone was on...and I come I got approved w/o the Biometrics...she was clueless...I told her how many times can Biometrics notice be attorney called TSC on 10th of Sept and that time a notice was issued which we never received and then again two weeks later someone else issued another notice.....then someone else told that Biom is fine it just needs uploading and it has been two weeks since then the only thing that is happening is the Visas getting used up .....I said what's the point of FP/Biom if visas are no longer available which surely will be the case in 3 weeks....

    In any case didn't expect a phone call from them so was surprised.


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  • McLuvin
    08-20 11:05 AM
    Dude, Are you joking.... Is there a link or something u can pass on... Dont be a DH....



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  • vin13
    08-25 03:40 PM
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    I contacted teleblend last week regarding the vonage deal. customer service rep said they are working on it. They could not give me any timeline.

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  • kushaljn
    01-17 04:37 PM
    It was Mumbai.

    Can you add which consulate (Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai) you interviewed?


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  • bikram_das_in
    08-20 11:49 AM
    Is there any contract obligations for this?

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  • perm2gc
    06-29 07:56 PM
    Folks, first of all don't try to slam me for posting this.. Here is a note that I got from my law firm Paul Hastings.. I am subscribed to their immigration related email.. I got this today.. While this has come as a shock to me, they are still preparing to file my I485.. I did not hear this from my lawyer personally, but only through this newsletter. I will speak to them about this first thing monday morning. Please read the note entirely.. Has anybody else heard about this..

    Update on Adjustment Filings for July

    Yesterday, we distributed a Client Alert reporting widespread concern as to the accuracy of the Department of State's (DOS) Visa Bulletin for July 2007 and indicating the possibility that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may potentially not accept adjustment of status filings for all, or a part, of July. Today, multiple reliable sources have indicated that, as early as Monday or Tuesday of next week, the DOS could issue a revised Visa Bulletin for July 2007. Most likely, some or all of the employment-based immigrant visa categories would again retrogress and may become completely unavailable. The practical impact is that USCIS would almost certainly stop accepting adjustment applications for filing if the revised Visa Bulletin indicates that immigrant visa numbers are not available.

    This unexpected development would deviate from many years of agency practice. It would be devastating for companies and foreign national employees who have relied, as they are entitled to do, on the July Visa Bulletin and were anticipating the filing of adjustments throughout the month of July. We have initiated a concerted effort to aggressively address this unprecedented situation through the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the DOS. We are joined in this effort by many other organizations, and we are engaging congressional offices for assistance. Many have already agreed to speak with DHS and DOS. We will keep you updated.
    i was just called by my attorney and he said same thing

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  • GCOP
    08-20 01:17 PM
    Can you please mention the source or any basis of 50 to 60 K applications pending before October 2003. I am interested to know this because my PD is also EB-3 (India), October 2003. Thanks.

    07-13 01:51 PM

    This guy has moved from an anti H1 visa platform to an anti-India platform. This is bordering on racism. And no one saying anything. Wonder what all this is leading to.

    People must remember that all of them are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

    08-21 10:46 AM
    i support any action.. but writing to Uscis will help only if your interpretation of law (or lack of law) on spill over is correct. Shouldnt this be confirmed first?

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