Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • kumar1
    02-28 02:33 PM
    I am not answerable to an anonymous "internet toughie" who picks up fights on forums. it's evident that your understanding of the tonality in a professional response vis a vis a personal one is impaired albeit imponderable.

    I shall not waste my time "coaching" the same.

    [B]"then we all know who the real immature person is"

    After your fiasco with Kumar, doesn't this whole forum apart from a few thousand scandalized visitors know who really enthrones "immaturity" here?

    With this i end my diatribe with you mr internet toughie aka sledgehammer. lol

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  • laborday
    07-17 11:18 AM
    Yeah, the Nebraska one is on the same date as last month, I guess I should count my blessings. God, what are they doing over there!? Maybe it's because it's summer time and people are going on vacation-less people, less work getting done.
    I think a employee of immigration service center should get $100 bonus for completing one application. This will definitely improve their productivity.

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  • adibhatla
    01-12 11:49 AM
    �Permit to re-enter (valid for two years. This document guarantees the holder�s return only if his stay outside the USA has not exceeded two years),

    Can't this be construed as AP doc.??

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  • jkays94
    07-10 08:31 AM
    Lou Dobbs does not care about legal high skilled immigrants he no longer refers to H1bs as H1bs but rather as "cheap foreign labor". His wife is Mexican-American but he does not hesistate to attack Mexico and any vulnerable immigrant group, for that, he makes over $6m a year for his rhetoric, he has even gone as far as being linked to hate groups and supremacist organizations. Media matters is an organization that exposes Lou Dobbs' lies, next time Lou Dobbs or Fox (the channel) attacks legal high skilled immigrants and does so using falsehoods, it would not be out of order for IV members to contact Media Matters and set out the truth.

    Media Matters' Lou Dobbs section:

    Here is a recent attack on undocumented "DREAM act" students exposed by Media Matters:


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  • nogc_noproblem
    04-08 07:26 PM
    Lou Dobbs just reported in his show in CNN that more than 400k applications received for H1b (as against the quota of 65k), ofcourse with his usual bla bla cheap labor comments specifically pointing out Indian outsourcing companies.

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  • texanmom
    08-28 05:40 PM
    I know this is not the right place..but I didn't know where else to post this. Sorry about that.

    Has the congresswoman been contacted for this rally? She would be a powerful voice to have on our side.

    I am sure the IV core team has thought about this...but I didnt read about it anywhere on the forums. If there is something, please point me to it.


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  • EBX-Man
    05-12 08:54 AM
    I have 2 questions. Why you think only I485 not greencard. Fight and get Greencard? Start protest self. Others join when one start. Why not you?

    That is because he does not have the drive and initiative that you have ...

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  • trueguy
    10-23 05:50 PM
    If they don't want to publish the numbers, fine. If they don't want to process application, we can't do anything about it. But at least move the PD forward so more cases become eligible for approval and it makes USCIS's life easy to use all the numbers.

    Whats the use if they move PD forward by 2 years in July and then USCIS is super busy using all the numbers available. It would be better if DOS move PD forward every quarter if they see visa numbers are not utilitized.

    They should divide 140K total numbers by 12 (which is 11666) and watch each month how many numbers were used in last month. If 11666 numbers were not used last month then they should move PD for retrogressed country forward so more cases become eligible.

    This is not rocket science and I don't know why DOS don't understand it.


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  • ganguteli
    06-01 09:42 AM
    When is this going for voting?

    It is already been voted. (by you) and is sure to pass by a big majority vote :D

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  • shree772000
    05-17 12:16 PM
    First of all make a complaint about the employer to the INS that he is not paying... and make decision, US is not your entire life. If you have confidence you can do anything anywhere in this small world.

    We have skills and ability to make many more countries like US.... We have to beleive it....


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  • masaternyc
    01-06 12:36 AM
    What about ladies with 5 husbands (pandus), do we need to start visa called H5? F5? D5?

    I heard from a friend of my friend knows that indian ladies have 5 husbands at the same time, what about them?

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  • add78
    05-15 01:23 PM

    This is a very good news that I have heard since last July. I am not sure if MBA's will also be condidered as part of this bill. I have paid around $90 K from my pocket, to get my MBA from Duke.

    If that is the case then I would recommend that anyone who has any kind of support from their employer (or even without it) should get a masters degree as soon as possible. This will not only increase our value but will also shorten the queue.... just my 2 cents.
    Unfortunately MBA does not fall under STEM degree list.
    Per the recent OPT extension rule announcement by USCIS, you can write to them as they are taking suggestions with the reasons why MBA should be included. It will be hard to pursue because it is difficult to show shortage of skilled workers with MBA skills needed in US, but you are welcome to send USCIS letters.


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  • meridiani.planum
    06-05 04:01 AM
    EB2 India will move very fast till 01 JAN 06 as because based on June 2007 bulletin, just before the july fiasco,( ) the PD for China is 01 JAN 06. That means in EB2 Category except India and China every other country is current. So till India reaches 01 JAN 06 PD in EB2, all the spill overs will be moved to EB2 India. By the time India EB2 reaches 01 JAN 06, China PD in EB2 will move further from 01 JAN 06 by using its 7% quota. So Inidia PD for EB2 again moves fast till that changed China PD using the spill overs. After that India and China will share the spill overs based on the PD priority. All this happens if and only if the USCIS works effectively and uses all the available visa numbers for the present fiscal year. My prediction for EB2 India PD is it touch 2005 /even cross few months in 2005 by the end of this year if USCIS works effectively.

    July 07 was a very special case. Throughout the year the USCIS had not issues many visa's, and per the ombudsmans report in May they were going so slow that they would relaly have to scramble if they dont waste tons of visas.
    They year by all reports they are using up visa numbers at a quick pace. WHy do you think they will jump all the way to 2006?

    Just getting spillover is not enough, if the total demand for visa's is high. Case in point is EB3-ROW which technically has almost no limits, yet languishes in a retrogressed state because the total number of visa's (140k) is too low and however you divvy them up people are going to end up waiting...

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  • alterego
    07-07 06:48 PM
    MHB's face spoke more than words can say. Not sure acting or genuine expression captured by the cameraman but great.
    Showed his frustration and disappointment very well. Overall a well done and convincing piece.


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  • rockstart
    04-21 09:23 AM
    I really am not able to understand your education pattern

    10 = Std 10th
    +2 = Std 12th I assume
    +1 = Is this the commerce 1st year?
    +3 sounds to be your diploma right? now what was eligiblity for the diploma 10th or 12th? I am assuming it was 10? since it was 3 years course.

    My friend I hate to be sounding pessimistic but your education might add upto 16 years but it is not progressive 16 years as required for a bachelors program, most of it is redundant. your +2 (12th grade) and diploma are overlapping. Your +1 is completely tangential to your course work. It is same as some one doing 1st year courses for 3 different strems example 1st year Science , 1st year arts and 1st year commerce and then claiming he has equivalent of 3 years bachelors course work completed and so he be awarded a bachelors degree.

    Please dont feel bad. I do not want to give you any false hopes. Please consult some proffessional evaluators to check if there is a way they can make your education sound progressive but looking at USCIS response you pasted they have evaluated your diploma and cannot accept it as equivalent to degree program. Or saying I have 2 Masters degree so count it as equivalent to a PhD that cannot happen even if the person might have completed equal number of credits as PhD still it is at masters level and not at PhD level plus they are not cumulative which will be the most sticking out point.

    I dont know who will pay for the MTR + refiling in case your employer is going to shoulder these expenses then there is really no harm in trying but if it is you who has to pay for appeals then my friend it will be better if you consult education evaluators and some other lawyers like Murthy, Khanna to get a second opinion before you embark on this long and costly journey.

    That is accurate I have done 10+2+1+3

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  • shiankuraaf
    11-25 12:50 PM
    Great Job..... I am eagerly looking for the release of the BL report.


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    07-19 12:46 PM
    Since we already applied for I-485, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Her employment letter (submitted) only says that she is employed with the company and her employment is valid till 2008.

    Isn't valid/unexpired I-94 counts as legal status not the approval notice. Also what if the employee takes a un-paid leave of absence due to health reasons etc.

    I am sure so many in the same boat. Is there anything we could do?

    She would still need to be on the Payroll and reported as an employee, preferable from the date of COS, If making a case of vacation or medical leave.

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  • snathan
    03-26 10:42 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I am not sure if this is the trend everywhere only in TX. The DPS - Department of public Safety which is issuing Driving License started asking for the Employment Verification or latest Pay Slip. I asked the officer if its the new requirement and she replied Yes, its started recently. If you are in H1 or H4 visa, you need to prove that you are still in job and getting paid. One more nail in the coffin.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-02 07:00 PM
    I think his post was based on the summary on the site.

    "OpenCongress Summary:
    This legislation would reform the family-based immigration system and speed up the process for family members of legal immigrants to secure visas. Specifically, it would reclassify spouses and children of legal immigrants as immediate relatives, raise the per-country family-sponsored immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admissions, recapture visas that went unused in previous years due to bureaucratic errors, allow widows and spouses to remain eligible for visas after the death of a sponsoring family member, and more."

    Where did you read the new text ?

    08-31 10:10 PM
    Even today i came across a friend saying according to his so and so friends thinking , EB2 should move very fast as last time it jumped from 2002 - 2004 or what ever in 2 months !!!!... There are lot of people who dont understand the depth of the problem , the yearly limit , country quota etc..

    I think the only way to make them understand is to tell that since 1 million people are in queue and only 140K GC per year , your GC will take any where from 8-15 years.. :)

    05-15 11:21 AM
    like everything else CHC will block this too...they want to put illegals ahead of everyone else....

    It is not just they - but the industries who employ them and depend on them .As much as we may want to call them illegals - they are a part of economy and will continue to be as long as their employers continue to hire them at lower wages to boost their profits.

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