Thursday, June 30, 2011

shia labeouf and megan fox in transformers 2

images megan fox and shia labeouf shia labeouf and megan fox in transformers 2. Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf,
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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:59 AM
    If people can move freely between the categories then Why do we have categories?...:confused:
    An EB3 guy had waited patiently after getting into GC queue and you come later with your masters and go ahead of him, isn;t this cutting the GC line?.

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  • EB2IndianGC
    09-13 01:33 PM
    Hi guys,
    How long does it take to receive RFE letter by mail? Can we get a copy of RFE letter at the InfoPass appointment. I don't have patience anymore to wait. At least they can tell us what the RFE is about on the phone. These guys are trying my patience.

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  • franklin
    07-09 07:45 PM
    Leave the late night comedians out of it.
    Who do you think they will poke fun at? USCIS, Emilio Gonzalez or the people spending thousands of dollars on flowers that wont even reach the office of the intended recipient?

    Actually, I'd say (especially for Stewart and Colbert) that they'd be poking fun at the right people

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  • DSLStart
    09-25 04:18 PM
    Just a quick question for current Vonage users.
    Currently I use Phone Power (VOIP, almost same as Vonage). They give me one nice feature called Remote Click 2 call. What it does is, if I am in office (where there is no long distance calling allowed), I login into my account and click on Remote Click2Call. This asks me to enter the number where I am at, and the destination number. So I get a call at my office phone and it connects me to the destination number. And there is no charge for this call.
    Does Vonage offer this kind of feature? and can we make calls to India (under their India unlimited plan) using this feature?



    shia labeouf and megan fox in transformers 2. Actress Megan Fox and actor
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  • omved
    06-25 05:50 PM
    I called the USCIS office today. I am on H1b and my spouse is here on H4. I am filling 485 under EB2..

    They said clearly that we need to submit I 864 form for support, not I 134 which few people have mentioned in this forum so far..

    So I am going with I 864..


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  • chanduv23
    10-29 07:26 AM
    Please refer the url, one of the iv member has stated his friends denial case.

    The authenticity of that case is not clear. Someone claims his friend had issues and we do not have any details.

    I used AC21 few months back and went through the NOID ordeal.

    Our volunteers working on this effort are in the process of identifying authentic AC21 cases that got denials though they did everything to the law and are in process of filing MTR.

    If anyone got a denial and wants to help us in this - please send a PM to IV volunteer pd_recapturing


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  • eastindia
    11-16 04:16 PM
    Vonage reaches settlement with states - Business First of Louisville: (

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  • jonty_11
    07-09 06:33 PM always just like our taxes...this will go to the veterans also.
    The credit will go to USCIS.


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  • reddymjm
    08-07 10:21 AM
    Any way this will fail. Lets see at what point it fails...

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  • admin
    02-20 02:41 PM
    Can someone explain why it seems harder to find backers in the house than in the senate for immigration reform (even the employment based legal immigration)? If we understand this, maybe it will help us focus our lobbying efforts better. Just a thought.


    The constituency of a Senator is the entire state while that of a House Rep is usually much, much smaller. So the Senator needs to make sure that all his actions are more 'Inclusive' and do not offend a lot of people.

    But since the House Rep has much fewer and probably much more homogeneous set of people, the needs of his/her constituents are not that diverse and hence they can afford to take a hardline stance in many cases.


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  • lazycis
    10-16 08:55 PM
    One idea is to give GC to AOS applicants regardless of namecheck result, if all
    other security checks are OK and let the namecheck run in background . If the namecheck turns out critical , cancel the GC & deport the applicant.
    But USCIS and lawyers will loose big time , because of reduced demand for APs,EADs etc.

    This is exactly as Congress intended it to be. There is no mandatory requirement to complete NC before GC can be issued in the INA. There is a provision to cancel GC in the INA.

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  • nkavjs
    09-18 11:32 AM
    So he did not insist on waiting for 90 days. When did he promise a response back? If you were not in the system, how are they going to check?

    BTW, I am also July 2, J Barret, 10:25am, No receipt yet.

    Nope I gave him all info with application mailed on 11 June. They shd be able to pull info with my LS, FS, DOb and center filed.. not by date filed. Lets hope for the best. Yes he could see my checks not cashed and no info about me in the system.. may be thats why he made an email inquiry to NSC.

    Hope this helps.


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  • gg_ny
    01-24 12:37 PM
    Lufthansa is another option for no transit visa, cheaper ticket than NW, Emirates or Singapore airlnies, little bit security check at Frankfurt when returning .....

    with emirates, there is a route via dubai (no torture) and one via hamburg + Dubai. I traveled via the second one twice on emergencies. you are ushered in a square box of a building with barbed wires and armed (fully armed and body armored, hand gunned, you-mongrel-looking) guards. There is even a special
    barbed wire line for 'special immigrant' (read asylum or illegal migrants) inside though i have not seen it used. then comes double wammy security checks (show-me-your-baby'smilk-is-edible type). There is one bathroom for each gender that has useless (over 10 months)faucets and one bar (no shop for food). the layover reminded me of concentration camps. But it was still better than $274 ;-)

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  • royus77
    06-29 04:15 PM
    my lawyer's office just called me saying they would want to file ASAP, for which they want my signatures tomorrow. I met her an hour ago, when she was saying things like "hopefully by next week".

    So whether or not this is a rumour, it sure has clicked the panic button for lawyers too!

    If this is true, it is unimaginably bad. (Personally I still think it won't happen till end of July.)

    It may true ....if that was reported in means all lawers will be in Panic now ....


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  • hsingh82
    06-15 10:09 AM
    l1fraud if you do not like fraud , report it.
    If you are scared of losing your job, then find another job.
    If you are worried about getting replaced, then upgrade your skills and get competitive rather than crying about it.
    If you are not happy with your salary in your profession and then people will get $5/hr due to outsourcing, then change your profession and accept globalization. You racist good for nothing folks had it good for very long. Do not expect $100/hr for HTML coding anymore.
    If you want to launch a crusade against it, then how about openly declare with your name , phone number and start your website against it.

    If you cannot do anything other than whining anonymously, then join loser's guild. (I guess you are already)

    BS... absolute BS ... how about you stop being his mentor. The guy is losing is job because of FRADULENT means used by a company, he is not complaining that his junior upgraded his/her skills and is replaced by him/her. You are basically suggesting a victim of a robbery not to complain to police and instead go to gym more often!! Stop this nonsense please.

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  • gtg506p
    01-09 08:46 AM
    gtg-Georgia Tech alumni?

    Yup. PhD ME Class of 06.


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  • Hunter
    05-09 02:25 PM
    More than one of every 100 adults is in jail or prison in USA.

    Record Number of Americans in Prison

    When confronted with facts, like a typical "skilled" indian, our man ganguteli resorts to the following

    a) Stereotyping
    b) Evading the questions, starts dragging in the irrelevant stuff, be it madoff or american prison system

    Hey ganguteli, if you are so concerned with the law and order system in US, why don't you go back to your "arsha-bharata"? I am sure that in India incarceration is very low because lot of criminals don't go to prison, instead they rise in politics like your leaders Advani, Modi , Laloo etc. (who would have languished in a prison in any other civilized country) and become prime-minister material. :D :D

    Or are you planning to pratice some white-collar crime/fraud here after getting the coveted GC - like starting a "consulting company" to import indentured servants at dirt cheap prices? :D :D

    They say, idle mind is devils workshop.

    Ganguteli, I must say you have proven that in this thread itself, with irrelevant, off-topic responses. :p

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  • vikki76
    10-21 02:37 PM
    My labor was filed in July 04 on EB2, but approved under EB3 category only. My attorney contacted uscis to with the amendment saying that my LC should have been approved under EB2 category. Finally, got a letter from uscis in Feb 2007 that my LC was approved under EB2. Could that be the reason that I did not get GC yet even my PD is current.
    Please contact IO using POJ method or send a follow up email to your service center asking about your PD and categorisation. Once you know what is in their system (EB2 or EB3 ?) , then you can follow up with them to rectify it.
    AFAIK, in inter-filling,applicant has to do lot of followups to get correct PD on their file.

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  • furiouspride
    09-09 11:06 PM

    Today at 9:03 PM I got the following magic letter

    On September 9, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Came to US in 1999

    Applied for EB3 labor in July 2004
    Applied 485 in July 2nd 2007
    Waiting for EB3 dates for India

    Mean time wife applied for EB2 NIW Self petition in March 2006 and got approved
    Again she applied for new labor in Nov 2009 and applied for I-140 in May 2010 in EB2
    Her new EB2 I-140 got approved in Aug 4th 2010 and USCIS ported the March 2006 priority date automatically

    Yesterday she opened SR and today got the approval magic letter

    Special thanks to immigration voice and all the immigration voice members

    Thanks and good luck.
    if you do not mind, could you please share the domain your spouse works in? fed?

    09-13 12:27 AM
    Hopefully it is not a complicated RFE...

    On Friday, I got SMS from USCIS that my case is updated and I should check status online. I checked my email. I was happy :) to see an email from USCIS and opened it excitedly with butterfly in stomach. Well it said..

    "Your Case Status: Request for Evidence

    On September 10, 2010, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence requested. Meanwhile, processing of this case is on hold until we either receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires...........

    Looks like I have to wait more :D

    01-02 03:34 AM
    I dont see any improvement at chennai.I contacted consulate after 7 working days (after interview) and got reply to allow another 4 work days.

    Consulate has handed over the passport to VFS on Jan 2nd and VFS has dispatched on the same day.I would be receiving that today.

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