Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-19 02:24 PM
    Yeah, how would I get the letter if he is not willing to.

    Employer letter is not required if you are attaching photocopies of two current pay stubs.


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  • reddysn
    05-29 06:15 PM
    ramus you got good sense of humor man ....I could not stop laughing ..

    After reading this I am not sure if I can ask you send web-fax..

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  • bobyal
    05-12 09:03 AM
    The bill text says there is NO fee and the applications need to be processed expedited.

    Regulations promulgated under this Act shall provide that applications under this Act will be considered on an expedited basis and without a requirement for the payment by the applicant of any additional fee for such expedited processing.

    So once this bill passes, we can just forget about legal immigration applications for 2 ~3 years, until all illeagul and UNDOCUMENTED applications are processed.

    This is going to effect all legal immigrant community, think about waiting for AP, EAD, H1B application and guess people might have to suffer loosing jobs while waiting for these applications processed.

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  • princeusa2006
    08-11 05:07 PM
    Can anyone tell what will be the status of a person who has used AC21 , and does not get the EAD renewal before the existing EAD expires ? Assume 140 has been approved, 180 days has been passed and got the EAD renewal receipt.


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  • nixstor
    07-07 06:24 PM
    Condi Rice burshed the question about the DOS and USCIS fiasco. Bill CLinton has rightly said recently ..Law is minor obscacle for this administration.

    I missed it. Any links to the video?

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  • nag2007
    10-11 04:43 PM
    There used to be a time when the ability to apply for I485 even during retrogression. was of the highest priority for IV. Now majority of the IV members (hopefully) belong to post I485 filing group. Now the amount of green cards for employment category, exemptions from quota for family members, US degree holders etc, and country quota may be the higher priority issues if one goes by the numbers.

    You mean to say that "Those who have EAD with PD 2006/2007" needs green Card and you dont bother about PD 2000-2005 from Backlog who never got a chance to apply i-485 ?

    Moral: Allow the people to suffer who are suffering and let others make merry(PD 2006-2007).


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  • eb3India
    04-13 11:19 AM
    May Visa Bulletin is out. EB3 ROW and Philippines seem to have moved by 1 year.

    "Recent discussions have indicated that both the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and the Department of Labor still have a significant amount of cases in their backlog reduction efforts. As a result, the anticipated increase in demand has not yet materialized and may not for some time. Therefore, in an effort to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit, the Worldwide and Philippines Employment Third preference cut-off dates have been advanced by one year."

    good atleast something is moving,

    congradulations ROW and Philis

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  • vnsriv
    12-12 03:52 PM
    What is the significance of April Barrier !


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  • logiclife
    08-20 04:25 PM
    I tried to contact the attorney so badly until Aug 16th, but he never responded. I was able to get hold of him only on Aug 17th. I guess he was directed by my employer so.

    The cardinal rule of working with untrustworthy employers is that you need to use ONLY YOUR OWN LAWYER.
    The lawyer must be having you as client and also must not have your employer as his client for other cases matters. ONLY then, the lawyer will be working in YOUR interest and not in your employer's interest.

    I think people browsing this site by this time, must have learned one thing and I sure have said that a million times.

    At the end of the day, between your first day in United States and the day you get your GC, it will cost you nearly 10,000 to have your own lawyer and never use the company-provided free lawyer.

    Having your own lawyer means:

    1. You pay him, you employ him, he is accountable to you, not your employer.

    2. He/she works in your interest, not the employer's interest.

    3. If your employer is not co-operating, you will know right away.

    4. Your employer would have to come clean and truthful about his intentions of not filing 485. When you have company's lawyer, then the company's lawyer is not going to listen to you. WHY? Because you are not the one paying him. Your employer is.

    5. Full transparency and visibility, whenever anything is filed, receipt is issued, RFE comes, reply to RFE goes, etc. With employer's lawyer, you have 0 visibility and you will land in situations mentioned above.

    The money you think you are saving with getting a "Free" lawyer is going to cost you much more. The employers are not stupid to provide you free lawyers. The reason they tend to have free lawyers for you is so that they can have total control over your immigration case. Its "Free" for you, but not really. Coz at the end of the day, it costs 10 times more in terms of lost opportunities and delayed immigration. The employers are in the business of doing business and for them, providing you a free lawyer is COST OF DOING BUSINESS because by incurring that cost, they maximize THEIR OWN OPPORTUNITIES to retain you on their payroll for the longest possible time. You may think you are saving money, but this isnt about money. Its about opportunities and the battle for most opportunities for oneself and the least opportunities for the other guy.

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  • buddyinus
    08-01 12:53 PM
    Everybody is checking LUDs on their approved 140s. What doz this mean? And how do I check it? Pls send me step by step information...Thanks


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  • dvrao4
    11-20 08:07 AM
    got EAD, AP and I-140 approved july, 06 still waiting for FP. no SR yet

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  • pappu
    03-25 09:49 AM
    We support all bills and all legislations that help us. Whether its STRIVE act of 2007, or some new version in the House or the new version in the senate or any new name of a bill that helps us.


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  • mirage
    05-17 09:51 AM
    I am wondering everybody here is throwing stones at small consulting companies, I wonder how these people came to US surely somebody did there H1? right? People are working in big companies HP/Oracle/SAP bla bla.. but I'm sure they are not the ones who brought you guys here. Also the day they'll get their green cards each of these people are going to open similar companies and do the same thing. This is amazing how people forget their past and forget the people who brought them here...I will call you guys thankless....

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  • vvr
    05-20 02:21 AM
    Way to shine guys ! Any more suggestions for a "brand new" quota ?


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  • mundada
    11-19 02:03 PM
    Good idea.

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  • bskrishna
    03-18 10:01 AM
    I think most ppl who sent a letter to white house should have sent to IV as well. So a count of letter that IV received should give us a good idea of how many ppl sent letters out...


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  • optimystic
    10-24 03:44 PM
    I really don't understand, what can be RFE about, as you have been with the same company all these years. You really deserve a Greencard straight away without a single question after such a Long wait. I hope your RFE is very simple to answer and I wish that you get your Greencard soon. Good Luck.

    Thanks for the good luck . I really need it !

    I am hoping that it would be something simple as well.

    - I am guessing it might be about employment verification (since its been a long time),


    - Current job description (probably they want to make sure I am in the same job role or going to be in the same job role for which GC was applied) . Which is more or less the case. My law-firm/company did a good job of declaring a generic (still O*net compliant) job title/description which luckily encompasses the range of roles (compliant with the job description) I have been doing over the last 8 years. And if required, at this point, I am at a stage where I am willing to take a demotion or something if required to work on the job role that matches the GC temporarily, if thats what it takes. And I am sure my company will fully support me. There is no dearth of requirement for fresh coders/developers at our team/company. They would probably be happy to oblige :D . But I hope it doesn't come to that. I think there is some leniency allowed in the growth of job scope/promotion etc over the course of years it takes to get the GC. Gurus any comments ?


    - some clarification about overall H1B status or something across all these years (although I know for sure my H1B status, I-94 etc has been perfectly clean so far)


    - Medical checkups may have expired and they need new ones? (my medical reports are from June 2007)


    - Ability to pay ! I don't think this would be the case. My company is a well reputed/respected Fortune 50 company. So hopefully USCIS IOs are also aware that my company would not have ability to pay issues! But who knows, in these economic crisis, they probably doubt every company !


    - Questions about Mergers/aquisitions/layoff announcements at my company?? I don't think these events by themselves matter/affect my I-485 case after the I-140 stage. My lawyer had clarified to the same effect. But they might trigger a request for employement verification.

    What could be other reasons that you guys can think off?

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-17 12:31 PM
    I too spend 1500 in 2006 becasue dates were not avaialble in india at that time... ( Iremeber ( 2-3 ) months waiting was there .. and Canada has 1-2 weeks.

    I also lost wages for 3 days in 2006.

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  • diptam
    06-07 12:12 PM
    Hi ,
    I sent i140 papers and money in feb 2007 to my company. in april i went to india and came back in May. in May when i asked the recieved number of i 140 filing to my company then they told me to wait for 2 week and after 2 week when they gave me recpt number, i checked online i saw following message.

    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    On May 16, 2007, we received this I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. ..................

    looks like my company sent paper to USCIS in may not in march or april. is that currect? is the USCIS receipt date is the i140 filing date and gc cut off date if CIR bill passes? please throw some light on this.


    I sent all papers in APRIL but the company lawyers filed LATE and USCIS gave the receive date as MAY 16th.... (They might have mailed May 13th or 14th and kept on bluffing ... )

    If May 15th is the cut off date - guys like you and me are the worst sufferers... But who knows if the MBS will turnout to be better than the Old system ??

    If this BILL becomes LAW we have to apply in MBS immediatly so that we do not get BACKLOGGED there too ....

    07-17 10:41 AM
    Sorry But please tell me how to do this?
    Yes I got it, after clearing the cookies, I closed that instatnce of browser and opened again from new browser and it worked for me.

    02-27 04:26 PM
    Sometimes in your life you make bad decisions. It happened unfortunately, because my PD is June 2004 EB2 and when dates became current last year, I thought it needs to move just 3 months to have my date current and as per DOS release there were only 3400 visas in EB2 for 2004.
    Unluckily I chose for CP instead of 485 and now lying in a dark well.

    Anyway please don't sympathize, I'll certainly come out of this situation very soon.

    Pls check with your lawyer if you can change to AOS from CP... Then you'll be entitled for all the AOS benefits.. I know few of my friends did filed for CP instead of AOS and maintained their H1/H4 status... So no choice is good or bad.. it keeps changing :-)

    Since AOS can convert to CP.. I think it should be possible otherway too...

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