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rihanna younger years

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  • r_mistry
    11-06 02:55 PM
    Hi Guys -

    I filed my I485/EAD/AP at Nebraska on July 24th, 2007. Got receipts for all of them on September 19th. Done FP on October 23rd for myself and my wife and saw a LUD on I-485 a day after. EADs were approved and received on October 10th. But i have not received AP yet. Looks like my application is still with NSC. Never got a transfer notice or anything and online status also shows "Case received and pending at Nebraska".

    There is only one LUD on AP and that was on September 21st. Nothing after that.

    Anybody in the same boat? Do i need to make an infopass to get more information on this. I need to travel in December and want to make sure i get AP before that.

    Many thanks in advance for your responses

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  • ychuck
    07-02 04:52 PM
    Medical Exam: ~800 (me + wife)
    Photos: 60
    birth/marriage certs: 200
    paid working hours off: 400

    Pain before and after: lot!.

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  • gc4me
    04-16 12:10 PM
    Unexpected big jump for EB3 ROW. But I will take it. :D

    it was moved with 1 (one) year from AUG-01-2002 to AUG-01 2003 - was it? Or they just entered wrongly???

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  • snathan
    06-16 11:21 PM
    what about 221(g)?

    I would say all issues related to re-stamping. I am not sure how any particular issue can be addressed. Lets see...


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  • jai007
    12-20 02:48 PM
    Recently I had a very bad experience with CGI Houston. The CGI Houston is one of the horrible consulate that any one can imagine. I applied PIO card for my new born. I forgot to send the birth certificate with the application. They rejected the application and sent all my documents to my friends home address who was also applied PIO card for his child. Surprisingly he got one more guy�s (he is from another state) PIO card application and documents in the same package. I was lucky enough that it reached my friends hand. Otherwise I could not imagine what would have happened to my application and also the Certified Check.

    I don�t know the consulate want to save courier money or they are irresponsible?

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  • pcs
    06-17 01:07 PM
    We can fax, while we work up a strategy...


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  • pasupuleti
    02-28 07:49 PM
    We have a meeting with Zoe Lofgren Staff on March 8th @ 2:30 PM
    You could find her san jose office address @ . Let me know if anyone wants to attend this meeting.

    This meeting in silliconvalley which is the home for most h1bs. Please come forward to attend this meeting.

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  • sroyc
    11-30 12:18 AM
    People with '01/'02 PD's getting GCs before the rest is a bad thing because .....?

    One minor side effect is that India EB dates might further retrogress because still there a lot of folks with PD 2001,2002 etc pending namecheck clearance.


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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 03:15 PM
    go easy on him/her!! they are doing whatever they can LEGALLY to get their GC. If the practice is unfair, blame the people who put this into place.

    what is right and what is wrong is very difficult to decide without being aware of the context?

    as far as ethics are concerned, we are in business here. there is LEGAL and ILLEGAL. everything else IMHO is hogwash.

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  • nozerd
    12-26 02:04 PM
    Customer Service creates a service request and send just standard off the shelf letter saying wait we are processing your case. The letters used to say 3 months but now sayd 6 months.

    I think a lot of ppl in this forum are under the misunderstanding that once their date becomes current they will get Green Card soon. That is reaslly not true and once your date becomes current its just another battle all over again.

    Some ides that I have heard work are

    1) Calling congressman/senator and asking them to help your case.

    2) Writing to Ombudsman.

    Since no one in America does much of anything in December I am planning to start trying with congressmans office in mid Jan. I have to do something and try - I cant keep sitting hands folded. Or they will say quota is over before we know it - remember ROW is at 2005.


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  • krishnam70
    04-14 11:59 AM
    So after more than a month of sleepless nights, thanks to Immigration Voice looks like my I 485 application is back on track.

    A recap of my situation:
    Last month I got an email from USCIS-CRIS stating that my I 485 was withdrawn. After being in this country for close to 10 years and in the immigration queue for more than 7 years why would I withdraw the application ??? I did not withdraw my application !!!

    It took me more than a month to find out the reason behind the me it was not easy..and guess what ....It was my Attorney who had withdrawn the application in Error. Now what ... I call USCIS multiple times.. talk to many different IO's .. some of them patient and try to help.. some extremely rude.. but all of them had only one thing to say... they cannot help!!..... I get an Info Pass... no help there either.. I set up an emergency meeting with my attorney (one of the large Immigration Law Firms) .. nothing...they accept their mistake tell me that they will do all they can .. but no assurance that they will reinstate the case .. limited forward movement.... things look gloomy and one can help me.

    Then I called Immigration Voice on the number that is listed on the site and left a voice mail. Promptly got a call back I spoke to a Core member who understood the gravity and urgency of the situation and swiflty moved forward and got in touch with their contacts in the government. The Core member also put me in a conference call with the person who was going to look into my case, I was so relieved that I could explain the situation first hand.

    I got a call today and I was told that after evaluating my case my file has been reopened and they have mailed an offical notice regarding the same and I should get it in a few days. *Fingers crossed until I get this notice in hand ;)*
    The IV core was extremely sensitive to my situation and were very responsive and extremly helpful. I cant thank Immigration Voice enough for helping me resolve this issue in a quick manner.

    I have registered to be a recurring contributing member and I intend to be an active member of this group.

    My lessons from this crazy experience are:
    - Never trust your attorney, always ask for a copy of any letter/document they send to USCIS on your behalf
    - There is no organization besides IV out there that is looking out for the interests of the Immigrant Community.
    - We need to strengthen IV in all ways we can, we need to be active.
    - And as so many members have already said "We are IV." If we want things to be better "WE" need to do something about it.

    I urge members who are still contemplating becoming active members to evaluate their options and to become active and contributing members of IV.

    - Peace

    Another point I would like to add is that no other organization has the kind of reach and the credibility with USCIS as IV has as far as representing the true interests of the Immigrant Community goes. IV is a huge asset we have and we should work towards strenthening it.

    I am glad your file is back on track and kudos to IV for helping out in this dire situation. I think this needs to be a revelation to people who have been questioning IV's commitment to our cause. This case should not be construed as a template for individual calls to help for everybody. Your problem is unique and IV has been able to help. I only hope people dont start flooding the IV helpline with calls to pursue their individual cases based on delays in processing etc and then blame IV for not being able to help in their case.

    This shows collective action and an honest organizational effort will go a long way in helping out the community and we should all share our responsibility in helping each other through IV.

    - cheers

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  • ameryki
    06-19 11:42 AM
    to me too please


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  • priti8888
    05-08 06:07 PM
    PD AUG 2004
    485 FILED DEC 2004
    485 APPROVED JULY 2007

    Labor first applied in 2000, Went down the drain in 2003(husband got laidoff). Applied again through another employer in 2004

    - How has greencard changed your life after receiving it?
    No change. But the sense of relief and freedom is good.

    - What did you do on the day you received it?

    Woke up parents in India to share news. Did not get off work early. But went to a Thai Restaurant for dinner.
    I shopped till I dropped the following Saturday. Felt guilty about spending too much and returned everything next Sunday :)

    - How did the long wait upset your life?

    Quite a bit. It was always on back of the mind.Once bitten twice shy.Was
    always worried about economy. Unable to buy home.Paid 30 % more on home due to GC delay. Unable to change job responsibilities (most upsetting)

    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    Had never heard of IV belfore July 2 fiasco. Kudos to IV for the San jose rally. I was there. -

    Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?

    Yes yes of course-

    Any advice for everyone?

    Believe me , GC related problem is better then any other problem. Count your blessing because the hurdle of your life at this pont is a freedom card called "GC". You all know that there are several BIGGER obstacles in life that each of us will have to face.
    After your GC is done, another problem(big or small) will knock on your door.[/QUOTE]

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  • rajev_kk
    08-10 09:45 AM
    I understand what everybody says, but some people are honest and you have to believe. Can somebody who is knowledgeable on the subject, post a reply please?


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  • p_kumar
    07-06 04:25 PM
    I am at work. can i watch it on computer?. can anyone please post a link to watch it online live?.thanks:)

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-19 12:57 PM
    I thought so. Life's never simple with USCIS in it :) If at that time my spouse (my beneficiary) has not used EAD and is still on a non immigrant visa (H1 or L1), can I switch to dependent status?

    Yes, you can switch to a dependant status if your spouse has a valid non-immigrant visa.


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  • akgind
    07-13 08:24 PM
    I completely empathize with you, salcom3. My daughter is in similar boat.

    Apart from what IV might do, each of us should write immediately to as many Senators and House Members as possible with our own story, pointing out the unfair treatment of those who are trying to play by the rules.

    I totally agree with you akgind.
    Here is my daughter's case:
    1994 she was 8 years old when we brought her to USA
    2002 asylum case was denied, we had to go back to our country (we didn't stay illegaly)
    2002 after one month we came back, with H-1 visa, daughter with H-4
    2003 I applied for LC
    2006 My daughter turned 21 - She had to change status to F-1 (of course college fees were triple). She is out of LC process because of her age.
    2007 LC approved, she is still F-1 and paying a lot of money in tuition.

    I mean, these kids like my daughter (and I am sure there are thousands like her), deserve a break too. If the DREAM ACT is going to benefit illegal persons, it should also benefit children that have waited for their parents' LC process for long years only to see their hopes destroyed.

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  • alterego
    12-04 08:14 PM
    this sounds more like, "Ok so you say the glass is half full, why is that great now?"

    It is a feel good factor; you still want to be cynical, go right ahead, no one can take that away from you.

    You call it cynical. I call it realistic my friend. If it makes you "feel good" and thats why you support the idea then fine. However the thread was started stating this is somehow good for our money. I am not convinced.

    My point is, firstly this is a far way from fruition, and even if it happens there will be a queue of gov't bureaucrats lining up and licking their chops to meddle with it. Furthermore the leftist parties there will ensure that every socialist policy in the books will be applied to your so called retirement funds. A steady revenue stream of that magnitude will not be left in peace. That much I can assure you.

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  • beppenyc
    03-16 04:23 PM

    Millions of illegals to become citizens?
    Kennedy-McCain immigration reform bill likely to pass Senate committee after recess

    Posted: March 16, 2006
    5:00 p.m. Eastern

    � 2006

    A bill that would give millions of illegal aliens in the United States the opportunity to earn citizenship is closer to becoming law today as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signaled likely passage of a proposal by Sens. Edward Kenney, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz.

    Though a committee vote will not be held until after a week-long congressional recess, likely March 27, committee members appeared ready to back the Kennedy-McCain bill.

    "The votes are there," said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

    Congress is working to pass a reform bill that includes enforcement, a policy on dealing with illegals already in the country and a guest-worker program pushed by President Bush.

    Under the legislation, illegal aliens in the United States would obtain six-year nonimmigrant visas under which they could work in the country and travel outside the country. The aliens would have to pay a $1,000 fine and undergo background checks.

    After six years, the aliens would be able to meet certain requirements and then apply for a green card, or permanent residency.

    Besides voting on the bill after the recess, committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said the panel also would vote on a bill by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., that would give illegal aliens up to five years to leave the U.S. After returning home, they could then apply to return, either as temporary workers or for permanent residency.

    "Our intention is not to strand anyone outside the country," Kyl said, according to an AP report. But he asserted the McCain-Kennedy plan would give an illegal alien allowed to stay and work in the country a "huge advantage" over a person having to wait for years in his or her own country for a green card.

    The McCain-Kennedy bill would start off with offering 400,000 of the new visas.

    Two years ago, Bush proposed a guest-worker program that has been criticized by immigration-reform advocates as nothing more than an amnesty program for foreigners who entered the United States illegally.

    Kennedy disputed the amnesty charge: "There is no moving to the front of the line, there is no free ticket. This is not amnesty."

    Majority Leader Bill Frist has threatened to bring his own immigration bill to the floor of the Senate March 27 if the committee has not approved one.

    06-05 02:38 PM
    As soon as you use EAD, you loose H1B status---------- so answer is NO

    Howerver as an EAD you can do same

    09-28 01:47 AM
    I thank everyone for taking interest in my case and giving valuable advices.

    Yes, the lawyer should have checked this and filed on EB3 to begin with. If he had suggested a potential hindrance like this, I wouldn't have agreed to file the case under EB2. The way it happened was, employer and attorney requested all my details and decided to go with EB2. I didn't even know the complete requirements of EB2 at that time as I had a belief that EB2 is only for Masters degree. Because the employer + attorney recommended EB2 I signed up for that.

    I have requested my employer to start a new PERM as soon as possible.
    I am very much looking forward for interfiling my old I-485 with the new I-140. My attorney is saying its not possible. (Maybe he's very less experienced in these matters).

    "during that time hope your new I-140 comes through (for the PERM you are starting now) and then interfile that I-140 to your existing 485"

    Can you please shed some more light on that so that I can argue with my attorney. Any links regarding this would be really helpful. Any piece of information/case history would be helpful to argue with my lawyer.

    The university gives different marksheets for supplementary exam. There's a consolidated one too.

    You are right. EB3 is the safest one. I never tried to take advantage of EB2. The whole mistake was due to improper knowledge from my side about EB2 and wrong evaluation by the attorney. I am looking for all ways to convert this case into EB3. My attorney is saying that we can't file a new I-140 under EB3. The only way to continue this case is to request the EB3 conversion as part of the RFE response. Then, INS should agree to the change in a return letter which can be followed by the I-140 application amendment or new I-140 application.

    The I-140 filing date was Nov 2006.

    You are very correct. I have requested my attorney to change the category from EB2 to EB3. he said it can be done only as a formal request during RFE response. The attorney has requested my employer to modify the job requirement from EB2 to EB3. I think we are safe at the labor certification as it doesn't ask progressive experience. Labor is asking for Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience which I have. I have no plans to move out of H1b until I-140 is approved.

    I didn't run away. Today I was running behind my attorney and employer to save this case under EB3. I didn't fake my experience as I finished my course well before starting my first job. IO caught the discrepancy which should have been caught by my attorney long before. Just to re-iterate I never tried to expedite the process by filing under EB2. In fact I was ignorant about EB2 till the case was filed.

    I am very disappointed by the law you mentioned
    "PERM does not allow to change from EB2 to EB3"
    Can you send me some links to read more in this respect? But fact is a fact. I appreciate you pointing out things like this.
    One of my friend tole me yesterday to request DOL (dept. of labor) to request for a reclassification which should come in 3 weeks. But my lawyer said that classification doesn't happen at labor level and all it matters there is what is specified in newspaper ad and labor requirement (bachelors and 5 yrs exp).

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