Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • bomber
    08-07 07:17 PM
    Call USCIS and get your reciept number. Simple as that.

    Got the receipt numbers already, was worried about the physical receipt notice.

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  • gcsim
    05-31 02:07 PM
    Thanks to all the gurus in IV ...last week I was also being abused with these so called repos and i brought it into everyons notice....i'm so happy to see u guys taking step against them despite of ur busy schedule. thanks once again.

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  • acs_78
    05-28 09:42 AM
    I paper filed EAD to Phoenix lock box on May 14th. Checks got cashed only yesterday. Looks like it takes at least 2 weeks.

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  • abigel
    08-07 10:23 PM
    Noone is forcing them to be ehre - you are saying. And I am saying: nobody should be forcing them out, either. They are ehre because they want to be here and because they want to discuss something with other people who are here - administrative problems or philosohpical issues.

    'You should trust the organization in what they do' - you are saying. The organization should not be perceived as an abstract, 'know-it-all' deity that we, tiny humans have to blidnly follow. The organization is us collectively and we should not be following it, but leading it or at least taking it somewhere. Sometimes the road is straight and goes forward, sometimes there seem to be multiple roads that need exploring which may or may not coverge again. Sometimes the journey is not continuous and you need to stop, consult a map or a compass and realing yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. There should never be blind trust because that will sooner or later drive us all down the cliffs.

    'If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person' - that is exactly what we are doing. Throwing around ideas and discussing them amongst ourselves. Sometimes the discussion is easy and disciplined and constructive and sometimes it is hard and confrontational and destructive. I think that if it is too confrontational or too destrcutive that indicates that not all is well within the group - I would refrain from calling it an organization just yet - and the ideas are not mature or ready yet and/or the group is not really cohesive and it is really not one group. Both of which are problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. By stifling discussion and censoring out ideas that you do not like, you are doing a disservice to the entire group because the group has to discover what is the cause of the destructive confrontation otherwise it cannot successfully function and fulfill its objectives.

    For those who dont agree with what IV is doing, no one's forcing them to follow what IV does and certainly no ones forcing them to be here, but if you are here then you should at least trust the organization in what they do.

    If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person or call them... i m sure they will be glad to take it up if the idea benefits everyone and not just me or you... breaking off driving folks in different direction is not the solution, it will snow ball into a big problem.


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  • gg10004
    07-13 10:39 AM
    reliable source says July applications will be accepted until July end and everything will be current in August bulletin also.
    reliable source - lawyer knows someone on---

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  • CraigSum
    07-05 12:53 AM
    ... many IT folks and PR folks are looking at Blogs and Blog Trends like Digg. Be polite! I also sent a Thank you! E-mail to the WSJ reporter Miriam with some additional links. Let's see if we can get that ball rolling. This is going to be a slow news week, so there should be some support for us


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  • maine_gc
    08-22 01:58 PM

    All my checks got cashed today (6 of them). My I140 is pending at TSC. I don't know where my applications went and what time and who signed for it. All i know is my attorney sent my applications to be delivered on July 2nd.

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  • KKtexas
    07-17 11:38 AM

    I got my EAD card for 2 years on 7/16.

    It was paper filing on 6/22 at Texas Service center.

    I hope everybody gets EAD card in time and continue working.


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-23 01:21 PM
    USCIS has known to send straight denials even though they are supposed to send NOID when an employer revokes 140. There are many examples where people sent in ac21 or not.

    However; in just about every case it eventually got reopened. In the mean time there are many anxious moments while waiting for uscis to reopen the case (can't get ead renewed/ if outside the country wouldn't be allowed back on AP).

    USCIS sometimes takes their time reopening the case (upto 7 or 8 months). If you don't have h-1b then there is no legal basis to stay here while waiting for the case to reopen. Can't work, etc. However; if you overstay by six months and they don't reopen the case then the 3 and 10 year bars will kick in and you can kick the greencard away.

    Key thing is whether employer revokes 140. If they do then it causes anxious moments. USCIS has also started to revoke approved I-140's on their own when companies respond to rfe's on other candidates 140's (ie., ability to pay for all people together). If uscis revokes it on their own then ac21 does not protect you at all.

    I think we are confusing multiple issues here. Once the 6 month period is over where the I-140 is approved and the I-485 is pending for 180 days it does NOT matter if the employer revokes the I-140 or not. You are good to go! (Unless ur a classified terrorist or a criminal).

    The only question is, Can you still get a 3 year extention based on a I-140 that is revoked? I am thinking that may be an issue. In that scenario, you would be forced to play the EAD card.

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  • sanju
    02-11 11:29 AM
    This is a good question and let me give you a straight answer which others on this forum will not tell you. I am not sure if this is a rhetorical question or if this question is asked out of curiosity. But here are two versions of the answer to this question, so please bear with me here as I try to explain both versions.

    High skilled educated "illiterate's" version
    High skilled educated "illiterates" thinks that EAD is like green card. In July 2007 when everyone filed EADs, everyone thought that now they will get green card before the expiry of their EADs. So based on that foolish assumption, these poor illiterate folks started thinking that EAD=green card. Now the reality is setting in, and now these poor illiterate high-skilled folks have been stuck by reality check. So the real answer to EAD=green card question is setting in. And that version is -

    Real Version
    EAD is nothing like green card. EAD is a benefit of pending I-485 adjustment of status application. These is a good chance that green card application could be rejected for countless number of reasons resulting in loss of EAD privileges. As the economy worsens, this reality will set in further.



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  • Canadian_Dream
    07-13 01:56 PM
    Regardless of what your employer is doing on your behalf, you should be proactive and take appointments with law makers. You should be prepared to show that you didn't do anything wrong and now you are going through personal hardships because of this delay. Since you are willing to provide all the paper works to USCIS they should have no reason to delay adjudication. You should emphasize the fact the your application is subjected to undue delay for no fault of yours.

    According to my employer, he is going to the Senators office tomorrow to talk to them regarding my case. Got an appointment some time this week to see them on Friday. I dont know how far this is true. They already wrote a letter to them 2 weeks back. This is what my employer says. But I dont know whether he actually contacted them or not. He said he will give me further info on monday. I have to wait and see what he comes up with ( truth or some other new story) on Monday. Then I might decide to move on to a diff employer if nothing works out.

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  • prinive
    12-24 01:10 PM
    I keep on hearing about cases of 2000 and before. Good luck to your friend. I am with PD Sep 2001 and I am too mentally prepared to wait for more years..:D

    I recently came across an old friend of mine. I was shocked to hear his case. He is an original applicant EB3 India with PD of September 1998. Please note he is the original applicant and this is not labor substitution.

    Here are the details

    Sep 1998 : Applied with Texas Workforce Commision as regular Non RIR.

    Oct 2001: TWC asked to do recruitment. No action was taken on submitting results.

    October 2006 : Labor finally approved from Dallas BEC. Concurrently file I 140 and I 485.

    Jan 2007 : I 140 approved.

    Nov 2007: Took Infopass appointment. Was told case pending name check.

    This case is absolutely amazing. My friend doesnt care anymore since he recently married US citizen (genuine case ABCD). He has worked at the same company since 1998 and stuck to stupid job (non IT). My PD is August 2001 and seeing his case I am getting mentally prepared for much much longer wait.


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  • krishna.ahd
    02-18 09:24 PM
    What happens if you get laid off by your employer right after you get the green card? That's different than voluntarily leaving your employer, isn't it?
    I guess you are still eligible for unemployment benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • meridiani.planum
    05-22 03:06 PM
    my employment is terminated a month ago. I still need to file h1 transfer to the GC sponser. I am single

    I am told that H1 can be transferred only with in 10 days-20 days or so. which means that it is already a month. so in case if I dont get the h1 or if I have an issue in the H1 transfer, is that the end of my being H1.

    If I were to be on H1 again is it going to come under the cap along with those new H1 filers? I still have one and half years to complete 6 years.

    I have a fall back to EAD though based an approved 140 and 180 days past 485.

    But how do I get the spouse then???

    per my lawyer you can come back from EAD to H1 by filing a new H1 petition (if its past 6 years on H1, then you need some basis like approved I-140 or old LC). You will need to leave the US and return to activate the H1. So thats always an option if you jump to EAD.

    In your case, you can still file a H1 transfer, if it comes without an I-94 attached (meaning H1 got transferred, but status was not activated which typically happens when last H1 status ended more than a couple of weeks ago like in your case) all you need to do is leave the US and return some PoE where you will get hte new I-94


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  • sudhakar_p_v
    05-27 07:25 PM
    Hi all,
    I have sent my application for ead renewal on 05/03 to phoenix lockbox. The application was rxd. and signed for on 05/04.
    However i have not seen my checks cashed yet nor received any information from USCIS.

    has anyone else experienced delays with phoenix lockbox?
    What steps can i take now?
    please advice.

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  • krishnam70
    08-14 11:23 PM

    I just saw your signature and it seems like you just received your GC. Congrats!!!
    I am sure you feel relieved.

    It sure feels good , however i am still waiting for our son's receipt for appl filed on july 2nd :confused: so life is in limbo until it comes.



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  • msp1976
    03-27 09:36 AM
    Does anyone know whats the protocol for the Bill to be passed???

    After the Floor Debate the bill goes to White House or again there has to some measures taken from Senate???? I know there some initiative taken in Senate (last year)..

    I am just trying to check if there is any timeline on how and when this bill will be passed.. :rolleyes:

    Macaca has posted a thread explaninng the legislative process ..
    Please go through it...

    For a bill to become law...

    1. House has to pass it..
    2. Senate has to pass it..
    They might pass different versions..
    3. They have to resolve their differences through conference process.
    4. The conference report is approved by both houses..
    5. President signs it...
    The sempember timeline looks realistic...

    Please donot post the same question at multiple places...

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  • Vic
    11-20 08:49 AM
    It could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. For me - it was around 2.5 weeks from the time the status changed to "we received your response....". Plus with the Thanksgiving break - it might take a bit longer. The best thing to do here is just not to worry about it and just wait...since its no longer in your hands.

    Good luck...

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  • Dhundhun
    10-14 07:50 PM
    A 700billion$ bailout is not helping much. You think we can help the economy? We are at the mercy of the employers whose earning results are going down because of recession. :( It is hard for me to believe that we can help the economy by buying houses and how are the law makers going to get convinced? Show me the proof.

    I am not sure it is simply US$700 billions. Europe is also coming out with bailout package of US$2000-3000 billions.

    Let me take example of India: I heard someone talking India coming with Rs. 100,000 Crore (US$250 billion) bailout, some other said no it is Rs 60,000 crore. Between these talks, one airline asked for Rs 5,000 crore bailout. So follows other industry.

    So now this is economy of bailouts. I am sure several other countries also must be planning bailout. US has $10.2 trillion US national debt (FED loan), but current external debts are too much (US$16.2 trillion in 2006 ) and govt liabllities US$59 trillion. Refer to

    US economy desipte problems is so strong that all the bailouts directly or indirectly supporting business in US. So the US$700 billion is just a symbolic figure. Actual support to US economy could reach US$ 4-5 trillion through worldwide bailouts.

    03-18 07:42 PM
    code !

    07-05 10:20 AM
    Dugg 3 times:D

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