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  • adhantari
    06-16 10:04 AM
    programmers guild using same exact arguments about H1Bs......... :D so quit complaining and move on.........

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  • GC_ASP
    04-06 08:12 AM
    EB-2 Movement in May
    April 5

    Will EB-2 India will advance "substantially" in May?

    There are 18,000 persons with EB-2 priority dates in 2006 who are waiting for green cards, 13,000 of them from India.

    Given the 7% country quota, we expect the India EB-2 to move forward in May between 2 weeks and 2 months.

    * This is seems to be completely different from what they claimed "substantial" before.....:confused:

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  • sc3
    08-20 11:10 PM
    My understanding is that this is incorrect:
    In the old system any unused visa from EB3 Row would got EB1 India/China first and then EB2 -I/C and then Eb3 -I/C.

    What you described ("last few rows") is what they are following now, Einstein!!!

    [Except this piece EB1 -> older of (EB2-I, EB2-C, EB3-I, EB3-C)]

    but then the devil is in the details ain't it? The "Except this piece" is what is overwhelmingly providing EB2 the numbers, and that is what will jump start EB3 movement forward.

    I think people don't realize that Eb3-ROW is less compared to EB2-I/C and will therefore provide EB3-I numbers sooner than if we wait for EB2-I to get current.

    And sorry, I don't support nepotism, everyone should be eligible on their own.

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  • jungalee43
    11-14 11:55 AM
    I received standard reply from TSC yesterday. "In absence of A# or SRC number we are unable to locate your file. If you would like to re-submit please quote these numbers......."
    Of course I received my envelope also.


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  • kushaljn
    01-11 12:39 PM
    Interviewed on 28th dec. I got my pp stamped on 10th Jan evening. Received email from mumbai consulate on 9th morning after which a friend of mine submitted my pp and other documents + 155 INR. I called the VFS office twice and they gave me wrong information that I can come and pick up my passport after 2 days (11th).

    I took the chance of going on 10th and collecting my pp since my flight is on the 12th and luckily I got mine the same day.

    Good luck to all who are stuck with PIMS delay.

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  • jayz
    01-10 02:54 PM
    I just mailed my letter to the President, CC-ed Senators from my state, Congresswoman from my district and of course, IV. I also attached my past correspondance with the lawmakers to the letter, so they know that this has been an on-going struggle from the grassroot level.


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  • dontcareanymore
    08-07 04:17 PM
    Let's file a lawsuit against whoever started this system..LOL

    On a more serious note, Can I port my red dots to green ones after i have been in reds for like a month? I won't be surprised if someone actually starts a thread with this kinda issue here.


    Yes you can port it using AC21. IV will need to issue a new memo for it though. But your designation should be same. If you are a junior member, you need to post only as a junior member on IV forums.

    Its your choice.

    No, no ... Not a chance. We don't allow you you to port from red dots to green dots. If you want green dots, you can always start a new application (new Handle) with green dot (s). :) :)

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  • DesiGuy
    09-13 04:42 AM
    NUM USA and opponents think that the Bill was postponed and are again trying to spread lies its thier effort that got it postponed..Dont believe that lies..infact it was tactical postponement to get it passed ;)

    They are launching a misinformation campaign ..The bill has a good chance of passing..plz call

    i dont think they are doing it on purpose.......this is in their nature to jump to conclusions. jabaan pe lagaam nahi hai ;)

    they ARE (and have been) completely mis-informed on this while issue. :D


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  • nojoke
    11-26 11:32 AM
    Lost in all this is the fact that Punjabi wants to sell his house not because he cannot afford it anymore, but because he wants to move to a different city to a higher paying job and can't be bothered to take responsibility for his failed real estate venture. He could have done the ethical thing and stayed in his present job and paid off his loan but he is choosing not to. And who does he blame for his situation? The concept of the "American dream". So the fact that he wants to shirk his responsibilities in favor of foisting his own debt onto the rest of the country isn't his own fault, it's the "American Dream" that's making him do this. It's not exigent financial circumstances that are causing him to foreclose, it is greed and shortsightedness (colloquially known as "The American Dream"). Greed and shortsightedness already caused him to go 20K under the water. And they will now make him screw up his own credit history. If someone cannot learn from one mistake, I say let him keep making mistakes. He will soon find out how difficult life in the US can be if you don't have a good credit history. As for the burden on us taxpayers, hey, we've been spending 10 billion a week for the past 5 years dropping bombs on people, what's a mere 20K?

    Something tells me that it is not 20k. It would be 100K if an actual sales is attempted. Still much much lower than 10 billion a month:)

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  • Macaca
    12-05 04:46 PM
    JUAN GONZALEZ: �because I�ve been very concerned about the lack of historical understanding of the immigration battles in our country, going back to the Irish in the 1840s. Father Joseph Fitzpatrick, who was a wonderful sociologist of Fordham University, once did a study of the criminal populations in New York City in 1859, concluded that 83% of all the criminal convictions in 1859 in New York City were Irish�were Irish, not Canadian, Scotch, English or Germans or the other bulk of the population in New York at the time, but were Irish, right? Henry McLaughlin, the�

    LOU DOBBS: What in the world is your point?

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, I�m getting to my point, but give me the time to do it. We have time on this show, unlike�we don�t do soundbites here, alright?

    LOU DOBBS: No, and you certainly don�t do representative journalism, either.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Henry McLaughlin, Lou, was the guy who was the main consultant to the US Congress in developing the immigration restriction laws of the 1920s, a eugenicist who, interestingly enough, examined the facts�high crime rates among the immigrant population in the 1920s. Tuberculosis, disease, drunkenness�and these were the reasons�his studies of the population of the immigrant population were the basis upon which Congress decided on its restrictive laws to limit the number of southern Europeans, of Jews and of other nationalities that were coming into the country at the time. My point is that the issue of crime and the issue of disease has always been attempted by those who want to restrict immigration, right? But identifying�

    LOU DOBBS: Juan, you�re smarter than this. I mean�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: �with the immigrant population coming into the country.

    LOU DOBBS: You�re smarter than this. You�re better than this.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: You know, you�re doing the same thing that Henry�

    LOU DOBBS: No, I�m�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: �McLaughlin did in the 1920s�

    LOU DOBBS: Oh, you�re�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: �and the same thing that was done against the Irish�

    LOU DOBBS: Juan, if you believe that�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: �in the 1850s.

    LOU DOBBS: If you believe that, you should look into that camera and say you apologize for trying to mislead people purposefully. The reality is this. Have you ever once heard me say anything other than I have the greatest respect for illegal immigrants in this country? Illegal immigrants. Forget immigrants, illegal immigrants. Have you ever heard me say anything other than that? Have you ever heard me say anything other than, I believe that the illegal alien in this entire mess is the only rational actor? Have you ever heard me say that? Have you ever read the transcripts of my broadcasts? Do you have any�

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes, I�ve read quite a few of your transcripts. Not all of them, I have to confess. I work with�

    LOU DOBBS: Would you like to tell me? Have you ever heard me say anything other than that? Have you ever heard me say that I want to have immigration restricted? I mean, my god, man, do you have any�any�sense of fidelity to the reality?

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes, I do. And the reality is�

    LOU DOBBS: How in the world can you use my name and �anti-immigrant� in the same breath?

    AMY GOODMAN: When we hear comments like�

    LOU DOBBS: You hear�

    AMY GOODMAN: �a third of the�from you�we�ve played them, so we can�t refute the videotape, Lou.

    LOU DOBBS: Have you looked, Amy�

    AMY GOODMAN: We can�t refute�a third of prisoners are�

    LOU DOBBS: Yes. And we discussed that?

    AMY GOODMAN: �are illegal immigrants�

    LOU DOBBS: Have we discussed it?

    AMY GOODMAN: No, a third of prisoners are illegal immigrants, not true. 7,000 leprosy cases in the last three years because of illegal immigrants�

    LOU DOBBS: Christine Romans misspoke�

    AMY GOODMAN: �not true.

    LOU DOBBS: �we said that. And that�s as straightforward as we can put it.

    AMY GOODMAN: And you made an announcement on your show�

    LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

    AMY GOODMAN: �and you will say it here�

    LOU DOBBS: Absolutely.

    AMY GOODMAN: �that it is not true. Illegal immigrants are not responsible for 7,000 cases of leprosy over last three years.

    LOU DOBBS: Not over the last three years. But the likelihood is that illegal immigrants are responsible, because they are the ones who brought Hansen�s disease�

    AMY GOODMAN: �The likelihood��based on what, Lou?

    LOU DOBBS: Based on doctors at the Hansen Center,�


    LOU DOBBS: �who said that�listen to me. Hansen�s�I mean, if you guys�you guys are just ridiculous in your loss of proportion here. You�re talking about one report. But if you want to talk about it, tuberculosis and Hansen�s disease are both screened, and they are so similar in the symptoms and their presentation that doctors look for that in the screening. Without question.

    AMY GOODMAN: But as you agree now, you�re formally apologizing for having a presentation on your show�

    LOU DOBBS: I already have.

    AMY GOODMAN: �and then backing it up.

    LOU DOBBS: Wait, wait, wait.

    AMY GOODMAN: Again, this is not just one show.

    LOU DOBBS: Referring to three years, OK?

    AMY GOODMAN: So you�re saying that illegal immigrants have caused 7,000 cases of leprosy�

    LOU DOBBS: No.

    AMY GOODMAN: �over thirty years?

    LOU DOBBS: I�m saying the likelihood is that those cases of Hansen�s disease are, according to the doctors at the Hansen Center, most likely as a result of illegal immigration, because they�re not being screened.

    AMY GOODMAN: You know the fear�

    LOU DOBBS: But why contain this?

    AMY GOODMAN: Well, the reason�

    LOU DOBBS: How about tuberculosis?

    AMY GOODMAN: Let me make a point.

    LOU DOBBS: Does that concern you?

    AMY GOODMAN: Let me just say something. Let me just say something.

    LOU DOBBS: Right.

    AMY GOODMAN: The reason we�re raising these issues is not any one particular case, though I think facts matter�

    LOU DOBBS: You�re giving more focus to this issue�

    AMY GOODMAN: �because�

    LOU DOBBS: We put one report, eight seconds, and you are giving an entire broadcast to this.

    AMY GOODMAN: No. It is well more than eight seconds. But I want to make a point here. Even when you were called on it by 60 Minutes�they played a clip�you came back the next day�

    LOU DOBBS: Right.

    AMY GOODMAN: �and you continued this fallacy. But the issue is, we�re raising different issues in different spheres of American life�prisons, disease�and in each of these cases, what many people are concerned about what you�re doing, because there is no question, Lou Dobbs, you are extremely influential in this country. You are a key part of driving the debate on immigration.

    LOU DOBBS: Right.

    AMY GOODMAN: And so, I think it is important to be accurate�

    LOU DOBBS: Oh, I do, too.

    AMY GOODMAN: �to start there.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Yeah, but I think we should�

    LOU DOBBS: Have you ever made a mistake on this broadcast, Amy?


    LOU DOBBS: How many, would you say?

    AMY GOODMAN: I would say that each time it�s pointed out, we try to apologize for it.

    LOU DOBBS: So do we.

    AMY GOODMAN: And we try to correct the record.

    LOU DOBBS: And the issue is, for me, the 7,000 cases�as soon as I understood the issue was the three years versus thirty years�I mean, to me it was a�

    AMY GOODMAN: That�s not minor.

    LOU DOBBS: To me, it frankly was of no interest. The issue was 7,000 cases on the registry of Hansen�s. That was the issue I was responding to when I understood fully the three-year thing. I mean, to me, the idea was whether the registry had been brought up to date or not. No one in their right mind thought that�you know, a year, or whatever, that a thousand cases had been created.


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  • shahuja
    02-04 05:02 PM
    Please keep on updating this thread. If you have got your passport or are still waiting. The information will help others.

    Thank You.

    Today 23rd day..and still waiting for PP..
    H1B renewal at New Delhi embassy..

    singhv, are you also waiting for your pp ?? what is your case and status ?

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  • shantak
    07-10 10:07 PM


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  • pappu
    01-07 07:09 PM
    Massive IV campaign for Administrative fixes

    Dear Members,

    Immigration Voice is starting a massive campaign to get administrative relief for our community. We have had several fruitful meeting with the administration in 2007, some of these meetings were scheduled in September, November and then in December. In these meetings, we were able to convince the administration about the implication and hardship due to current broken system. Since Congress has not been able to address our issues in 2006-07, we were successful in creating a case for administrative fixes that would give much needed interim relief to EB community. These meetings helped us start a conversation on possible administrative fixes like 3 year EAD-AP, clearly defining “same or similar” if AC-21 is invoked, and we are hearing favorable feedback.

    Due to lack of action on legislative front our community’s patience is running out and we want some relief urgently to get out of probationary status. We are thus starting this nationwide campaign that will help our advocacy efforts and get administration to act quickly. There are several components to this campaign.

    1) Support from lawmaker offices: We urge all our members to meet their lawmaker offices and get them to write to The President in support of administrative fixes and urging for an immediate administrative relief. The template of the letter is attached. Letters from lawmaker offices to administration get far more attention as compared to anybody else writing the same letter. The template of the letter is posted below. Please request lawmakers to give you a copy of the letter or lawmakers could copy IV on their letter to The President. Here is a template to write to your local congressman and senator: (

    2) Support from employers: We urge all members to approach their employer and have them send a letter to The President expressing support for our administrative fixes and appealing for an immediate relief. The template of the letter is attached below. Please request your employer to give you copy of the letter so that you could provide IV with the copy of the letter.

    3) Plea from our community: We urge all our members to write personalized letters to The President directly and convey their plight. If you would like to write your own personalized letter, please do so with your own story. Make sure to stick to the administrative fixes we have listed in the letter template and how these fixes could help you and your family. Please put your name and address in your letter. Anonymous letters will not be delivered and will be discarded. We request that you create 2 copies of your letter. One copy should be posted to The President and the second copy should be sent to Immigration Voice mailbox address at –

    Immigration Voice
    P O Box 1372
    Arcadia, CA 91077-1372

    You can write your own letter or use one of the LETTER TEMPLATES below. Be sure it includes the key points.

    The deadline for receiving all the letters is 1st March 2008. Our plan is to collect thousands of letters that we will also receive in IV mailbox and deliver them, along with the letters from employers and lawmakers across the country, during our meeting with the administration. We believe that this will make a necessary impact to strengthen our case and gather the necessary political will required for administrative fixes. We will also try to get media coverage for this campaign and draw national attention.

    Please inform all your friends stuck in greencard retrogression and have them participate in this effort. Please post information about this campaign and link to this thread to as many sites, blogs you can so that we can get extraordinary scale of participation. The success of this effort will depend on the collective sincerity of the entire EB community to get letters from lawmakers, employers and members of the community. Immigration voice is counting on each and every member and it is in up to each member to make this campaign a success and help us to improve our and our families’ lives.
    Reminder: Pls mail 2 letters

    1) (copy 1)please send a separate letter to the President.
    2) (copy 2)Send a copy of that letter to IV. After the letters are sent to the President, IV will have a meeting with senior administration officials. In that meeting we will carry the copies of the letters and deliver to them.


    Pls feel free to change the text of the letter and personalize it if you wish. If you wish to include your story and attach a photo copy of your degrees, patents, awards, please do so. Just make sure to include the information on provisions we are trying to push.

    If you are handwriting the letter, your writing should be legible. If nobody can read your writing, then it will defeat the purpose. Write the letter in such a way that the key points are easy to read. If you would like to use rules, bold text, highlighters etc... go ahead and do it.

    We all need to be as creative as possible to make this campaign a success.


    Everyone that took part in the IV lobby day in September 2007 should get in touch with the lawmaker offices now and request them for letters. If you have met your local lawmaker offices through state chapters or on your own, it is time to visit them again for this request.

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  • neverbefore
    08-16 05:28 PM
    My case is at the local USCIS service center. I opened an SR on Aug 12 and got an email response encouraging me to apply for an Infopass appointment: "We have determined that your case would have a better result if you make an appointment to visit your local office, so you may speak with an Immigration Services Officer about your case."

    I now have an Infopass booked. Let's see what happens. My case is pre-adjudicated since we had an interview two years ago.

    Should it go any further this way, can anyone please explain the process of Ombudsman / Congressman / Senator et al?

    Thanks in advance.



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  • rameshk75
    09-16 04:48 PM
    finally my journey ended today !!!
    Below are my details.

    1.) priority date --> 03/30/2006
    2.) 485 approved on --> 09/16/2010
    4.) service center --> nsc
    5.) pre-adjucated yes/no --> yes
    6.) info pass yes/no --> yes (today - no help)
    7.) uscis contact yes/no --> yes(case assigned to io)
    8) service request yes/no --> yes (opened sr on 09/02/10 citing "outside processing
    time" and no updates on the case after initial filing)
    9.) contact senator yes/no --> no
    10.) recent rfe yes/no --> evl in 2009
    11.) ac-21 (employer change) no
    12.)ported case(eb3->eb2) yes/no --> no

    thanks to all the great folks at iv that helped me navigate through this journey. This has been a great forum to know the updates and issues faced by the highly skilled immigrants like us...
    It has also helped me in understanding the situation from the inception of my journey and helped me make my moves accordingly with one goal of getting gc without going through any hassles.

    And finally , i sincerely pray for all the folks in eb-3 to get some kind of relief soon, so you can get greened soon. And i would still support this great organization in what ever way i could.

    Thanks and best wishes to you all waiting :-)

    ps: For those of you who think visas are over, its not the case based on my approval received today afternoon. So hang in there, your day comes soon enough :-)

    -- congarts Reddy :):)

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  • coopheal
    08-07 10:55 AM
    Many of us are prone to extreme selfishness. You could be a numberusa guy or really frustrated EB applicant.
    Do some meditation for � hour of so. May be sanity will return to you.

    Here are the list of divisions we have
    Row vs Non Row
    Eb2 Vs Eb3
    EB2NIW Vs Eb2
    US Master vs Non US Masters
    RIR vs Non RIR
    Nurse vs others
    etc etce...


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  • Hunter
    05-11 12:10 AM
    Check John Hanity show and they will teach you the fundamentals. If employers don't earn any profits they won't do a business.


    Do you mean Sean Hannity from faux news? If that is the case, I rest my case because you are a bigger JERK than I thought. Anyone listening to Sean Hannity for anything other than entertainment must be a complete idiot. :D :D

    BTW, since you are a follower of Hannity, you may want to undergo waterboarding instead of Hannity, as he seems to have chickened out.

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  • gg_ny
    08-09 02:30 PM
    Once again the petition protesting against namecheck delays misses the point. It is unreasonable to ask the FBI to "speed up" the process, they should be allowed to take as much time as they want.

    I want to recycle all the negative adjectives you have used in your mail on your statements ;-). Please read about NNCP, FBI and related congressional hearings and statements; about the GC for a muslim known to have Hezbollah connections but missed by FBI background checks and the kind of reactions in evoked in 2002; subsequent modifications in the name check process. Also, try to understand (!) that name checks are done for ALL APPLICANTS including for Soccer Spicegirl and her hubby Bechkam when they would apply under extraordinarily talented category. FBI does not look for visa category the applicant comes under; it is not their job. CIS is mandated to have the "background" check (of which namecheck is just one of the processes) cleared for ALL gc applicants. Then how can this be independent of gc process? What if the uncleared person gets gc and then becomes persona non granta (unavailable) for deportation if the checks fail? how about the benefits (SSN etc) and immi benefits (sponsorship etc.)? what if that person becomes an elected offcier (state governor?) and then the name check fails?

    The request to speed up the name checks is truly ridiculous. Stupidity like this is what harms legal H1-B immigrants the most.

    Do you understand the reasons for the delay? Read Pappu's postings carefully: the delay is not because of namechecks not cleared; delay is mainly because the FBI analysts DO NOT GET TO YOUR FILE for many years! They claim they could not keep up with demand for name checks from gc applicatns, naturalization applicants, sometimes other visa applicants, whitehouse visitors, political appointees to less prominent positions, would-be employees of coast guard and other sensitive defense establishments etc. etc. If that is the case what is wrong in asking FBI (I dont know who is doing it though) to speed up the process for legal immigratns? $100 X 500,000 = $50M; Even if one analyst costs ~100K per year (with benefits), then do the math!

    Stupidity in any form is harmful to H1Bs. Asking for expediting namecheck (even with a fat fee) is not one of them. But putting the mouths first where the minds should have been really harms anyone!

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  • kevinkris
    11-10 05:06 PM
    Guys do it ASAP.
    It's just $1.26

    10-02 04:21 AM
    Hi All,

    My friend whose PD is Dec 30 2004 - EB2 - Texas got his approval email. But he is already in india and travelling back this Oct 12th.

    He already has valid Advanced Parole with him.

    He wants to if there are any issues for him to enter at port of entry?
    Any documents or print out of approval etc to be carried with him?

    Does he needs to tell the office that his GC got approved?

    Please help.

    no trouble he can simply re-enter on advance parole. no need to carry any proof of approval of GC

    01-24 11:41 AM
    I had the misfortune of travelling thru London in December on my way to Mumbai. After I purchased my tickets, I learnt that I need a transit visa (TV) for UK. (Who is going to tell them (UK) that they are no longer the center of attraction esp. if you have lived and worked in US). Anyway, as per the rules, you need a transit visa if you don’t have a valid US visa. (Note: If you have AP, and don’t have a valid visa, you still need a TV).

    I went to their site and did all the research to get a TV. Good god Heavens! Has anyone filled out their painful form for a TV? Besides asking the usual details, they get extremely nosy. They want to know each and everything about you. Where you work, what money do you make, name of your wife, kids and their citizenship status, name of your father and mother and where they were born, their birth date, how much money you have and where the money is (stocks, bonds, CDS) etc. etc. While filling up the form I realized that, even my future father in law did not pose so many probing questions to me. (Please note: I don’t mind answering these silly questions for a regular visa, but for the damn TV, it is certainly overkill).

    Anyway to cut the long story short. The regular cost of TV is/was $92. However, when I filled up the application form they were asking for $184. (The satisfaction of getting a good deal on the tickets was quickly evaporating). I assumed I must have made a mistake in thinking the cost to be $92 and reluctantly paid $184. Next it was time to fill the application for my wife and answer the idiotic questions again. You should have seen the “I will kill you right now” look on my wife’s face after I woke her up in the middle of night and asked details about her parents. After I filled up the form, to my surprise, now they were asking $274 for visa fees. It was already 2:00 am and I have no choice but to painfully enter my credit card details, hoping that they would realize the mistake in their recon process and would reimburse the difference. (Of course, I was only dreaming).

    It is now almost the end of January and I have still now received any money from them. I have tried sending several email to the emb(ass)y, but none of their emails work. I get bounced email for all the emails that I have used. I have tried calling them and left messages and no one has called back. I have send emails to my credit card company and the people who processed the payment and none of them have been able to help me. There is a way to talk to someone in the emb(ass)y, but you need to dial a 900 number, which BTW costs $2.49 per minute. Throwing good money after bad is not an option.

    I just wanted to share this experience with you and remind you of the pain ahead, if you are travelling thru UK and don’t have a valid US visa. Personally, even if they had charged me the regular $92, I will still use other options to travel next time. The amount of time wasted in filling the crappy application form, going to NY, (starting Dec doing your finger prints) is simply too much to handle. Visiting your motherland/fatherland is a very special occasion and all these intermediate steps certainly water down the “good feeling” that you experience during the days leading to your trip.

    I haven’t given up my quest for a refund, but now, not only I want my money back I would like to bring back home the Koh-i-noor too.

    It's very sad that you and your family had to go throught this. I was in the same boat two years back. They even fingerprint you during the transit and they have special baggage scan at India when you return. But you know what things have changed. No body cares now for them when they come to visit India. This December when I was at domestic airport(small city), the porter came to me rather than going to a firang lady. Reason : desis give more tips now, like give 100/200Rs and the goras pay 1 USD :) and they know the maths.
    Other incident, before boarding , a firang missed her baggage tag and when security lady asked for it, this firang was fuming and said it's their mistake. Now this lady cop, in her simple English said, Madam, please get out of this line, go to security check again, and get the tags, otherwise you won't be able to board the plane.
    No one treats them as VIP any more back in India.

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