Sunday, June 26, 2011

political map of europe

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  • amsgc
    06-20 02:26 PM

    The update was posted last night for members who signed up:

    Same here. GA chapter google groups member

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  • political map of europe 1939.

  • siva008
    07-17 11:49 AM
    I applied EAD Renewal on April 26 and then got RFE on May11 saying that they need 2 photos, I have send them and they resumed process on May 20th. Finger prints done on May28th.

    Recenly I called USCIS and I requested for expedite, but today again they sent me RFE, I dont know what is this for I am waiting for hard copy.

    if any on is in this situation please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance

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  • desi3933
    03-19 05:49 PM
    Looks like you got angry.Everybody knows H1 requirements as much as you do.Do you think are the only one who is smart in this world.I don't think so.

    Thanks for sharing your "2 cents" opinion. I understand this is coming from a person who used the term slave for his H-1 job condition.

    You haven't answer me the question"What if your H1 is denied once you started working with out its approval" which I replied in your first post.

    If H-1B is denied, then you are out of luck. For that reason, I have mentioned that file H-1B premium, and join the new job after H-1B approval and you will have "peace of mind" in that case.

    Also you have replied me that H1B is not for speculative job.If it is true then what is the need of H1 Change of employer.Can you inform USCIS to remove this option.

    Read for yourself and get en-lighted. ation%20or%20Fashion%20Model%20%28H-1B%29/Decisions_Issued_in_2008/May302008_01D2101.pdf
    [From the pdf link] ensure that alien beneficiaries accorded H status have an actual job offer and are not coming to the United States for speculative employment.

    When your H1 got approved first time the same USCIS verified your Educational certificates.Why they want to do the same verification again and again?

    It is more than just educational qualification. The job has to be specialty occupation and employer has to define job duties in detail. Each H-1B petition is treated independently.

    I advice you to read [dot com] articles which sometimes point out that USCIS document were not clear

    Lawyers are entitled to opinion as well, just like anybody else. After all they are running business. FYI, I am not on visa anymore.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • chintu25
    07-09 03:15 PM
    I am with you keep mne posted I can volunteer with any help required for the same I am from Canton Cell 405-627-8217


    political map of europe. images political map of europe
  • images political map of europe

  • bugsbunny
    05-05 12:43 PM
    BB: Mind pointing out what exactly is suspicious about me or my question?
    And Grrrrr why only for the benefit of "others"? And I thot we were "friends"..

    the suspicious part was the "utter rascals"

    lol u asked the question...i was politely restating it for others

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  • number30
    03-18 02:32 PM
    Here is my situation, someone please suggest me:
    I am using EAD to work for my GC sponsoring company and I got laid off. My HR says that they are going to inform USCIS that I am no longer working for them. HR also says that they won’t cancel my approved I-140 and going to rehire me once I get the new project.

    My question:

    When I joined them there is information to USCIS.I just filled I-9 form and gave it to the company, no information to USCIS. Now when I got terminated what is the need for the company to inform this to USCIS? Anyhow I am going to join them once I get the new project in couple of months. Is it a new law? Will there be any problem at the POE if travel outside US and come back using AP? Is there any chance that USCIS sends me RFE?

    Thanks In Advance

    If you are not on H1 there is no reason to inform the USCIS. Make sure that they are not including your I-140 receipt number or A#.

    Actually informing that you do not have a job is sufficent to revoke your I-140.


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  • pagalForGC
    06-30 04:47 PM
    Thanks Ivar for your reply.

    Ivar, thanks for the info. I am thinking of applying for porting now.How long does it typically take to process. Also was there any audit you are aware of that came for your case?
    I do not have master's degree but I have 10+ years of experience and my job requirements are also for managing a team etc.

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  • ps57002
    12-19 06:06 PM
    I don't know much about Labor Subs to answer...what I did notice is that your lawyer is through company...not going to generalize, but with company lawyers you really should question them and not believe totally what they say....meaning do your own research too. Company lawyer's are interested in keeping employees longer at company and can sometimes push you to do things to cause that. I don't know why you can't have 2 I 140's. But withdrawing your first one would invalidate your 485/ead and depending on your priority date (which would be 2007/2008) and country of birth, you may not have a chance to apply for 485 for a long long time (meaning stuck in same job for long long time...). Again I don't know much about labor subs, my advice is to do your own reasearch, get answers, opinions, and not just take company's lawyers word on everything.


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  • anilsal
    09-28 11:19 PM
    With premium processing starting/started for EB2, imagine the speed at which non-premium cases will be dealt with.

    NSC has historically been slow.

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  • DSLStart
    05-25 07:59 PM
    Abhinandan! apni-i bijoyee :D

    Memorial day became memorial for me.
    Woke up late today and the first Email which I checked today says this ;-) :

    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: SRC07******


    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On May 23, 2009, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


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  • msp1976
    10-19 04:19 PM
    Not really, broadly speaking lack of information can never be a benefit to consumer. (Read: hidden clauses in agreements). It might be that they have been doing that and we don't know. You will ONLY know if you apply for another H1B transfer or any other application say I-140/I-485 with new employer and then USCIS MIGHT tell you that your I-140 is revoked on MM/DD/YYYY and you are no longer in valid H1B status since then. That would be too late and it is not retroactive. Remember that onus is on you to maintain valid H1B status all the time during the period of H1B. Once again I am not saying what I mention above is the correct interpretation of law, but in the absence of any clarify it can be one of the implication.

    well...The history is that USCIS did release the proposed regulation dealing with all these back in 2002 if I remember correctly..Then there was a comment period...They got so many comments...that after that they did not even bother to publish the regulations in the federal register...That was the last heard of it....Now the only time when the issue of these regulations can possibliy come up is when there is a leadership change in USCIS...Any our fate would depend on who is in control of USCIS at that particular instance...

    But this sword would fall some day..I donot know when..I donot know if it would fall on us....or we would just steer clear....The thing is that there is a lot of resistance to changes in status quo both inside USCIS and AILA...
    Well AILA would want the status quo to continue....Them lawyers are making money of us anyway.....

    I am in US last 7 years...The career is stagnant..No sign of GC anywhere....I am very despondent...But then what else is new ???

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  • go_guy123
    05-09 09:59 AM
    This is why I said 221G is a good initiative. Even if people have to suffer a little bit, full check is needed for every visa stamping and every green card application.

    221g is become a unwritten norm in India, sort of like putting roadblocks. The whole visa system was based on "Honor" system but cheating became rampant. Thus the unfortunate need to use unusual measures like 221g

    There was a time when marriage to US citizens for GC was used and abused like anything and some US citizen made it their profession (still happens now but lot lesser). Then in 1986 they added a 2 year wait period for GC permanency for GC based on marriage to USC and whole bunch of penalty rules for abuse. They are talking of introducing this even for Canada now (with conservative majority might happen)


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  • yabadaba
    10-19 08:11 AM
    India stats

    Perm between 1/1/2006 and 10/1/2006 - 15007

    China stats

    Perm between 1/1/2006 and 10/1/2006 - 4152

    ROW stats

    Perm between 1/1/2006 and 10/1/2006 - 31638

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  • payur
    07-11 07:55 AM
    Its is always advisable to file the petition as AILA clearly stated that they are going to identify "class" of people. The court may or maynot give benefit for all classes .so better file and be in the "Best Class" where if AILA wins the case you will get benefited ,Dont be penny foolish as if you already spent money in getting other stuff ..what you are loosig in 1 grand for attorney fee , ( think of desi employers who gets 2 grands every month on you )

    Also with todays's rumor some thing positive is in pipeline ..even july VB flip-flop also started as a rumor

    Thanks for the info. Mine is already filed FYI. I am trying to help my friends you missed the boat due to Attorney's inefficiency to file it at the right time and employers greed.


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  • kunallen
    01-24 08:32 PM
    Thank you for the replies, I think I won't do anything further for the I140. I will try to get my H1B first. I am wondering in my case, will my H1B application be rejected due to the "I140 filed when F1"?

    Thanks again for the help!

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  • kramac01
    08-24 11:15 AM
    We got our EAD in the mail today - We are late June filers (29th June) and got our receipt numbers last week, - I have some q's-

    -Can one get EAD without completing FInger printing? In the finger priniting colum on the EAD it says - not available, Would that matter?
    -How does one activate his/her EAD?
    -Have any other late june filers already got their EAD?


    I have a question. Did u see any LUDs in the USCIS website before you got EAD? I got FP notice but i didnt see any LUD change. I am also waiting for EAD.
    My service center is Nebraska. Please reply.


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  • political map of europe 1939.

  • anilsal
    10-12 12:02 PM
    there was one person who went to the airport to get the I-94 corrected. Wrong date was entered or such.

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  • stuckinretro
    09-25 07:54 AM
    So you got the receipts without the checks getting enchased? Ddid any one who were sent to CSC did not get their checks enchased but recieved receipts?

    got my receipts from CSC, filed at NSC, details in signature
    checks not yet cashed, no receipt for 131.

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  • sundeep14
    04-03 10:31 AM
    This is a very good PDF on USCIS website..AILA has many rights to demand explaination from USCIS...they do ask questions about EAD extension etc...

    We should figure out a way by which AILA demands answers from USCIS regarding using the 140K wasted visas because of slow processing...

    IV Seniors/Organizers....any inputs on this?

    03-27 01:34 PM
    Guys, Sen. Reid has the power and will to make this one goes through.
    I was told that Sen. Pelosi did not directly endorse the bill, but she is fine with amnesty bills. I think we may finally see something cooking. If we don't, then chances are we need to wait till 2009 !!

    gsc u r a lil confused

    speaker pelosi is the head of the house of representatives (Lok Sabha) with Steny Hoyer serving as majority leader in the House and Senator Reid is the majority leader of the Senate (Rajya Sabha). The president of the senate is the VP

    Both have floor schedules and have issues that need to be debated on. the bill has to pass in both houses..either with the exact same wording or alternate text that will be reconciled in conference committee

    10-19 11:19 AM
    "But make sure that your to-be-used I-140, PD must have captured."

    Not sure what this means?
    What it means that when you apply your 2nd I-140, make sure you request for PD porting as well.

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