Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • abh
    08-01 02:19 PM
    I got to know about your similar case from other thread. Please answe to my private message.

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  • jfredr
    06-15 02:24 PM
    I will check with them

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  • styrum
    05-30 07:41 PM
    way to go... What optimism!!!

    Guys instead of being a pessimistic, lets all be optimistic and hope for the best case scenario.
    I am optimistic. I have a US Masters in Physics and have worked for 5 years here. The F4 grandfathering is my big hope. I just explained "why"...

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  • ganguteli
    06-25 01:18 PM
    I am asking people to think before acting.

    I am not opposing webfax. I am opposing webfax you are sending to promite illegals. These organizations are going to use you to market them self. Secondly nobody is going to read your fax if you even change the words.
    Organizations supporting illegals will do nothing for legals.
    If you think that by changing the words , you can use their fax to spread your message, then why dont you go to anti-immigrant websites and change their words and send faxes to support legals. You will not do it because you know anti-immigrant is written on top of the fax.
    So why do you want to become a puppet of someone else.

    psaxena if you really want to do something, how about collecting the names of all the people in the meeting and post their phone numbers on the forum. Then tell us what to say and we will all call their offices now.


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  • WillIBLucky
    02-08 11:15 AM
    You wont be watching the visa bulletin after 12 years as by then you have got you GC or you are back in your home country since your patience would run off by then.

    Whatever be the case, its better to forget keeping a track of when the Visa "sad News" Bulletin is going to come and predict.

    Good Luck!

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  • alok
    04-09 01:33 AM
    In my view It is as important as anything else for a EB organization. We should
    especialy be careful with hard country limit and other related issues, It can take a turn for worse and end up EB organizations with different national backgrounds fighting for a slice in a pie rather than getting it bigger enough to hold everyone.

    Ethnic diversity is good for IV, and we should encourage everybody to join regardless of their origin!

    AAPI is not an EB related organization - it is a professional organization like the AMA, but all of its members are of Indian origin!

    AAPI and its President agreed to this role / endorsement after they were approached for their support. Some doctors who are members of IV, are also members of AAPI. In return, they will not be getting anything - what can IV give an organization that is over 25 years old? Their meetings are attended by all kinds of lawmakers - including Presidents (of the US)! It would be foolish to not want their help - but then IQ scores are not a prerequisite for posting on IV Forums!

    BTW, only docs who are affected are from India & China - all docs fall under EB2! (And, also STEM!)

    FYI - doctors who worked to advance IV's goals travelled on their expense, even cross-country, to attend an AAPI meeting and it proved very fruitful in many ways to advance IV's causes. When this meeting was being held, the STEM provisions had already been included in all drafts - and these docs did not need to do anything else! Yet, these docs travelled to try & advance all of IV's goals!

    If somebody has objections to country quota limit removal - take it up with the Core group & rest of IV!

    We need help from everybody in this fight! AAPI can only help IV, not the other way around!

    I do not understand these misgivings about AAPI's endorsement at all - am I missing something? This endorsement came after a lot of effort from a lot of people, and was actually initiated at the request of key members of the Core Group!


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  • mrane1
    08-25 01:10 AM
    Tell your parents to get an agent who does these things. They normally sit outside the registration office. You might have to give extra money, apart from their regular "fees" but you can get it done! Heck with enuff money you can get a marraige certificate for George and Laura Bush!:D

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  • rc0878
    09-20 09:07 AM
    Please check my signature!!!!


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  • rbharol
    08-07 04:23 PM
    How to find jobs in canada.
    It seems very hard.
    I have been trying through workopolis but no success.

    Can somebody help?

    I am in US with Masters degree and 10 years of exp in the field of firmware and embedded software.

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  • ivar
    03-12 09:54 AM
    I asked my lawyer same question... and she said you can port from EB3 to EB2 using same labor but employer has to withdraw approved I-140 first and this is really dicey.

    Best option is to file new PERM + new I-140 and then port the PD

    I am going to file a new PERM and new I-140. Assuming the time taken to get new PERM approved is 1 year or 1.5years and than to file new I-140 and to get I-140 approval is going to take a long long time. So my question was after getting the new perm approval can we file new I-140 along with the copy of old approved I-140 from another company or I have to wait to get my new I-140 approved inorder to port priority date. My older I-140 also belongs to EB2 category and new PERM application will also be in EB2.



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  • bkam
    04-13 02:31 PM
    Hi Learning01,

    I did not want to "steal" your idea about publicity of the problem back in our countries. I just developed and enhanced the idea :-)

    And I do not think we should be ashamed of the fact that this great country screwed us and made more than half a million highly educated and trained people (spouses included) chasing for a decade a mirage called GC and looking like idiots.

    For example, I came here on L1 visa (intra-company transfer) in the beginning of 2000 - very big international company with big presentation in the States. The initial information I had from colleagues and management was that permanent residence can be taken in certain reasonable period, providing that you worth it. I did my part of the deal, my company management also did their part but the US government changed the rules of the game and I got screwed.

    Shall I be ashamed because the US government does his best to kick me and another half a million like me out of the country? Definitely not, that is not my fault! Neither should be the rest of of the legal immigrants caught in the mud created by US agencies. Our applications gather dust in DOL offices without reply for years and we should be ashamed of that ?! One of the ways we can pay back for this "favor" is to tell the thrue story to the world - honesly and openly.

    In fact I believe that the US government should feel ashamed of the mess they created.

    My 2 cents :-)

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  • pm1010
    08-07 04:31 PM
    US - 8th year H1 , Approved I-140 , EB3 RIR PD April 2003 waiting for visa numbers.

    Canada - I had PR Document (no PR Card in those days) , i am assuming i might have lost the status now. Tired to establish in Canada while working in US during Year 2000, couldn't do it for long.

    Coming to Detriot -Windsor , i olny did it for a few weeks , Here's my Exp -
    toomuch hassle everyday, extensive questioning in the border, delays and issue with Income /property tax / on both the sides, etc etc..

    So i thought for a while and decided it doesn't worth the pain.

    Stayed back in the US with a hope to get GC (before i have to get a sponsorship from my US born kid) and never been to canada since then.


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  • humdesi
    12-15 04:18 PM
    Legalese was never my strong point. Which part says that EB-1 unused must go to EB-2 of same category, and then to EB-3?

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  • paskal
    08-13 11:39 PM
    Good to see nice welcome gesture from you.

    You did not earn red comments were more on humane side to not worry too much about anything.
    You are right, we need to be cautious, lest things go wrong and feel sorry later. You (IV) all are doing great work. I love this site.

    I fully agree with you we all are frustrated with this mess, but my idea is...For many things as many can go wrong....there will be equal if not more things turning right.

    Off is a question for you, how does one becomes a member from junior member and so forth.

    take care

    these honorific titles- junior member/member/senior member represent nothing but the number of posts a member has written. you become a senior member automatically at 100 posts. the red/green squares by your name on the other hand represent the other member's opinions of your posts.


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  • webm
    10-19 08:21 AM
    Thanks for the update...

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  • seshuvaidehi
    09-20 01:16 PM
    I got my checks cashed today and got ALL receipt numbers.


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  • glus
    01-24 12:29 PM
    exactly, and also, each member could add a signature to his posts to show his contributions and related items. This will not add any work to the IV, who is focusing on the imm relief now....


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  • desi3933
    03-18 10:36 AM
    He will be out of status. Your 3 year extension beyond the allowed 6 years is based on that LC/I-140 from which your I-485 was filed. If the I-485 is rejected you have no right to stay beyond 6 years....

    Total BS and Incorrect.

    One can work on current H-1B (irrespective on basis it was approved), until the H-1B petition is revoked or canceled or expired. However, beneficiary is not eligible for new/extension of H-1B after I-485 denial.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • jase21
    03-18 07:42 PM
    code !

    03-27 04:43 PM
    gsc u r a lil confused

    speaker pelosi is the head of the house of representatives (Lok Sabha) with Steny Hoyer serving as majority leader in the House and Senator Reid is the majority leader of the Senate (Rajya Sabha). The president of the senate is the VP

    Both have floor schedules and have issues that need to be debated on. the bill has to pass in both houses..either with the exact same wording or alternate text that will be reconciled in conference committee

    The title of this thread is discussion on Senate floor in May 14-21, no confusion about that. Reid will schedule the debate not Pelosi. I don't know if you have even read the article quoted here? It clearly mentions Hoyer in House and Reid in Senate. If nat23 had said why is Hoyer driving the agenda in house and not Pelosi? That would make perfect sense but how can Pelosi drive Senate agenda. My response was to that point. If you still argue that, I think you might need to clarify things at your end.

    Also, the example you cite isn't appropriate to the context because both Indian Lok Sabha and the British House of Commons have a non-partisan Speaker. He resigns from his primary party as soon as he becomes the speaker. This is not the case in US congress, speaker of the US house of congress is a partisan leader. The implication is that Hoyer, even though a majority House leader may not drive the agenda and this connects to the point made earlier: Pelosi vs Hoyer not Pelosi vs Reid.

    06-18 12:15 PM
    It appears that most of the one sided agreeements mentioned above are not legal. For eg if in ur offer letter u have 2 weeks of notice period from your side and company says they can termniate you without any notice period then its not legal.

    I think only 2 side agreements are legal and all other agreements even if you sign are not legal.

    (pls confirm with ur lawyer ...)

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