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  • dealsnet
    07-01 11:44 AM
    My friend is also with Ron, and he is highly satisfied. My lawyer before is a Desi woman in New York. I am upset with her most of the times. Final RFE reply for my wife's (I-485) is send by me and got approved within a week. (lawyer asked me big $$$)
    I didn't know Ron when I started my labor process.

    My recomendation to everyone to go to Ron Gotcher to avoid headaches.

    Been with Ron Gotcher for over 5 years now. Never ever had a problem. The best thing is you can talk to him or his son anytime regarding any immigration issues. I had lots of H1 issues with my current employer and he was gracious enough to talk to my employer several times and help them out without charging me a penny. I would highly recommend him.

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  • optimist
    06-22 01:34 PM
    ...The idea is to have atleast a few solid evidences and then add in the rest but dont clutter the whole thing in a way that they miss the most important ones...

    I agree with what thomachan72 says. You are better off sending only the necessary documents to keep your case crisp, instead of confusing the adjudicator with reams of paperwork. I don't think you need to write a letter explaining non-availability of experience letter. I certainly DO NOT recommend bringing up the bond and other disputes with your previous employer.

    Like you discovered yourself, your case got an RFE because of the missing document. With all the affidavits, paystubs and offer letter you have a clean case. Don't mess it up by giving too many unncessary documents.

    Good luck to you, my friend.

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  • GCard_Dream
    11-30 09:02 PM
    I am sure lot of us who are stuck in this GC mess like you can relate to your frustration and must be looking for a backup plan. There are certainly other attractive options like you mentioned if one does decide to jump ship and frankly I have done the same. Should this GC issue not get resolved in a reasonable amount of time, I am fully prepared and ready to jump off of GC wagon. I suggest we all do that.


    The reality is that we are just being played upon by the companies and the US govt regarding green cards. Employers know that we are not going to budge from our jobs to maintain the coveted priority date and the government is in no big hurry to reform the system as they can collect taxes from us without being accountable to us.

    I think Democrats are also going to drag the immigration issue as seen by the article below :,CST-EDT-Perez28.article

    I do not mean to doubt IV, but the writing is on the wall that our lobbying efforts are not going to go too far.

    For all of you single people out there, the only fastest option is to marry a US girl/guy. For all those who are married, the choices are simple, forget the American dream and adopt a Canadian or Australian dream or endure the uncertainty of a green card application.

    I have reached the conclusion that I cannot bear this uncertainty any more and therefore, I am pursuing other options. Ciao...Good luck to all those waiting for a GC!

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  • Munna Bhai
    10-16 11:45 AM
    Hi ,
    I received RFE on my I-131 application asking for all the I-94's that is being issued to me.

    I had been in and out of US many times and there's lot if I-94's involved and I don't anything with me except the latest. What options do I have?... Also couple of times during my earlier trip (initial visits in US), the AIR Line didn't even take the I-94 from my Passport which ultimately I lost.

    My Passport has all the entries indicating my Date in and Date out...

    Gurus - What do you advise on my case...

    Anybody's input are highly appreciated and I know we could somehow get the I-94 copies by requesting USCIS. (That is time consuming)... I have to respond in next five to ten days...

    What options do I have?...


    Your issue is that airline didn't took I-94 and that doesn't match with what uscis has. So be honest and give them whatever you have.


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  • Lou_Sifffer
    04-16 01:20 PM
    you need to be old enough to carry on a convo like adults with full words, not slang, etc.

    most states allow people to get work permits at certain ages, to work after school and such.

    If it is your parent's company, then no age limits apply.

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  • jkamel5
    07-11 12:55 PM
    Thanks for advice. Yes my last M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the USA.
    Could you please clarify what "find out NIW holders in your / related engg field"? How can I find out?
    Do you believe EB2-NIW is easier than EB1-OR?
    Thank you,

    Your situation is slightly different than many I have come across. If your qualifications, research work, project etc have unique qualities, then you may still have a fighting chance. But you may have to do a lot of homework: find out NIW holders in your / related engg field, ask a few lawyers: do not believe right away if somebody promises they could, try to enroll in as many professional associations as possible, enlarge your skill portfolio etc.

    BTW, is any degree of you from US?


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  • nandakumar
    04-04 03:05 PM
    I really appriciate the work of the core members.

    i actively particiapted in the tech workers yahoo group, irrespective of hard work by many it failed to make a huge impact, probably because of lack of clear leadership & focus but in the case of IV, the core team's active role and leadership makes our voice being heard in the media and in the US congress.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • belmontboy
    07-13 07:14 PM
    "Yesterday, we described potential four options for the DOS and the USCIS. Unconfirmed sources indicate that the last option appears to be "out." ...."

    And the last option is ....
    "The fourth, which is important but difficult, option might be to change its rule to permit I-485 application, I-765 employment authorization application, and I-131 applications for the foreign workers and their spouses and children if the foreign workers have obtained the labor certification approvals."

    So if this rumour is true, then no EAD's & AC21 after I-140 and before 485 :(


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  • skc526
    02-13 07:47 PM
    After some procrastination, finally i will be posting the mails out tomorrow. You guys are doing great jobs. I will talk around to my friends to send out too.:)

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  • Pagal
    02-25 01:05 PM
    Can you share which application this was for?

    It is Adjustment of Status (AOS) application for the I-485 that my company/lawyers filed in 2007 August.


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  • car lil wayne bugatti.

  • GC_hope_2006
    01-28 07:40 PM
    Thanks to all your inputs. It was really helpful.

    I crossed the border - Blaine, WA to reenter Canada as PR. I went inside the US CBP office at the Border to complete my Car export process. I asked the CBP officer in charge for the export processing about returning my I-94. He took it from me and talked to the CBP officers managing the entry/exit procedures. Not sure what they talked as the line for export processing is far away from the regular line for immigration process. I saw the officer leaving the I-94 in one of the tables but nothing was entered in the system at that time. I asked the export officer if I need to do anything else and he said I am good to go.

    I have no way of knowing if my exit from US was properly recorded. Hopefully, the US customs seal on my Car Title and other paper work I got from the Canadian side along with my residency (DL in BC) docs should help me to prove my stay outside US when I go for stamping next time/enter US POE. Keeping my fingers crossed till I enter US next time!

    Thanks once again for all the help.

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  • pappu
    05-01 11:56 AM
    During the Fox news channel interview of Aman Kapoor, I heard the issue of Drivers licence renewal mentioned. I have heard that people who have one year or less than one year on their work permit have difficulty getting renewals.

    Is that true and if yes, is it in every state?
    Has IV mentioned this issue with the senetors etc as part of the backlog and retrogression issue?

    Pls. post more details if you know. It would help us to be more aware and educated about this issue so that we can address this with more details when we contact other people and our employers.


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  • waiting4gc
    06-14 07:02 PM
    We should file 485 but lets keep our eyes on this and start action as soon as we know what is going on. Filing 485 will not gain you much if they add some amendment which nullifies EAD extention or something like this.

    So lets get ready for the next round of faxes, phone calls and PLEASE CONTRIBUTE...

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  • tnite
    07-19 09:29 AM
    Unless you want a RFE get a new affidavit. It might take a day or 2 to get it from India but its worth it.

    my 2 cents..


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  • lunatic
    05-17 07:46 PM
    got database?


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  • rock2999
    07-19 09:54 AM
    Could you please email me (to formats of affidavits for birth certificate.

    one from parents
    and the other from a close relative

    I will be grateful yo you for ur help!!!


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  • milind70
    11-07 10:35 AM
    If you resign you will loose your PD and thus GC. The only option is leave of absence.

    What school in France did you get into? ( just curious)

    This is incorrect !!! GC is for future employement and current employement has got nothing to do with this.

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  • sjhugoose
    January 30th, 2004, 11:32 AM
    If Paul's hunch that we'll see the 1Ds' successor by September is correct, then we might see cheaper 1D-II bodies prior to that.

    As for the Kodak, it certainly has the resolution, but it doesn't seem as if it's generating much enthusiasm. The 1Ds (with less pixels) OTOH has. Removing the very expensive anti-aliasing filter was probably not Kodak's greatest moment.

    I think the Kodak has alot more problems than just AA problems!!!

    And any time a product drops by 50% in 1 year its normally not a good sign


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  • vactorboy29
    03-03 03:56 PM
    At what stage will my current job description be matched to the Job description in my Labor or I-140?

    My I-140 is approved foralmost a year now and I had enquired with USCIS a few month ago and they told me my Name check has also been cleared and my case is just waiting I-485 adjudication when visa numebrs are available. I thought when my Priority date becomes current, I will get my GC seamlessly unless there is an RFE.

    Also, is there any documentation that states 50% job description match? This is the first time i'm hearing this criteria. I do understand that if I work as Mechanical engineer, I should not chnage my job to a Software engineer...but will getting a Mechanical Engineering job in a totally different industry be a problem?

    Thanks again for your time.

    Once you invoke AC21 .You may get rfe where your new employment detail will be verify by adjudicator assigned to your case against Perm application. This is very subjective matter depends and how uscis handle your case. I think 50 % matching requirement is not written any where, it is just common practice .No one can expect us to match 100 % job requirement with old labor petition.
    Mostly watch for your EB2 requirement with your job description. Here is the DOL web site link which talks about job description comes under that code.

    12-10 02:35 PM
    Why should a drivers license be used as an ID ?

    Even if it is an ID, it should NOT be linked to immigration status.
    An ID says this photo and details are of the person holding the ID. It is meant to "identify" a person NOT for checking the immigration status.

    If someone needs to check the immigration status, they should ask for immigration documents rather than a general purpose id.

    All american nonsense ! :rolleyes:

    01-19 11:08 AM
    People do not buy house to sell it. They buy it so that they can live for a long time. And when you do not know how long you are going to stay in this country(because of immigration issues) then why would they buy. There is something called closing cost, who will pay them if you have to sell?

    Yes Sir, very true: "People do not buy house to sell it". I am not suggesting that you buy a house and sell it, I am suggesting that in case you plan on buying the house .. don't get intimidated by the bad immigration experience of few folks. My point is that in worst case scenario, if you have to go back to India (which is less than 1% chance), there are ways to deal with house situation.

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