Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • mohican
    01-13 04:01 PM
    I assume others have got this too...please share next steps. I assume MTR is one of them. I have attached the jpeg file.

    What happens after sending letters to the ombudsman?
    Is it necessary to have MTR before sending to ombudsman?


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  • little_willy
    11-10 01:38 PM
    Just mailed the letters (4 each) for me and my wife. Thanks for the initiative guys....

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  • gbof
    08-18 10:18 AM
    Just received those beautiful, long waited CARDS, checked for accuracy and 'm time:D:D, It took 12 days from date of approval/CPO...

    ya, these come with a 'pouch' for storage & pamplet 'Welcome to United States: A Guide for New Immigrants'

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  • pappu
    06-20 04:07 PM
    some tips from Susan Henner:

    Although the principal employment-based categories are current for
    future retrogression is indeed possible later this fiscal year,
    if demand for immigrant visas increases substantially. Visa numbers
    retrogress in the middle of a month and become unavailable without any
    notice. If there is a mid-month retrogression, USCIS could elect to
    accepting adjustment applications. While this is unlikely to occur in
    2007, it becomes more and more possible as the fiscal year progresses.

    It seems that cases not completed before any future retrogression will
    held in abeyance until priority dates again become current. Having an
    adjustment on file, even if the case is in abeyance, allows for
    of work authorization and advance parole, and may be particularly
    in circumstances where there are children who may reach the age of 21
    the process.

    An applicant for adjustment of status MUST be in the United States in
    to be eligible to file. Overseas spouses of adjustment applicants
    be encouraged to enter or reenter the United States as soon as possible
    order to be included in the principal's adjustment application.

    H-1B and L-1 nonimmigrants may maintain H or L status while their
    of status applications remain pending.

    Whenever possible an adjustment application should be filed
    with an I-140. This is permitted as long as the visa priority date is
    current. Even if priority dates retrogress after filing, the I-485
    will be
    placed in abeyance and remain pending, although it cannot be approved
    the priority date is current again. Yet extensions of work
    and advance parole may be obtained during this period.

    It may be advisable to file I-140s by premium processing if available
    the employment-based immigrant category. This may hasten the issuance
    of an
    approval and may also increase the possibility that an adjustment
    application could be approved and an immigrant visa number captured
    prior to
    the end of the current fiscal year or before any future visa


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  • Meghna
    05-16 08:16 PM
    [QUOTE=Das73]It's always a good practice to take a receipt notice of any action done by your lawyer & keep that for your records.

    When you apply for EAD, soon USCIS will ask you to do fingerprints(BIO-2). I think you missed that part and it might be denied or void as it was left for so long!

    You can file for new EAD online at rms&timestamp=1127234762990

    Create your account & you can file your self with out lawyer's assistance. It's always suggested to file EAD(I-765) & AP(I-131) jointly. You can pay by credit card.
    (1) After applying online, you will receive 'Receipt notices' of EAD & AP.
    (2) Now a days USCIS will set up an apointment for BIO-2 of EAD.
    (3) You have to send supportive documents for Advance Parole, like photos,brief explanation of qualifying for AP...I can give you those sample formats !

    Coming to I-485 BIOMETRICS, call USCIS & ask them about BIO. Go to this website & register You must add I-485,EAD,AP & I-140 receipt numbers like LINXXXX and you will get emails when they get approved. You can also see the changes on 'LAST UPDATED' column, which means your case is touched by an officer. But it's not the confirmation of approval until status message has changed or you got an email.

    Go thru these 2 links & familiarize well. Hope your I-140 has approved. Finally these are suggestions only & I am not a lawyer. Consult an immigration lawyer if you have uncanny issues.
    Goo Luck.

    Thank you for your reply Mr.Das

    1) My I 140 was approved
    2) I just got my Bio appointment and i am all set with that. i received 1 week after the appointment date but we just walked in and got Bio with out any problem.
    3) MY EAD is the only problem
    As i mentioned it has been almost 2 years and its still pending. i gave my biometrics at that time and i received my AP for me and my husband. My husband (dependent) got ead but not me :confused:

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  • WeldonSprings
    09-24 04:43 PM
    Also, take a point to note that after August 2007, the overall volume has decreased drastically. Economy was good from Sept. 2007 to Aug. 2008, but still countries who were current, did not file as amany EB1s and EB2s compared to previous years.

    Also, another point to note is that government came out with this data at this moment, because this will instill a ray of hope in every EB individual on their future prospects due to reduced filing from Sept. 2008 onwards.

    If, the government came out with the same data, one year back, we would be VERY depresssed, won't we?

    So, there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

    All the calculations are based on the following assumptions

    a)Number of EB2(ROW) Labor approval from PERM would be in the range of thousands, say maximum 5000.
    The reasons are
    1) Increased Audit and backlog built by PERM system
    2) Bad Economy.
    b) Spillover to EB2 would benefit india more than China.

    But even if 50% of pending PERM are cleared this year then the # of EB2 would be more.

    So every EB2 should pray that the PERM system should work in the same pace for next 1 year.


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  • gg10004
    07-09 07:07 PM
    The message no longer appears on USCIS portal now.
    I think they are reading our portals:)

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  • buckeye98
    09-24 09:56 PM
    add me to the R.Williams list

    buckeye98 - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM

    I am really frustrated now. Whats the use of my doing every effort to make sure my application reaches the first day. Why is USCIS receipting cases from August when so many july 2 filers are still waiting? Should we all send some inquiry into our cases together?


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  • sheela
    09-25 09:20 AM
    I called FBI yesterday and asked for FP results. I was told they sent it to uscis and I saw LUD. Question is:

    1) Does finger-printing & name check go together?
    2) When FBI sends it to uscis does it mean nc/fp cleared?.

    Any thoughts on this?

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  • puddonhead
    06-18 01:08 PM
    Thanks for putting your point of view. No more discussion from my side.

    Good Luck for your green card.


    Thanks for your wishes and best of luck for you too.


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  • amsgc
    06-16 02:34 PM
    I do not have any number in Beneficiary box.

    Does that mean I do not have an A#?

    Is this an issue?

    Will appreciate your response.

    Well, I am no lawyer, but IMHO, it should not be an issue. Several people have posted comments regarding the A# and have found that some have it, some don't.

    There is a post somewhere that explains different types of A#. I am still a bit fuzzy on this.

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  • hazishak
    09-16 10:00 AM


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  • rajsat
    10-01 11:59 PM
    both notices say september 28th

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  • intbuz
    08-19 02:36 PM

    is it NSC or TSC

    thanks guys, it's NSC


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  • shekhar10c
    07-11 11:25 AM
    The flower campaign has been a spectacular success. Lets not dilute it or confuse it with food or pizza campaign. Lets the free flow of flower campaign contunue.

    There is a symbolism of peaceful protest behind flowers, its universaly understood, what is the symbolism behind sending food, it might be misunderstood. Lets not overdo it.

    yeah u r right. Our aim was to realize them and not irritate them. And sending flowers is wonderful job .I salute to u people. But sending pizzza???:eek: This may backfire. So, now lets sit and watch. And if you want to send more something, then better send more flowers to USCIS,DOS and even to walter's hospital instead of sending pizza!!!!! Or better contribute for IV:)

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  • rocky123
    09-10 10:22 AM
    PD May 5, 2006. Got the card/document production ordered email yesterday.

    Looks like the election year is working wonders for everyone.


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  • dhirajs98
    06-20 10:27 PM
    I have one PERM EB2 labor certified and I-140 PP in under process. Received an RFE for I-140 on June 1st and my company's paralegal analyst responded back on June 6th. Since then there is no news on my I-140. I have another RIR EB3 labor stuck in DBEC based on the case analyst email it should be cleared by June 30th but there is no assurnace on that. Now I am in a fix whether I should file my I-485 on the PERM EB2 where I-140 is stuck with an RFE or should wait for RIR EB3 to get approved.

    Also is it possible to file I-485 on my PERM EB2 case now and later use EB3 RIR PD in EB2 case when I get my EB3 labor and I-140 approved?

    Please post your experiences and advise. This is really important for me to find an answer b4 I take any step forward.



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  • Pineapple
    07-12 12:05 AM
    However most of it was hidden beneath the depths of other more important news to the average american.
    Not true. This was the most successful media campaign so far. The flower story was in the top 5 most viewed articles today on Washington Post, and is still number 4 in the most emailed. That counts a lot. A record number of media outlets and blogs have picked it up. Even USCIS posted a statement on its home page in response.. Of course there are going to be other stories to compete in the media... it is a big and eventful world after all..

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  • veeru123
    02-21 05:35 PM
    My H1-B was extended in October 2007 for three more years. My wife went to India and is going through this PIMS BS now. Chennai Consulte applied on Feb 6th. Some cases listed on this forum are scary as hell. Called the VFS office, all they say is they have not received the pp. After four days got the number for the consulate from VFS. Calling them daily. Same story, with each passing day, I could sense the increasing irritation in the voice of the consulate personnel to my questions. I wish I could talk to them in person and vent out my anger. This afternoon I called the DOS. The number is 202-663-1225 incase anyone needs it. I explained my case and asked her if they are missing any information. The reply: No your VISA looks fine. Then the robotic answer, PIMS verification is under process.

    I think VFS should specify it on their website and warn people about these delays. Warn people about the PIMS BS and suggest that they should not make any travel plans till they are sure this PIMS BS is resolved.

    06-16 03:50 PM
    yes it is(both about work and supervision), read the pdf.

    The L-1 Reform Act amends previous legislation by addressing the issue of “outsourcing.” L-1B temporary workers can no longer work primarily at a worksite other than their petitioning employer if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer or if the offsite arrangement is essentially to provide labor for hire, rather than service related to the specialized knowledge of the petitioning employer. This limitation will apply to all L-1B petitions filed with USCIS on or after June 6, 2005. This includes extensions and amendments involving individuals currently in L-1 status.
    as IV community we must be against these violations. We must support only the compliance L1B.

    I stand corrected.

    Thanks for this, Simple1. I will get more details on this from my friends from legal area.

    Somehow, it seems that this line, if the offsite arrangement is essentially to provide labor for hire, could have some escape route.

    Thanks again. (Green from me)

    07-11 10:05 PM

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