Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • qtoask
    06-25 03:17 PM
    I have not heard any new I485 approvals for Today? Do you know any?

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  • H1B-GC
    07-10 01:08 PM
    If i were you i would not work even if that means losing(?) $6000 on 1099

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  • Ann Ruben
    04-28 11:04 AM
    Assuming you meet the requirements for E visa status as an employee and not an owner of the company, this is a viable strategy.

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  • vaishalikumar
    07-27 02:48 PM
    can anybody tell me is it mandatory to write your name in native language like Hindi, in the Form G -325 A (Biografhic) ?


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  • roseball
    04-13 12:47 PM
    Last year I sent both the ITIN form and 1040 to the ITIN address. Once the ITIN is processed, they will update your 1040 with the ITIN number and forward it to the respective department for processing. I got my refund back after 8 weeks. Since I am in Texas I didnt have to file for state taxes..So not sure about the state tax filing part....

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  • Katharine McPhee

  • gc_chahiye
    07-12 11:33 AM
    Ron Hira and his friends at IEEE and Programmers Guild will be all over us. No one likes the talk of unlimited immigration.


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  • sourabh27
    06-29 02:42 PM
    I am stuck in a similar situation in Mumbai. It is the 4th week running.
    when did you finally get yours done ?

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  • mombemoo
    June 19th, 2005, 06:07 PM
    thanks!! it's always good to hear that i'm improving from someone as good as yourself. it was funny, as i was going back the dirt road, the party kids from the night before were on there way out, they don't know what they missed this morning.

    That's why you get up at 4:30! My friends make fun of me for that... The successive ridgelines in the fog make for a real feeling of depth. I've tried that technique a few times, but never pulled it off this well. I also like the aspect ratio you chose, it contributes to the 3-D, receeding-to-a-point, effect. The color here is likewise very nice. The only thing I would say could be better is that the sun is distorted by the cloudline. It would be better if totally obscured, or better resolved. In any case, you can't control the clouds. Super shot.


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  • josecuervo
    06-22 03:26 PM
    I-140 Premium processing upgrade receipt number

    Dear firends.,
    My lawayer upgraded to premium processing for I-140 on June 20th,2007. Will I get a new receipt number or should I keep checking the status for the original I-140 receipt number
    Please advise


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  • Krilnon
    09-19 11:58 PM
    For what it's worth, I can totally understand why someone wouldn't want to use a DataGrid. The day that I happily use one will probably be the same day that all of my ambitions about life come to an end. Their corporate component-ness is hard to shake, and being told that they can be "skinned and customized" just forewarns of the fun times that you and your pal the DataGrid are going to have in the coming, sleepless nights ahead. :tired:


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  • gcwait2007
    12-27 05:46 PM
    Mine is at Nebraska

    My I-140 is also pending in Nebraska, I am also in EB-3 category with labor PD 02/20/2007. Your labor PD is 03/2007 and hence it is surprising! I saw an approval for one EB-3 filed in April 2007 in but his PD is 2002.

    I do not see any LUD these days in my pending I-140 and I-485. There was a soft LUD in my wife's I-765 (EAD already approved and received) about a month back.

    Please keep us updated.

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  • natika
    04-30 09:44 AM
    Thank you clif and sanju_eb3 for the response.

    I'll talk to lawyers of the new company (once I find it).


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  • aguy
    07-21 04:39 PM

    does anyone here know the mailing address that I can use with fedex to submit application to the uscis nebraska center? also, does uscis accept saturday delivery of packages?


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-27 07:10 AM
    On Thursday, May 14, 2009, Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a bill, nicknamed the “AgJobs Bill,” that seeks to grant amnesty for up to 1.35 million farm workers working in the country illegally, primarily in California. Feinstein and other legislators proposed the AgJobs Bill numerous times over the last decade but were met with fierce opposition. However, supporters of the bill – including the United Farm Workers of America and other worker advocates – are now hoping the legislation will become a legal reality under the Obama administration.

    Generally, the AgJobs Bill would allow foreign farm workers who have been working illegally in the United States for at least two years to earn a path toward becoming legal permanent residents. Workers' family members would also be eligible for legal permanent residency, which could bring the number of legalized farm workers to approximately two million people. The bill would also focus on overhauling a program that aims to recruit foreign workers for seasonal jobs on American farms, where profitable construction jobs have tended to lure workers away.

    For more information on Senator Feinstein and the AgJobs Bill, please visit: For additional information on this news story, please visit:

    More... (


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  • s_r_e_e
    09-02 01:10 PM

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  • rameshms
    08-26 04:32 PM
    If you were a student on F1, and if you just got an OPT (Employment Authorization), you do not have to pay Social Security tax. Once you switch to H1, you have to pay the SS tax.


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  • nlssubbu
    04-29 06:37 PM
    Apart from H1 transfer your new company attorney may also need to file I-140 (successor in interest) in the new company name as well.


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  • Vincelekker
    08-25 01:41 PM
    I was employed by company A between 2002 who has filed I-140 and I-485 in 2007.

    After company ceased to exist, USCIS granted an H1 extension based on an approved ALC filing and I moved to company B. According to the owner of company A, it has no plans to file for bankruptcy.

    Company B filed for the H1B extension and I received one that expires Oct 2012. However, company B is now unwilling to continue my employment. My employment will cease Nov 2010.

    Besides looking for another job, anyone has any inputs?

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  • logiclife
    07-09 08:17 PM
    Stop this diversion and focus on flower campaign now. Once this is over, we will talk about other campaigns. One at a time.

    03-03 12:04 PM
    Is it possible to provide some kind of link to this forum from homepage

    We have created a new area on the forum to help IV members.
    Jobs and networking - Immigration Voice (

    It may not be visible on the homepage thread. This would be a separate area where members can share information.

    12-25 01:26 PM
    ILW.COM - immigration news: A Republican Path To Immigration Reform (,1109-demell.shtm)

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