Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • gk_2000
    08-02 01:26 PM
    well this is your time. with eb3 row 2009, you probably are in wait for at least 5 years. Anyway the point is, no country would be stupid enough to stop great talent from coming through to satisfy it's diversity policy. When you are talking about 0.14 million immigrants for a nation of 300 million, that's less than 0.05%. So please take your diversity argument with you and don't let the door hit you on your way out. For this miniscule percentage, the US will lose out on thousands of the best Indian and Chinese engineering/science talent. US's loss, India/China's gain. If this is not an example of an extremely stupid strategic policy then I'm not sure what is.

    Oh and by the way, may not be me or you waiting for Indian/Chinese GC's but could be your kid and mine. Let's have this talk again in a decade or two given GDP growth,debt and deficits of US and GDP growths/deficits/market size of India/China.

    tanu, do you realize that the above is nothing but a rant? isantem is not responsible for making the rules so why beat him up? What he said is nothing but the facts to the best of his knowledge
    Yes, go ahead, give me reds. From your behavior I feel you may be one of those immature types who will red anyone who disagrees..

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  • GCOP
    10-24 02:45 PM
    I really don't understand, what can be RFE about, as you have been with the same company all these years. You really deserve a Greencard straight away without a single question after such a Long wait. I hope your RFE is very simple to answer and I wish that you get your Greencard soon. Good Luck.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    In my case I don't even know if it is namecheck that is blocking my case. So far my guess is that it was just the huge deluge of July 2 applications under which my application got stuck. But now that they have opened my application and mailed an RFE on Oct 22, at least I know that some IO is processing my case. Right now I am eagerly waiting for the RFE details. My law firm(FDBL) has not received it yet. I am pinging them every other day.

    To answer another question from another poster, yes, I have been with the same company since 2001.

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  • mhb
    07-06 03:20 PM
    Are you saying it will now be mentioned in tomorrow's (7/7/07) news telecast? That might be lucky for us then...
    Yup thats what he told me

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  • ksircar
    07-23 12:11 PM
    I need some help with my daughter�s EAD and AP renewal (e-filing) applications.

    Here are the details. She came to US on H4 (I am the primary applicant, on H1B). As she was going to age-out in July 2007, she was transferred to F1 in April 2007. Fortunately, she was able to file I-485 in June, 2007 and got her EAD and AP. In 2008 she went abroad and came back to US using AP.

    For I-765 EAD renewal (e-filing) what should be her response to following questions?

    1. Manner of entry to US (visitor, student etc.)
    2. Current Immigration Status (visitor, student etc.)
    3. Please select your eligibility status

    Similarly, for I-131 AP renewal (e-filing) what should be her response to following questions?

    1. Class of admission
    2. Date of intended departure
    3. Expected length of trip

    Also, for AP renewal does she need to write a letter to USCIS? If so, can someone provide the format of the letter?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • arthsidhu
    10-10 02:11 AM
    Blood suckers

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  • illinois_alum
    09-30 04:53 PM

    AP E filing needs us to enter teh USCIS office that our application is peninding..

    How to get that...My receipt number starts with SRC

    A receipt number starting with SRC usually means that the receipt was issued by the Texas Service Center. However, at this moment, the case could be pending at any other center it USCIS transferred it.

    Use your receipt number to lookup the case status on the USCIS website. The status will tell you where your case is pending.

    Use this link to lookup your case: -


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  • Soul
    02-02 06:30 PM
    That hasn't been a rule in any past battle...

    If we like another entry what doesn't it hurt to vote for it? In fact I think it's a good thing :beam:

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • dixie
    11-30 06:19 PM
    I got a discover card in 2004 when I was still a student. maybe they forgot to check my immigration status.
    until 2002 they issued.after that they stopped..


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  • ramreddy
    01-31 04:28 AM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - (
    Amongst Google video or Y-Tube was a report that TVU in fact ran a pyramid scheme or referral, which very much discounted the fees if there where referrals. Referrals would likely be a close school friend.
    I feel very sad for the tarnish it has caused .Esp the common Indian working there is bound to be looked upon as a fraud case - and he would have nothing to do with this AT ALL,it spoils the prospects and reputation of genuine people be it anyone Telegu or Non long as he is Indian.
    Now all the local regional associations are desperately painting them as scapegoats because if otherwise it will be a big dent to their own rep. And next the Feds will want to go smell fish at any AP run consulting firm . A general fraud impression will be built rapidly around that community.Very unfortunate if that happens. But WHY in the 1st place attempt such a massive fraud ? Bad for all. I just hate it .
    BTW all this 1500 student game is happening when the H1B visa laws are the most restrictive so companies find it imposs to file a fresh H1B but its a lot easier to transit a student from F to H.

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  • ritu_raj
    10-02 12:51 PM
    I applied in NSC 485/EAD/AP on July 27th. The case was transfered to CSC. 485 Application was then transfered to TSC from CSC but EAD and AP are being processed in CSC.


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  • aroranuj
    04-16 12:28 PM
    Can anyone please give any advise/ideas on how to deal with this?


    Hello All,

    I have just received a copy of the denial notice that USCIS sent to the attorney for my I-140. This is what the notice states is the reason for the denial. Can someone please advise me what my chances are for an appeal to be approved? My lawyer is noncommittal at this this time. My I140 was filed under the EB3 Category. My 6th year of H1B expires in June.

    "A Bachelor's degree is generallt found to require 4 years of education. Therefore, the beneficiary's 3 year diploma is not equivalent to a 4 year bachelors degree which is the minimum educational requirement to be classified as a professional on this labor certificate.

    Under part H Number 4 of the Labor Certificate, the petitoner has checked the box "Other" under education. Under part 4-A the petitioner stated: 'Will accept academic studies evaluated as equivalent of US Bachelors'. The evaluation submitted indiactes that the beneficiary has the foreign equivalent of a US Bachelor of Science.

    However this statement cannot infer that the petitioner will accept anything less than the minimum education requirements for a professional, i.e Bachelors degree. The evidence indicates that the beneficiary does not have a bachelors degree or foreign equivalent degree. Therefore, the beneficiary does not meet the minimum requirements of the ETA-9089"

    Please note that I have a 3 year diploma & 1 year towards Bachelors in business & this case was files at the Texas Center. Any insights from knowledgeable members will be helpful.

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  • dineshksharma
    07-14 01:45 PM
    Hi Dinesh,

    I am a physician myself who served j1 waiver and on AOS from 7/07. My son is a going to be a senior in High School this year. Why did you have a problem with state college apps on AOS/EAD?

    Most of the state colleges, (In my case, none of the state colleges), including under-grad and medical schools, will accept application, if you do not have GC/ US citizenship. I tried, wrote letters, but of no use.
    You can apply and get admission in private college, which of course cost much more.
    Also, we were not able to take any federal loans.


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  • waitnwatch
    11-17 12:47 PM
    Discover does not issue a credit card if you are not a PR or citizen..even though you have good credit history..

    Yeah! except that they do....the first time I applied a long time ago that was the reason assigned. A few years down the road they invited me...someone called me and sure enough there was the discover card in the mail!

    By the way my mortgage interest rate was a tad bit higher because of my non-immigrant status. My mortgage broker at the bank told me exactly that.

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  • factoryman
    06-19 11:03 PM
    To get better audience and better response, please post in the appropriate thread. May be a PERM or LC thread.

    This one is to rip attorneys and their creed.

    I am a physician MD currently doing IM residency on H1B. i have a job to start from oct 2007. since PDS for india are now current, i would like to know if my employer can file PERM for a prospective employee now in june. my univerdity lawyer is not clear or rather not willing to file.
    thanks for your opinions
    Reply With Quote


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  • pappu
    06-19 09:11 AM
    I dont believe Indian govt can help in this...Lets first gather people and we will let you know the next course of action. There are bunch of people in Face book who got struck up in visa delays. I am trying to reach out to them. Its big group...try to get them here. Please contact those people...

    Just this is my opinion....we need to build very strong case and deliver to the targetted audience.

    Everyone can use the 'bookmark' button below the posts and select Facebook in it. It will post a link on the facebook and help raise more awareness.

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  • axp817
    04-09 02:46 PM
    Receipting is not done by VO and the staff who do receipting follow certain procedures.

    USCIS mailroom has certain protocols and thats why even our AC21 documentation does not reach file.

    Files are distributed to different officers and they work on the files.

    Without a receipt number you cannot track your MTR.

    Talk to a very good Attorney on further course of action.

    I filed MTR - my 485 was denied because the officer ignored the AC21 job change. When I called customer service and explained - I was transferred to a VO and when I explained it, she requested me to file an appeal so that I don't have to pay instead f MTR.

    When I talked to Attorney - she said "Don't do that - when your MTR gets receipted, you can track it but cannot track an appeal"

    Remember MTR = if USCIS makes a mistake - MTR costs $$
    Appeal = if you want AAO to consider various factors on a correctly interpreted denial and appeal to see if you can convince.

    Good information, thank you.


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  • Macaca
    08-31 10:38 PM
    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.
    I understand that you will be in DC!

    Way to go. Thanks!

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  • anilsal
    12-21 11:50 PM
    All the Junior members. You asked your question and made yourself known.

    Can I ask a simple question? Have you contributed or planning to do? Even a simple $20 contribution will go a long way in helping IV(I know you are capable of contributing in excess of $20 because you earn well). Don't be shy. Use Paypal.

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  • dreamworld
    08-20 05:51 PM
    For myself and spouse:

    E-filed: 07/09/08
    FingerPrint: 08/01/08
    EAD Card production ordered email : 8/20/08

    485 was at TSC
    But the EAD-E-File was at NSC

    09-10 01:27 PM
    Even if i-140 is not approved one can still invoke ac21 (after fileing i485 and after 180 days) . But, your original employer has to answer if there is any i-140 rfe. And original employer can withdraw i-140 at any time until it get approved. So bottomline is, don't try to invoke ac21 until i-140 approved and your i485 is 180 days over.

    04-21 11:14 AM
    Come on people - This is so easy to do - Simply cut and paste the letter below to at the very least.

    "I am writing to inform you of how the country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are unfair and totally illogical. When I immigrated to the US, I believed that this country was a meritocracy where you were judged based on your abilities and qualities. These country based quotas reward people depending on where they or their ancestors were born. This causes people from India and China to wait over a decade to get a green card whereas someone from another country with similar or lesser abilities can obtain permanent residence in less than half that time.

    Since these EB category based green cards are awarded for professional skills, imposing a country based quota just does not make any sense. I urge you to work with Congress and change this discriminatory policy and reinforce that America is truly a society that celebrates meritocracy."

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