Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • chintu25
    09-16 09:29 AM
    I am here to help too

    Called them ,.......and will call again

    As rightly said by Robert Frost

    The best way out is always through.

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  • PBECVictim
    06-29 05:35 PM
    I am joining Law Suit. I am leaving this country, if they make it 'U' for Eb2 and Eb3 for India.

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  • drona
    07-11 01:30 AM
    Posted on and NewsPost India

    'Gandhigiri' by Indian green card seekers in US by Arun Kumar

    Washington, July 11 (IANS) In an eloquent display of 'Gandhigiri', unhappy Indian green card seekers sent hundreds of flowers to the US immigration agency to protest a last minute reversal in policy that would impede their way to permanent residency.

    Inspired by the hit Hindi movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai" that extolled Gandhian ways of non-violent protest, the green card applicants plan to send around a thousand flower deliveries to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started Tuesday.

    The protest followed the abrupt reversal last week of a June announcement offering expedited processing of green card petitions for thousands of skilled foreign professionals working under H1-B visas - reserved for skilled workers in computing, engineering and other special professions.

    Thousands of such visa holders scrambled and spent money on lawyers and medical exams to beat the July 1 deadline for green card applications. The abrupt change sent them back to the queue for 2008.

    Besides India, skilled workers from China, Poland and many other countries will now have to spend more time and money to get the coveted green cards - a halfway house to US citizenship.

    "The idea is to push them to honour their earlier notification," said Aman Kapoor, founder of Immigration Voice, a forum that inspired the unusual protest.

    Indians are the worst hit by country quota caps for immigration visas, which treat a billion strong India, boasting a highly skilled workforce, on par with a country like Trinidad and Tobago of one million souls, he said.

    On its part, the USCIS response was equally pacific. It plans to forward the flowers to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, the main facilities treating US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gonzales in a statement on the agency website.

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  • techskill
    01-03 10:09 AM

    I am planning to go to india in July. After seeing all your posts i am thinking of getting stamped in canada.
    Any idea how long it takes to get back the PP in canada?


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  • santb1975
    01-09 03:22 AM
    We have to work diligently on this Action Item

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  • gccube
    09-07 01:54 PM
    Just curious.... When do they do the name check? Is it after the fingerprints are complete??

    I just spoke to a USCIS rep who was very helpful. She took the A# of mine and my wife's and verified the status of FBI name check and FP check. My name check is pending with FBI and my wife's was cleared as per her. For both of us the FP check is cleared.

    When I asked her when my name check was initiated I was told that it was on Aug 1st 2007. This is approximately 1 week after my 485 notice date. My FP was done on Aug 21st 2007.


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  • gravi98
    06-21 11:36 AM
    Thanks for the FAQ.

    Quick question:
    I have a EB2 approved I-140 with PD 2006. Another EB2 I-140 from BEC with PD 2005 is still pending and might take another 6 months to get approval.

    Will it be a better a strategy to file based on approved 140 (pd 2006) and later on capture pd 2005, once the BEC based 140 gets approved? Not sure whether interfiling applies for same category.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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  • kumarm
    08-13 05:28 PM
    Finally Got Email with GOLDEN WORDS.CARD is Under PRODUCTION.
    GOddluck For all of You!


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  • sundarpn
    02-25 10:26 PM
    One can call the US consulates in other contries like canada or mex ask them if they can look up your petition number in the PIMS system. Google for the phone numbers.

    I hope that the PIMS system will be centralized. So if one consualte is able to pull it up, the same might be true for the others.

    Have there been reasons other than Pims for delays? I see a lot of 221g cases in the forums. Are these due to PIMS?

    Anyone with recent experience on h1b revalidation at chennai?

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  • swadeshi
    09-26 07:21 AM
    Nothing, Zilch, Nada....My lawyer said that of the 40 applications they filed on July 2nd. they got RN for only 5 so..... Seems to be a very long wait

    Our attorney sent about 50 applications and has only received abt 9 RN so when we call him, he asks us to call the USCIS customer service!!


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  • caliguy
    10-26 03:54 PM
    I has also gone for Infopass appointment this morning. Office told me that my case has been under review since July 20, 2009.

    So there is a chance that the case was approved sometime in the last 2 hours, but I dont see any updates anywhere. As mentioned in my previous post, I will call TSC again at 4 PM. I hope I can hear the same words from some other officer or I get an email or see online updates before that.

    This wait is killing me....

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  • pappu
    06-21 02:46 PM
    Thank you very much Canadian_Dream and jonty_11


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  • amsgc
    06-21 09:20 PM
    In filing for I-485 no one has mentioned copy of I-140 or copy of Labor cert.

    My question is how does USCIS tally an AOS application to an already approved I-140 or labor certifcation and find out the PD for the application?

    If you read the instructions, it states clearly that you need to proivde a copy of your approved immigrant petition.

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  • royus77
    06-29 09:07 PM
    This is very serious now, We all better be prepared to screw USCIS if it messes this time.

    Lets wait first for our fee checks to be back .....


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 02:46 PM
    What is being done is simply replacing (or attaching) new I-140 to the exisitng 485. Thus RD of 485 remains intact.
    I think IF we stress for FIFO principle then jumping lines , ships will be taken care of by themselves. let RD be used and PD recaPture request date on the letter be RD.

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  • Saralayar
    04-09 02:08 PM
    Well it is their country. We are serving through our volition.
    We have an expectation, but in a free market it is demand and supply.
    i am Not trying to be negative - just a reality check on where we stand and how we can approach.

    It is a fact that immigration from Asia shot up at the turn of the millennium. This may look disproportionate to proponents of diversity.

    Now 1/6th of the world population comes from one country. But the quota for Iceland and India remains the same.
    Consequently many like us cannot: change employers, give up opportunities (lure of which we came here for) and wait for the same outcome that others achieve much faster, simply because they were born somewhere else or their employers & lawyer decided their immigration category. So much for free country and meritocracy.
    i believe our main point should be a level playing field and transparent
    system so that expectations are clear.
    For those of us who have suffered due to lack of clarity, for all fairness, must lobby for a chance to parity after multiple (say 10) years of serving LEGALLY.


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  • mallu
    08-04 09:14 PM
    FBI NAME CHECK banners (see below) should be displayed during the september rally to illustrate the painful delay in the NAME CHECK process.




    Media and Congress WILL PAY to this issue!

    As a result the applicants will be denied EAD and H1B extensions, rather than
    fixing the lengthy name check issues.

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  • grupak
    03-24 03:14 PM
    Its a little hard to understand how the issue of 'work authorization' cannot be raised during interview or hiring process.

    The details escapes me... at some point in the long past I was looking into what kind of questions employers should and shouldn't ask. If I come across anything again then I will surely post.

    As far as EAD is concerned, the employers shouldn't discriminate. Especially if more than 90 days are left on it since that's the time-frame govt promises to issue a new EAD. The employer might feel better to work with a citizen or GC or a person of certain ethnic background or national origin. However, thats the kind of decisions the employer is not allowed to make. Employer has to accept EAD, everything else being equal. When the law is not followed and it harms us, we have to fight it back.

    I realize employers sometime end up asking questions that they shouldn't like the obvious ones such as age and marital status.

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  • skynet2500
    07-09 09:26 PM
    I think this is significant. USCIS director came to know about this even before the flowers reached him. Keep up the good work.

    10-03 03:51 PM
    What is the root cause for namecheck issues ? the Ombudsmans report mentions
    a) the value/benefit of the name check process is undecided.
    b) lack of resources and funding to process all the name checks.
    (premium processing will provide those funds)

    immigration relief like recapture, more visas etc require congressional approval and i dont think we will see any till mid 2009 after the election is settled.

    Like 140 premium that program will be first suspended and then dumped eventually because there are resource and Process problems internally.

    Unless you fix root causes - these Premium things ain't going to work.

    01-05 12:16 AM
    Very true. Another advantage is, Citizenship doesn't have any number limitations. It will also help people waiting for GC as the queue gets even shorter. Instead of making it 10 Years from first port of entry, if it can be made as 5 years from say Priority Date for Green Card, it will cover many more people. Technically the person expressed intent to live in US after accepting a perm job. It is admin processing and Visa number limitations that are preventing the person from becoming a perm resident. So the change be sold as proper interpretation of the law because of changes in the circumstances but not really opening a flood gate for citizenship.

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