Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • anilvt
    09-21 10:03 AM
    Relax I had the same issue and lawyer resolved the discrepeancy by showing the encashed cheques to USCIS. I got FP notice and going for FP nextweek.

    Take it easy!

    Just ask the lawyer to send the proof and money paid to uscis and ur good to go...

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  • akr_roy
    07-19 05:56 PM
    The point is that to lobby for keeping the spouse out of the "VISA NUMBERS CURRENT" constrain may not be politically hot as it becomes a very compulsive and humanitarian issue. There is expected to be less resistance and public support as its a family issue. Success may be relatively easy and hence its a ponderable issue.
    That does not mean that IV should stop considering any other topic.:)

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  • techbuyer77
    09-17 12:48 PM
    Hi everyone, I have been approved on 9/6/7.
    only 92 days after AOS filing.
    My sponsor, I did work with them from 2002-2007. They agree to file i-485 in the hopes economy would get better. However house builders are doing very bad now and they cannot take me back after approval.
    The question is, does this spoiled my chances for citizenship?

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  • arrarrgee
    07-13 11:24 AM
    Any reason why we are all waiting for the August bulletin??? We alrerady know that the visa numbers aren't available for this year...and its also been mentioned by IV that the breaking news that everyonez expecting isnt about the visa bulletin....I am confused...could somebody throw light on this pls..why the wait?? :confused:


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  • Jai_MD
    11-20 09:11 AM
    how about anyone having

    A. Masters Degree+3 Yrs US Experience+Permanent Job=Apply for GC
    B. Bachelors Degree + 5 Yrs US Experience+Permanent Job=Apply for GC

    Get Rid of this country limit.

    Intel's CEO once rightly said that,US has to become mean as to who they want in this country, A person right off the boat(Asylee,GC-Lottery etc) OR a US trained and educated individual contributing directly to the economic system.

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  • n.sravan
    10-04 10:40 AM
    Also, forgot to mention, We have both passports with us (old surname and new surname)


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  • vdlrao
    06-19 07:58 PM
    Hi Pappu,

    I am a VA/DC/MD state chapter member. I havent received any emails sofar.

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  • karanp25
    06-14 07:23 PM
    Just saw a soft LUD today. No status change from yesterday though.

    fundo14 - how long has it been since it was transfered to the Des Moines office? Have you called and spoken to an IO about this change?

    Same here. I saw another soft LUD today 6/14 after a LUD yesterday 6/13. Wonder if USCIS works on Sat or it's just some regular database update.


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  • luckylavs
    06-22 04:04 PM

    My EAD renewal application was once rejected saying 485 copy missing. I paper filed one more time . This time check is en cashed and also I received my receipt. But have not got the EAD card yet. My current EAD last date is 7/22/10. I am working on EAD . So what should i do to expedite my case.

    Please advise.

    Thanks a lot

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  • pani_6
    10-06 01:05 PM
    Does anybody recall an old TV serial in India named 'Appu aur Pappu' about a boy and his elephant?! :D

    Looks like the long GC wait is turning me into a crazy person if I start recalling such old serials! :(

    I was remembering the Tinkle story shambu shikari...lot of old stuff comes back for some strange reason


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  • H1bEmployer
    09-16 02:33 PM

    We have a Consulting Firm Run Professionally. Little about me, Have been in the country for past 12 Years. Came up the Ranks via Consulting Firm like many of you.

    Some Facts & Disclosure..

    I am not Here to Hire Folks, just to voice my Opinion. Something that People on H1b should hear from Employers View as well. There is lots of Information to go around, from Consultants, who been here for few years to new folks who come to USA. Mostly its just Bad news for the new comers... Welcome to Bload Sucking Desi Consulting Firm.. Welcome to New Jersey.. or where ever you may land.. You get the point.

    I am not here as Voice of Rest of Employers.. Just Pointing things out as I See it..

    OK.. here we go..

    Most of the employers, HATE doing Percentage bases. Give any employer a choice, between doing working on 70/30 or 80/20 or with a Stright Salary... 99% would be willing to work on Straight Salary Basis. Because that's what is Required by the Law. Simple as that.

    I do Agree that there are lot of employers, who don't pay on Bench. WE DO. Here is what has happened very recently with our employees.. Few of our Employees have QUIT because we refused to do % Basis & these are the guys who came 6 months ago on new H1b. I would understand the Senior Employees Who have been with us for say 2-3 years ask for % basis Pay.
    Now We are in a situation where we have Agree on % Basis Pay as a Company Wide Policy & then offer is to all our employees.. But that puts us on odd with Department of Labor. Which Madates every H1B employee to be on staight Salary basis.

    You tell us what are our Options.. Either we Fire/lose employees who want % Basis pay.. just because their peers are getting it (EVEN If it is ILLEGAL )

    We Don't Charge a Penny for a H1b, We foot the Bill.. Just as an Example we LOST 32,000 This year, just in Lawyer fees for H1b's not selected in the lottery.. I Know & Fully Understand that its a Cost of doing Business..
    Now, if we go on % Basis, our whole model changes... Because, There is Cost of Doing business, Managing Employees, Marketing, H1b, Greencard, Full Pay on Bench, & Last but not least Profit.

    So if i have put employees on % Basis, that means We as company are making Hardly anything. Which means, we have to charge new h1bs, for at-least Lawyer fees.. What if it does not get selected, what do we do. Refund the money, Then whats a point of taking the money in the first place.

    We WANT to pay on bench, because most people normally do find a project in 30-45 days, Provided they are Technically sound.
    With Percentage Basis, We can't do that.. Since the Employee has chosen to work on Hourly.. No Work No Pay.

    What should we do for Holidays .. Again No Work- No Pay..

    We have done the Calculations.. Believe me.. There is Hardly any Difference Between % Pay & Straight Salary if you account the following at the end of year...

    -- Medical & Dental Insurance.
    -- Expense of Relocation, Moving your Apt, Car & Staying in Hotel for a week before you find a place to crash
    -- No Bench Pay, No US Holiday Pay, No Sick Leave
    -- No Pay for Vacation, Unless you don't Believe in Vacation.
    -- No Green Card
    -- No H1b Extension.. You would have to foot the bill at the end of your 3 year term on H1b.

    When you account for the above.. you tell me..

    We don't want our employees to take the Above risk.. believe me I have try to make these guys understand & have reasoned with them.. Provided with Financial Calculations..

    What do (Some) of our employees see.... Just a Few Bucks more... Nothing else..

    So I am going to let you guys Answer this Question...

    Who is making us Going on the EVIL-DESI-Consulting-Path ?


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  • rustamehind
    07-15 12:01 PM
    Lou Dobbs is a xenophobiac and doesn't listen no matter what argument you put in front of him.He is single mindedly focussed on opposing immigrants , be it legal or illegal.He just wants to project himself as a champion for the causes of American middle class, totally ignoring the contribution immigrants have made to build this country.Let that bugger speak , we will also protest & put our point of view in the right way & at the right forum.


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  • mrsr
    03-04 10:01 PM
    it says Yates memo not pearson memo :(

    28 th page how ever says that Priority Date Based on Earlier Petition.

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  • sathyaraj
    06-21 11:51 AM
    Once you get ur receipt, try to expedite ur renewal process. I am waiting for my receipt as well.


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  • mycyberimmigration
    09-26 04:10 PM
    Q1) i am applying for the first time for my i-485 that requires i-693 form.
    My question is, do i have to submit my i-485 together with my i-693, or do i have to apply first the i-485 form and then wait until i get a respond from the USCIS.
    I was told that i am supposed to wait for the respond from the USCIS after applying my
    i-485, and the USCIS will designate the doctors for my I-693, which means i cannot choose any doctors on my own. But in this reform , according to the users' discussion, so far i understand that you can apply for the i-693 form regardless if you have already applied for the i-485 form.
    Q2) To simplify my second question, while i am applying for my i-485, and before its submission to the USCIS, can i start making an appointment with my local Surgeon?

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  • kokil
    03-09 09:02 PM
    And here is the sample degree from UoM.


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  • lrindy
    10-06 04:11 PM
    IRS can go back 3 years unless they have evidence that you understated your income by more than 20%. There are some depreciation issues that may allow them to go back further.

    As far as I know, IRS and INS (USCIS) do not share information with each other. USCIS is under the Dept of Homeland Security and IRS is under Department of the Treasury.

    I actually read a newscoverage in California couple of years ago where INS sued the IRS for not providing information about the illegal immigrants. INS claimed that they failed to obtain information from the IRS about the illegal immigrants who were filing tax returns using TIN numbers. If I remember correctly, INS lost the lawsuit and IRS was ordered not to release information on people to the INS.

    Just to clarify a little more about TIN and SSN is that you cannot get a SSN unlress you have some sort of work authorization (Such as H-1, EAD or even F-1 working/willing to work on-campus) where you can get TIN numbers from IRS and they don't want to know your visa/residency status. So, if you are living illegally in the U.S., you can still get TIN number and file tax returns.

    That's just it; isn't it. I'm here legally paying taxes, immigration and all that other good stuff. This last year many illegals who filed 2006 taxes and were awaiting refunds did not get the refunds due to their immigration status! Many things are on the change and when 4 of you are on TIN#'s it is easy to get pulled. What they audited us for was stupid totally illogical! Prove we were married, that the kids lived with us and we lived together in same house. That was it. Why would you file jointly if you did not live together in the first place. IRS office confirmed, then 2nd one re-confirmed it was flagged by INS and it wasn't even hidden well. So, that was August and we filed 07/05 the audit was for 2005 returns. They have all paperwork, but haven't heard anything back yet. That is a good thing too. I crammed every bit of evidence I could into that sealed file before sending it off. The officer who confirmed receipt of it was laughing harder with each turn of the 50 odd documents of proof that I had sent. She said I don't think we can deny that you live together and the kids live with you!!! Please don't worry about it. You should receive a letter in about 30 to 40 days with the outcome.

    That is it and I shall wait for the letter to arrive signing it off.



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  • vaishalikumar
    09-18 10:11 PM
    Today's work will definitely bring fruits tomorrow !

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-03 03:36 PM
    I am sure we'll all hear from IV core team when it's time to start our phone and fax campaign in support of this or any other beneficial EB provisions to be included in the supplemental bill, if it ever happens of course.

    I believe this is where IV stands in terms of strategy:

    For minor/intermediate relief: Supplemental bills.
    For major relief: SKILL Bill
    For everything else: There is CIR :D

    03-29 04:25 PM
    1. I got my passport renewed in New York but it was only when about 180 days were left to expire.

    2. I am not sure about the same day delivery although I will suggest that do not go personally to the consulate instead send it through mail unless you are in a hurry as I had a very bad experience ( Same as any sarkari office in India) when I went in personally for my son's PIO.

    3. I got my photograph done from CVS.

    I hope it helps.

    11-30 11:35 PM
    :D I did enjoy my stress free day... didn't give the middle finger yet, but did bring up some things that have been bothering me for years... that need to change... no more taking me forgranted :D

    nice! have not yet been able to do whatever you have done.:)

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