Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • sk.aggarwal
    11-12 01:01 PM
    Completely agreee with hari_baby22. Couple of days back I posted that immigration voice could get a lot more donations if they publish there earnings/expenses report online and make everything transparent. Lot of people including myself, do not contribute because they dont know how funds are getting used. My post was deleted by administrator and I got following message -->

    Here is the message that has just been posted:
    We don't think you are for real. We believe you are an agent of a for profit immigration website.

    This time my user account itself might get deleted....

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  • letstalklc
    07-10 10:21 AM
    ah - never mind - i see it now, after one logs in! :)

    yes, one have to be login in order to give red/green.

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  • Openarms
    06-13 02:39 PM
    As understand the process

    1) First one should change the employer with new job.
    2) Apply for new Labor (with EB2 requirements) -- PERM 3 months.
    3) Apply for new I-140 (use old I-485) -- PREMIUM 1 month.
    4) No need to apply for NEW I-485.

    Guys, this is the best option for EB3, use it.. with in 4 months you are current... let us port to need to wait this VISA bulletin saga.

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-09 10:06 AM
    I guess its much better for frauds to have an EAD/AP, then they can easily bypass the checking at consulates.

    For them there are strict check at airports.


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  • seattleGC
    02-22 10:29 AM
    Lou Doubbs is not a conservative but an idiot and a crook. He is a protectionist like the unions in America.

    When it comes to skilled immigration, conservatives have been good. Sen John Coryn, Ex-sen George Allen, Sen. Sam Brownback etc. have been the sponsors of SKIL bill and like. We can depend on them to fight to get SKIL bill included into CIR when it comes up.

    Our problem has mainly been with rabid anti-immigrationists like Sen Sessions and also protectionists like some in the Democratic party.

    It not between Conservatives and liberals in general.

    Wash Times is as conservative as your Lou Doubbs... I dont trust them...

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  • sanju
    04-04 01:48 PM
    Some people are just getting married to US Citizens and getting green card. we are waiting for ever. my friend came here last year got married and have a greencard.

    And did anybody stop you from marrying someone who is a US Citizen. Why complain about it?


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  • pappu
    08-16 08:59 AM

    Do I need to post my question on this thread or I can pass it on before in time to StarSun or you? B'cause posting my GC issue with personal information would not look appropriate on a public forum.

    Let me know.

    If you have privacy concerns (you should not be as everyone is identified only by their usernames on IV forum) you can email starsun and then be available to ask it yourself in the call

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  • immi_twinges
    07-14 06:47 PM
    There are lots of threads on the same topic.
    Its very confusing to follow.
    We should combine every thing to a single thread

    Lest be organised... Just because you can make a new thread just dont make it. Search before you make a new thread.

    Be organized:) be prepared


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  • gcisadawg
    03-18 01:28 PM
    As far as I know, the only obligation for the company is to provide a return air ticket to your home. Other than that, you are on your won!

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  • paulcao1978
    01-26 09:44 AM
    We have 8000+ members but only 200+ contributed. I have been thinking about it and here is one possible answer. If you look at the poll result about whether we should push for 485 or not, there are about 280 guys supporting this goal. Maybe almost all recurring contributions are from this group. :confused:


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  • newtoearth
    07-12 09:17 AM
    Carl Shusterman says that State Department's Charles Oppenheimer indicating that there will big advances for EB2 China & India. Hopefully it is true

    Immigration Attorneys, Schedule a Legal Consultation with Former INS Trial Attorney Carl Shusterman (

    GOD bless you dude for this news...

    I have been hoping for EAD at least and I can happly wait for 2-3 years for my GC

    if the dates are current I and my fellow non EAD holders at least can file for EAD...

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-19 04:16 PM
    Top Five
    1. India ---- $1,456 billion
    2. Russia ---$ 470 billion
    3. UK -------$390 billion
    4. Ukraine - $100 billion
    5. China -----$ 96 billion

    Shame on the Indians who hoard all that public money in some foreign land and making those countries rich. When would the stupid @#$@# @$%#$ politicians and bureaucrats learn that, when they die (and I hope they all die soon) they could not take it with them to Hell.

    We have no guts to fight the terrorism coming from across the border and spent too little on defense, education, sanitation and infrastructure and even today India still looks like the same country that was there before 1947. Nothing significantly changed in terms of literacy or cleanliness or standard of living of majority of individuals.

    I still have a hope that one day a daring and honest person would hold the PM office and clean up the mess.


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  • smsthss
    12-03 09:34 AM
    I got an RFE on Nov 15th for copies of my degree certificates and my attorney sent them in a few after getting the RFE notice. I had an LUD on Nov 30th (Date when they received response to RFE) saying case processing has resumed. I also have another LUD on Dec 2nd. But the status still says case processing resumed. Does anyone know why there are 2 LUD's even though the case status is the same. Does it mean anything?
    any replies on this !!

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  • ruchigup
    02-09 05:26 PM
    mine is 11/01/04 ...I searched in 2004, 2005 and 2006 databases, could not find either


    Mine also similar case and my priority date is 11/04/04. I searched in 2004, 2005 and 2006databases but I did not find mine. Is there any other place to get the accurate info.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-16 05:58 PM
    When i get my GC in 2023, this will help me a lot ;)

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  • mita
    10-02 11:29 AM
    I agree that car depreciates as soon as you drive out the showroom but what I believe is that if you can afford to buy your dream car and plan to keep it for atleast 7-10 years go for it. Life is short, if you can enjoy luxury and at the same time know your limits don't restrict yourself and drive used cars all your life.
    As far as your home mortage is concerned, talk to your banker and negotiate favorable terms. If you plan to live in that city depending on job market, don't worry about home prices. I hope you did not buy that home to make money overnite but to enjoy the luxury of living and owing a home. In any case, don't plan to put money on home, better to save or invest where it makes more sense like stocks, CD's or land/home in India.

    I donot see any point in paying off the house, as you can deduct the interest to get some tax benefits. Why loose any benefit you can get.

    On the other hand, use the money you were thinking of paying off the home for investments. Investments may it be CDs or stocks ( though right will come in future).

    Although personally i have never bought a brand new car in US. Car depreciation is biggest loss one can take; we just bought a 5 th car...all cash paid and it is used.

    Keep your cash, play with 20-30% based on your risk apt, donot pay off your is king.

    On your comment of " being a novice in financial "...i have to say it Everyone is a novice in every matter, we all learn it here. Rather one who says he/she is a novice will make cautious decisions; i am wary of so called experts/gurus who mauled financial markets and still call themselves experts.

    Start reading finance articles, blogs and you will be able to understand.


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  • sandiboy
    07-11 08:23 PM
    Thombi... You have some very good point... It will definitely be another lawsuit in the making

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  • gcsucks
    05-03 08:05 AM
    There is a very clear distinction b/n Legal and illegal immigrants. He loves chinese food, indian food. He never says he does not like other cultures. What he says is that others come into this country and try to claim that it is their own country and start doing things the way they want to do. But legal immigrants for the most part are different they come here and play by the rules. they speak english, they love america and that is the reason they stay here. I think it is very important to talk to him and see what his stand is on this. It does not hurt. It is tough to get thru' to talk to him and hence I posted the message here so that others can also try and may be one of us will get to talk to the guy. If we just stick to the IV talking points and tell him we love america and of course are english speaking ( we are definitely not lying) he will be fine.
    I would not recomen contacting Mr Savage. He does not appear to be the person that would help our cause.
    He is openly anti-latino, openly calls for burning of mexican flag etc..

    why do you think he would support legal immigration?

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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-16 12:20 AM
    Correction: July 17th 2007 & July 28th 2007 - Please correct it.

    Could not understand what you mean by 'these 485s are still unadjudicated'. Of-course yes, that's why the dates are moved further so that they can get adjudicated.

    Again 'Once they get adjudicated there would be retrogression' what do you mean? If they all get adjudicated then what is the reason of retrogression again? Am I missing something here? May be we can take it like this, depending upon the volume of the approvals, the dates will go back, higher the approvals, lesser the retrogression.

    I do not want to spoil the party fun but somewhere in my mind there is a lingering doubt. I read Ron Gotcher's post about August 2008 bulletin.

    He says that Eb2 India will retrogress to 2003 or 2004.

    This is my opinion. TSC 485 processing time is July 17,2008. NSC 485 processing cut off date is July 28th, 2008. I don't know if CSC is still processing 485 EB applications but CSC EB processing cut off date on its website is April 04, 2006. The priority date for June 2007 bulletin was April 1st2004.

    Lot of big law firms filed 485's around August 1st because the date for filing 485's was extended to August 17th. So I think these 485's are still unadjudicated. Once they get adjudicated there would be retrogression. Analysts analyze. However the silver lining would be removal of concurrent processing of I-140 and I-485 which may give some additional EB 2 numbers next year.

    06-23 09:08 AM
    I will be calling today in the morning and have told several of my friends to do the same. whenever I get a chance at parties or get togethers I tell people about IV and I was surprised that 80% of people (who are stuck in this mess) have not heard about IV. so I would urge everyone to mention IV whenever they meet anyone who is in a similar mess ..especially inform batchmates and new friends and ask them to atleast register

    My experiences have been similar. Not many immigrants I meet at social / cultural venues know about IV. I would urge every member here to actively spread the word of IV and membership at every possible and appropriate occasion you get in a face to face manner at your regional / national cultural associations / festivals / functions / events / summer picnics etc.
    And more important is to call as per action items, so please take a few minutes from work to call.
    Thank You.

    10-07 05:50 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I am a permanent employee for "x" company, my 140 filed on May 1,2007 waiting for approval, 485 filed on August 22,2007 not been approved either, we just got our EAD's, also please note that i am on 6th year extension on h1... my company "x" moving all projects to the different company "y" from December 1, 2007. ie we are all moving to "y" with the same job title just everything is same istead of "x" it is now "y" company.

    When i called my legal department and ask them about green card status they simply said nothing to worry... everything will be moved to "y" company, as a transition exployees..

    Be honest with you guys...from the last 4 days... i could not sleep... i really dont know what to do in this situation, this is the reason.. i am seeking your help. can some one guide me or answer below questions please.

    1. 140 filed 05/01/2007 - 11/30/2007 more than 180 days with "X" company
    2. 485 filed 08/22/2007 - 11/30/2007 more than 90 days with "x" company
    3. EAD approved
    4. Travel documents approved
    5. I am on H1 6th year extension.
    6. Transition employee.

    my question is

    1 Can my green card status remains the same and continue the process with the new "y" company ?

    2.Do "y" company has to start processing labour/140 again ??

    3.Is it doable that moving everything from "x" to "y" including GC processings ??

    Thanks in advance...Kindly help me out in this situation like how to proceed from here

    With sincere regards...


    Hi I am in similar situation, My I 140 is approved from company X in June and I applied I485 and EAD in July (receipt is pending). I am on 8th year of H1. My HR said not to worry about anything everything (H1 and GC) will be taken care of by new company (company Y). My Question is-

    Do I need to worry since I will be employee of new company by this month end (less than 180 days of I 485 filing).
    Do 180 days limit still valid from July?
    If I change job (to company Z) after 180 days from July on EAD will it affect my GC? How?

    Please help

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