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  • veni001
    06-07 12:41 PM
    I am surprised with this thread. There is no Deadline for employemnt based GC (this was mentioned by Sen. Robert (Bob) Men�ndez,NJ when requesting to move the FB deadline which is clearly mentioned in the bill as May 01, 2005) . Please read the summary and text carefully.
    First five years
    Total number of merit-based green cards includes sum of:
    a.) First five fiscal years have same number of green cards as made available to EB category in 2005. This number is 246,878.
    b.) Any visa number not used by family based category.
    How the total number will be divided between Current system and new merit-based system and Y visa holders --
    - 10,000 (or more) reserved for exceptional aliens under �Y� visa category.
    - 90,000 (exactly 90,000 � not more not less) for backlogged (pending or approved I-140 applications). Currently, this number is 140,000.
    - Remaining possibly goes to new merits system. Until the merits system is ready for accepting petitions, the Y visa holders probably get a shot at this since the clause says �No more than 10,000� � leaving room to let it go up from 10,000 to whatever is left.

    and the TEXT of the Bill
    �(A) for the first five fiscal years shall be equal to the
    33 number of immigrant visas made available to aliens
    34 seeking immigrant visas under section 203(b) of this
    35 Act for fiscal year 2005, plus any immigrant visas
    36 not required for the class specified in (c), of which:
    37 (i) at least 10,000 will be for exceptional aliens
    38 in nonimmigrant status under section
    39 101(a)(15)(Y); and
    40 (ii) 90,000 will be for aliens who were the
    41 beneficiaries of an application that was pending
    42 or approved at the time of the effective date of
    43 this section, per Section 502(d) of the [Insert
    44 title of Act] ( Act not the bill)

    (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.�The amendments made by this section shall take
    11 effect on the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the fiscal year of
    12 enactment.

    So a bill becomes law only after signed by the president, and the effective date could be Oct 01, 2007 if not Oct 01, 2008.

    So all the I-140 filed on of before Effective date are considered as pending!!

    I don't know why even lawyers are getting confused here!:confused:

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  • mbawa2574
    07-02 03:40 PM
    3000 K in Attorney fees
    500 in medical
    500 in Msc like courier etc .

    Total 4G's

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  • senocular
    02-04 09:06 PM
    Kax's was the only one with 45� corners

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  • tonyHK12
    11-10 09:28 AM
    Agree, also Immigration voice needs everyone to join in their cause and support them as Donors and in active volunteering.
    New GC applicants generally realize the only way to get relief is through legislative change that Immigration voice is working on.
    So rather than wasting time & energy guessing dates, its a good idea to spare 3 bucks a day from coffee for IV and actively campaign for new laws.

    BTW the prediction was 1-2 weeks of movement each month for all of 2011, and possibly zero movement sometimes. New Math formulas ,modelling, arent going to change it.

    Just look at how many Bills are coming in for Illegal immigration - that is due to active lobbying and generous support of their members.

    of course there are many who think wrongly - " Let me instead just have my Star-3-bucks, instead of giving my money to an organization campaigning for Immigration relief. I can fix everything myself"


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  • Alabaman
    09-14 03:22 PM
    I have several friends who were waiting for GC desparately and they thought it was the final destination. They had many reasons why to get GC and once they get, they will be free and can do / will do everything possible. But, once they got it, they settled in a permanent job. Without GC, they were working for the same client with even more pay and life was good if not better.

    I was thinking the same way; because I am no different.

    Oflate, I realised, I am un-necessarily worried about something which is not in my control. I realised that I am well paid, with this pay even the benefits I am not getting are compensated. Why am I worried? Should I be after GC in order to get peace of mind? I started looking it little differently. I am in this country to earn more money and live comfortably. I am already enjoying what I wanted. Then, why am I worried still? May be it is in human nature to always look for something which is not in the hands.

    I still need GC for other things like Children education and get some other benefits (our education / starting business etc). I agree, but there is lot of time for that in my case. There are several people who are in the same state as me if not all. Everyone's needs are different.

    I thought I will just share my ideas so that atleast some of the people will be happier.

    So what are your ideas?

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  • chanduv23
    06-20 02:41 PM
    This is a very valid point. If employer or his lawyer asks more money in fees for filing I485 it is always better to go thro employer if he files I485 promptly. But if the delay is intention of the employer then use your own Lawyer.




    Lawyer needs money and employer needs prolongation.

    With rules changing and with CIR reintroduction and with Durbin Grassley amendments - Desi companies will be having tough business in future - they will try to retain consultants in whatever way possible. So beware. These people are sweet in their talk - but they do everything opposite to what they talk.

    This maybe applicable to non desi companies also - this dates becoming current is an acid test for employer's genuinity.

    So be cautious - watchful and get things done in smart way. 180 days down the lane the story is different.

    These are priceless advices :D :D :D


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  • harsh
    12-20 10:10 PM
    Great news. By some distance this is the best news on skilled immigration front this year. This will allow all the H4 dependents who have spent time on H4 for more than 6 years to start working if they get a job with H1B.

    Where did you find this memo "the"? Is it already implemented or is this something USCIS is proposing?

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  • =VALOR=
    02-04 03:43 PM
    Ehmmmmmmm ..............:whistle:

    True. Sorry.


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  • gcgreen
    08-15 12:51 PM
    you can go look at the o-net database online. you can specify keywords of your new job and it will present you different o-net codes. then look at the detailed description of each presented result and draw conclusions as to which one your job will fall under.

    Go to:

    Suppose we know the current job code attached to LC and we have job duties of the new job. How do we know the job code of this new job ? Can anybody throw some light ?

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  • RandyK
    02-20 05:09 PM
    I am trying to figure out the impact of this ruling on the current usage of visa numbers.

    I am from ROW so I would like to see how many more from ROW would demand visa numbers due to this new ruling.

    Obviously this is important to India and China as well because the only way these two categories would get more visa numbers is from ROW overflow this year as these categories have used up most of their visa numbers for the year.

    If I understand correct ROW 1 overflows to ROW 2 and ROW 3 and when ROW 3 current Over flow over to India/China

    Any ideas guys??


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  • rockstart
    06-05 08:25 AM
    I thought they were doing that for a while now? Am I missing something?

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  • alisa
    03-26 12:07 AM
    Bumping this thread up above the garbage.


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  • burnt
    12-19 04:22 PM
    If I try to use my AC21 then does title matter?

    new offer has a title of "Lead software engineer".Current position is "Systems

    Gurus please help


    As per my understanding, The job duties should match your LC(Though position might be slightly different.), make sure that your Job Duties are Similar

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  • mpadapa
    06-05 04:23 PM
    Yes there is an action item - Phone campaign to gain support for HR 5882, 5921 and 6039.
    HR 5921 (removing country quota) more specifically will provide EB3-I more relief.
    HR 5882 (recapture of unused visa's) will make ROW EB3 current and the additional visa's will rollover to EB3-I

    Participate in the phone campaign and also call U'r own lawmaker to seek support from them.

    Guys! is there any action item for IV regarding in this "Worst Effected Category EB3-India"?
    Let us make some effort here, how we can help this category? Yeah! we all know fund drive first thing.


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  • ilikekilo
    01-09 12:37 PM
    Also I agree what Logiclife said when it comes to payments..

    I went thru COBRA for the last 2 months I tell you its a PAIN IN THE A##.
    Yeah premiums are very high. due to some gross miscommuniation on the provider they cancelled my COBRA for december since they didnt recieve payment.

    ONce you quit our current job, you will get within 7-10 days details from ur current insurance cpmpany or a third party administrator which ur company uses. They will also send a payment coupon. (not a discount coupon..).

    I hope your new company is paying the COBRA reimbursements for you...if not there is a loop hole in COBRA taht you can use and NOT pay the payments since you will have grace period. HOWEVER please keep in mind that the new insurance with your new company may have some restrictions on pre existing keep an eye on that..since its for 30 days you will get on to a new insurance personally I wouldnt care for CBORA if the premiums are too high, why becuase, remember the coverage is RETROACTIVE, so you can get a claim reimbursed later after within the grace period

    references for you
    (good and clear one above)

    hope this helps and good luck in ur new jobb...remember to hcange the ADDRESS woth you insurance company...

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  • indo_obama
    05-12 03:40 PM
    I agree.
    Citizens want to either start consulting companies and get H1B employees or want to stop more Indians coming. More Indians mean less jobs for their children.
    Green card holders do not even want to be friends with H1B.
    H1B do not want to be friends with F1.

    H1 girls want to be married to citizen or Green card holders. Or someone with EB2 PD.

    Green card IV members do not even want to come back here.

    agree 100% .....thats us indians ... a real selfish lot


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  • sats123
    06-19 02:12 PM
    I guess most of the folks here are busy preparing to apply for 485. I have different problem here.

    My employer's attorney is charging me outrageous fees of around $5000 to
    apply for 485, AP and EAD for me and my spouse. This excludes USCIS fees. I work on hourly basis, so I should be taking care of immigration fees. My employer is not allowing me to file through another law firm.

    Do I have any other options. How much do they charge usually.

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  • Drifter
    04-06 02:59 PM
    A core member has been helping me in this matter. I really have to thank the core for being so responsive and for giving this matter the kind of attention it deserves. There is some progress in this case and the quickness with which the IV Core acted on this and moved the issue forward gives me and my family hope.
    We have been patiently waiting in the immigration queue for close to 10 years and finally when we are so close to the end of this long journey become victims of a clerical error which was completely out of our control. IV has provided our family with hope. I thank IV for that
    We pray that this issue gets resolved and I hope that no one else has to go thorugh this trying situation.

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  • softcrowd
    10-10 06:27 PM
    There are many people from these Indian Outsourcing companies who are switching to US comanies or even to local desi bodyshopping companies for various reasons...Like the ones below

    1) If you are in US onsite, there is no guarantee that you would be onsite for the prolonged period you want. When the business need arises, you will have to go back at short notice. Most of the people quit these companies in US due to that reason alone.
    2) They don't process GCs in general (very limited cases....)
    3) Chances are that one may make more money based on the skill-set

    However, if people continue to believe that these companies are just sort of "glorified body shoppers", nothing stops them.

    But outsourcing is increasingly preferred by US corporates & these outsourcing companies are only going to prosper.....

    01-04 03:10 PM
    Now as I am thinking hard - H4 might stand for HAREM visa. Bring as many as you want and have your own Harem!

    08-23 12:04 PM
    Cry baby!
    1. If you are interested in knowing about IV very front page provide you ample of information
    2. Understood there is only one bread earner, well you do pay 1000s of $ to fill stupid forms to lawyers. A fraction of that amount will produce bigger bang here at IV.
    3. Some people here in IV are out of the job but still continuing on their mission. Unfortunately, cowards like you will also be benefited by their efforts.
    4. If you really wanted to help, u could have started by joining the state chapter.


    When I joined this forum it was to look advice on my case and to offer help when I could. No one has ever taken the time to explain what the objectives of the Core are. What I see alot of are #1 asking people to contribute and #2 members complaining about people asking their questions in the wrong area or opening too many threads. Someone needs to explain fully what Core is doing and list ways for the members to help. I would love to help if I can. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to offer financially being that my husband and I are living off one income. I wish I could go to the rally but I cant afford to do that either. There must be some way that I can help- stuffing envelopes or something- anything. But what I would love to see is an explanation of what it is the Core is trying to accomplish and a set of guidelines for posting if possible because I am so sick and tired of seeing "please close this thread"

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