Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • langagadu
    12-02 06:53 PM
    Are you sure he is an attorney? May be he is a normal guy like me still in his halloween costume as Attorney.:D

    Hi Experts,
    The question i've is:
    I heard from my Immigration Lawyer that,from November 01, 2008, any person who works in Information Technology (IT) and who has Advanced Degree from USA like Master's is eligible for EB3 Category only and not EB2 category. Please confirm if the above statement is true or not.


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  • gc28262
    03-16 01:12 PM
    I can't agree more.
    Many IV members post on this forum as if it some desi networking site.
    Today IV is our banner for our Immigration woes. Maybe it is the only one. If anti-immigrants need to know what is happening in our world, they have a single source i.e. IV.

    So whenever somebody posts something on this forum, please be reminded that this forum is a favorite among anti-immigrants too. Every post on this forum is indirectly addressing anti-immigrants.

    Please be wise about what you post on this forum.

    My 2 cents.

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  • loudobbs
    08-29 01:23 PM
    Thanks Ajju

    They won't wait for your PD to be current to issue FP Notice.

    Also, I don't think (my 2 cents) its advisable to travel before FP.. You never know when it will come and if you miss it... its considered as if you ignored it... They will issue one more FP notice before closing your AOS application...

    So its needed to keep track of FP notice...

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  • saro28
    09-25 10:44 PM
    Car Production ordered. Travel document approved. When will I recieve FP notice? Any idea?


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  • anilnag
    03-22 04:33 PM
    I am seeing layoffs are on rise in IT sector these days in California. I am in a good business district area in southern California and most of the companies have frozen new hirings and lots of others are laying off.
    Job sites are showing many openings but even if you apply the percentage of calls you get have reduced drastically. Hanging on to wht you got if you can seems to be the only option these days..

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  • JunRN
    01-10 05:08 PM
    If the other guy worked for the company atleast 180 days, then your employer cannot prove that he had no intention to work for the company. If the guy worked for only a short time or didn't work at all for the company, then the company can win the case.

    The greencard of the other person will be rescinded. You can then use his labor.


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  • TheCanadian
    03-18 04:01 PM
    Not sure I can really go into it without breaking the rules of this forum.

    You're just upset that Moses is spelled with a Brooklyn accent: Moises.

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  • sasidhar79
    09-23 01:46 PM
    What do you think we should expect from a president who is "socially conservative" and "fiscally liberal".

    I expected Obama to be another FDR, but I now feel he is very far from being FDR.


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  • DSLStart
    03-09 07:38 PM
    Don't do the mistake of renewing it in India. I did that mistake and had to go through one hell of corrupt bureaucracy.

    I am going to India for couple months and plans to return back on AP.I am planning to get my passport Renewal in India.Is it OK to Renew in India as it shows my India address.

    Thanks In advance

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  • new2gc
    03-31 03:00 PM


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  • ganguteli
    06-25 12:55 PM
    I have added the poll.

    Ganguteli - I told you what I think, its your choice now.

    I am also asking people to think so that they are not taken advantage of.

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  • bsbawa10
    05-26 09:23 PM
    This is just a humour but has a meaning underneath if you try to understand. I am comparing USCIS to a product selling company. If USCIS was a TV selling company what would happen to the customers the way it acts ?

    You could buy a TV but you will not know when you will get it. It could be shipped the next week, the next month, next year or never.
    The credit card will be charged once, may be charged twice or a valid CC may get rejected.
    Somebody who buys a TV from USCSIS a 2 years after you do, he may get it sooner than you do.
    USCIS has no way of knowing how many TVs have been ordered and how many of them are in stock.
    In case you do not receive your TV in two years, USCIS acknowledges that there is a long wait time for some and does not do anything about it. USCIS thinks acknowledgment of wait time is more than enough that it has done for the customers. Customers did not deserve this but USCIS did a favour to them being a good "Customer Service" company
    There would be an online survey after you buy it which would never get submitted 99% of the times.
    In case it did get submitted, somebody will read one out of 10,000.
    After reading it he will throw it in the trash can.
    If you get a defective TV (which is quite likely), you have a chance to file appeal by paying the same amount of money for the TV again so that your case can be re-opened.
    I wonder how many customers would USCIS have eventually ??? Any guesses ??? :-)


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  • psaxena
    06-25 12:13 PM
    Guys lets do it and send as many we can...........

    Ahoy sailors !!! sail ahead full throttle.

    IMHO, this is a legitimate website as I have been getting updates from them regularly and they are the supporting group for illegal immigrants. As per the email I received today, anti-immigrants have sent 693,437 faxes to Washington this month to oppose reform.

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  • checklaw
    04-01 12:10 AM


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  • EndlessWait
    05-30 03:29 PM
    It's because you, me, or any temporary legal immigrant will go back home if some law changes, and new batch of H1 B people will come in to fulfill industry requirement, but for illegal, route from South America is a one way street to USA and no going back. Plus, if temporary legal immigrants leave, US Govt. got to keep all our social security, retirement saving etc. if you think from their angle (US govt.), I guess for them, it makes more sense to legalize illegal (so at-least govt. can get some share of money from their taxes) because no matter what govt. do, illegal are never going to go back.

    After one has been here for 10 yrs. , does US have any Internation tax treaty with INDIA to give back social secuirty benefits or return the taxes back, if one goes back.

    I dont care about GC, Indian govt. must get our social security taxes back. This is a legitimate concern atleast. I guess Indian govt. can take this issue up for sure.

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  • GCVivek
    03-29 04:44 PM
    If your cousin's company is based in India and has no US subsidary or legal relation with any US-based company, the money is TAX FREE. If they open a US account, they would have legal relation to the US system and therefore have to pay income tax on it.

    If they use your account, you will get a 1099 from their client and therefore will show as your earnings and tax will be based on the bracket you fall in (after you add the 1099 earnings). If you are on a work visa (like H1B), this is illegal except for interest earned (I-1099) or stocks/dividents. Other 1099s might affect your immigration process.

    Client can use Remit2India, PayPal (charges fees), Creditcards (charges fees) OR just use their company bank (usually free if paid in US dollars).

    Thing to keep in mind is: fees, foreign transaction fees, conversion fees are all different from US taxes.

    Hi Guys,

    I need your help on this. My cousin is running this small IT company in india and he mentioned that when US client sends their money to India via Pay Pal or some secure money transfer , they are charging them 4 % of transfer amount.

    He ask me that what could be the best way to avoid this fees , some of the option that we thought about,

    1) If they (cousin's company) open an bank account in USA and utilize this to transfer the money to indian bank account - Would they still need to pay US tax as money is being deposited into the US account?

    2) If I utlize my bank account - I think in this scenarion I have to pay the US tax for whatever money the client is depositing into my account in order to make this legal transfer

    3)If US client utilize remit2india, ICICI to transfer money which I highly doubt

    I appriciate your responce on this.


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    03-31 12:31 PM
    Good initiative!

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  • snarla
    06-25 03:36 PM

    I guy at the CBP office said that since my passport will be expiring on July 2007, i should have gotten my I94 stamped only till July 2007 instead of till September 2007 which is whenmy visa stamp will expire ... I am planning to try my luck again once i get my new passport ...

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  • tonky
    July 23rd, 2004, 08:51 PM
    I played around with the 14n at Adorama. Also I have been at DPR Kodak forum gathering user experiences. For its price, its a great camera for its targeted purpose.

    There are two problems for me. There can be major magenta fringing at back-lighting and low light conditions (What will happen for shooting one hour before sun rise and after sun set?). You must shoot raw and do significant digital dark room work.

    Complaint: Even the D70 has spot metering, 1/500 x-synch, 30 - 1 / 8000. Cmon, Canon, at least put the d*mn spot-metering on the 10D-II (if not 12mp, FF, ... for $999.00)

    StevenI dont' know, is there canon 10D-II? with those spec I think I'll have to buy one

    09-11 02:43 PM
    But were you carrying your H1B or EAD/ AP with you all the time....?


    Are we required to carry GC with us all the time ? :confused:

    My attorney says we must. What if I lose it or damage it ? Can we carry a photocopy ?

    03-24 11:02 AM
    Harvard university and boston University are looking for dbas. Go to their site and search.

    I guess they do H1 sponcership too (if required)

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