Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • Pineapple
    12-04 06:39 PM

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  • satishku_2000
    05-31 01:26 AM
    Please guys, I understand the frustration we're all going through but do not compare it to what happened to the Jews under the Nazis. We are indeed in a bad situation but comparing it to genocide is too much.

    I have seen pictures of the Holocaust and still get nightmares.

    Just keep things in perspective and have faith in God and your destiny.
    Remember, the bill hasn't passed yet. It still has to go through the House of Representatives.

    There is nothing in this world that is as evil as Nazis , People should refrain from using the word at any cost.

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  • sanbaj
    03-27 11:56 AM
    Hello Sanbaj, where did you send your interfiling request ? I mean which center ? I am also in same situation but I did not send the original I-140 approval copy.
    NSC. I got the RNs from there.

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  • laborday
    07-17 09:41 AM
    AHAH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a bully. I refreshed and it still says June though :confused:
    This is what I see:

    "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Nebraska Service Center Service Center Processing Dates
    Posted July 16, 2007 "


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  • sroyc
    10-11 08:03 PM
    A PhD does not automatically qualify you for EB1. There are a lot of other requirements. Unless you are in a research or teaching job, it's hard for PhD's to qualify for EB1. Besides, there's the small matter of getting an H-1B or O-1.

    If she has a PHD in CSE she should look for a job get H1 and file Green Card in EB1 all off this can be done in 6 months! What's holding you back???? :)

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  • diptam
    08-20 09:50 PM
    I understand your mental condition because my Labor was also traded in market during 2004... Dont take any impulsive step by reading forums ! Make sure you 've correct docs and stuffs before letting employer know that you sued them. Remember they can revoke H1B anytime showing completely different reasons.

    Also remember you have to pay for your lawyer - this is not going to be a 'class action' or any 'criminal trial' that you be will assisted with lawyer.

    I'm not discouragaing you to complain against wrong-doers but be ready before cracking down on them.

    Good Luck !

    No, they stopped responding to my emails from last month.


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  • nrk
    10-31 04:24 PM
    Thanks for the info,

    how to contact Ombudsman

    Folks, don't beat ur head on this.
    OP - as long as you followed all laws and everything is perfect with you, don't worry.

    Almost all the AC21 denials that I am aware of have been successfully reversed if you think that is the case.

    Do not expect any valuble information from USCIS when your date is not current.

    They can give the following if you go for infopass : name check issues, address change issues, FP issues, (if u r lucky they might tell u that it is preadjudicated) etc...

    As an alternate you may want to contact the Ombudsman and explain in detail about your thoughts on this cryptic letter and request for "proper information"

    As another alternative - contact your law maker. Go to your congressman's office and show the cryptic letter. Tell them you are concerned, you have family and followed all rules properly and curious to know if there is anything wrong that is going on that you might not be aware of and would like to correct it.

    A proper response will give you peace of mind.

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  • sanju
    10-21 10:14 PM

    I said in my earlier post that I will think about it. This is what I have to say.

    There are things that can be measured in single dimension say on x-axis. Say you have to buy a car and you have to ask yourself a question – which car do I like to buy? Say you like Honda as compared to other cars. Your likeability of Honda or such cars could be measured on the positive side of the x-axis and likewise, if you don’t like some car, that can be measured on the negative side on the x-axis. Now, there could be another dimension to the situation, say, what is the car model in question, if it is a civic or maybe accord, accord, CRV, Odyssey, Element or whatever. Now if you ask yourself that question again – which car do I like? This time you need two dimensions to answer the question which Honda model you like and which you don’t like. Foe the sake of clarity you can do this on the X&Y-axis. But say if there is a choice of multiple colors. You would have to now think/plot a 3-dimention model, say a cube, because you may like a model of Honda in one color but you may not like the same color in another model. Now there could be other combinations, say which year make or whether it is a sedan/coupe or the cost factor or resale value, mileage, new/old, dealership, goodies, experience of your friends/well-wishers etc. etc. etc. So there could be multiple dimensions analysis to answer a 7 word question - which car do I like to buy?

    The reason I say this is, even situations which otherwise seem simple require multiple dimensions of analysis. And there could be many more dimensions that we do not know or we do not understand. But say, you ignore all dimensions to every situation, and judge every situation in a single dimension analysis - whether or not you like something or not? If you don’t like it, that something has to be wrong. If you like it, that something is right. It can be easily identified on the x-axis. Simple, isn’t it. Life would be so much easier; it would be so much fun.

    But here is the problem. With single dimension analysis of every situation, we will all be wrong most of the time. Since our childhood, maybe that’s why we were sent to school to get educated so that we could gain the knowledge & wisdom which could help us to apply more than one dimension to every situation and we could gain the ability to evaluate and analyze things around us “intelligently” – in multi-dimension.

    Your single dimension analysis of -ve comments situation is, you don't like them and that's why the entire system HAS to be wrong. You see what I am saying.

    It’s ok to express in the any forum and if you don’t like a forum, as in this case you don’t like reputation system, you have the choice to totally ignore it and not look at it at all. But you chose to look at the reputation system maybe because you continue to be mindful of your reputation on the anonymous forum, but then you continue to complain about the existense of the red dot system. It’s the choice you make. And then you apply single dimension analysis – if you don’t like a comment, there is something wrong with the guy who posted a negative comment and the reputation system and the IV and everyone around us. And because you are not happy, you think it is ok to curse everyone saying that the entire immigration system cannot be fixed because IV has reputation system. You know, I have to tell you, you are pretty good.

    The reason I say all this is, I have fundamental difference with the folks who do not like reputation system but continue to look at it and complain about it, even when they have the choice not to look at the reputation system. The problem doesn’t end there. Every week there is someone complaining about the reputations left for that guy, and I just have an intellectual disagreement with that behavior. And I do not have anything against you or anyone else, I am sure you are a good man with a kind heart.



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  • p1234
    10-25 02:36 PM
    Senior (PD's from 2001-03) EB3-I sufferers, you'll surely get what you deserve by the middle of 2009. Having said that, if you think its in your best interest to get a better job under EB2, go for it and port your PD. Nothing can stop you.
    If someone writes a letter to USCIS to stop EB3 porting, you can counter it by writing another letter explaining why you are porting in the first place and you have the right and the freedom to get better jobs and qualify for higher categories.

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-12 09:47 AM
    I think we need to have a thread to report the name of such companies...

    That actually might be a good idea. These companies that mess with employees and take advantage of their visa status, should be taught such a torrid lesson that any other freakin desi consultants will think twice b4 messing with their employees. It's a sad thing that we Indians exploit other Indians in the name of "It's JUST Business".


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  • sameet
    11-04 03:21 PM
    Coming soon..Rated R, for SCARY IMAGES....will make EVERYONE cry!!
    Playing on a computer screen near you!!!.....

    'V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-E-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009"

    *Disclaimer: Can cause serious mental distress, suicidal thougths, depression, excessive alcohol consumption. Not recommended for EB-XI/C, EB-3 ROW.Country of birth restrictions apply.

    Glad to see a good sense of humor :-)

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  • willIWill
    11-02 12:31 PM
    It is that time again, the eager wait for the next month's Visa bulletin. It is almost like a monthly ritual for many.

    Although there is no clear logic to the movements, there are folks in the line that hold some hope that this might be the one that will get them closer to the GC counter. (happens every month ! :p)

    Since predicting VB dates is as close to pulling stuff out of thin air. My gaze in the crystal ball tells EB2-I and EB2-C to be the same: Feb 05 (hoping for a quarterly spill over in Jan 2010 :) )

    As for Eb3 even the crystal ball turns foggy. I very much wish EB3-I sees some forward movement in the upcoming bulletin; may be at par with or at least close to ROW/China/Mex/Phil.

    Let the Gazing Start... ;)


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  • mhtanim
    11-19 01:51 PM
    I never received a transfer notice from NSC, however my wife received a transfer notice long back (some time in Sep')

    Sorry for asking you so many questions. I am just trying to figure out if there is any pattern on NSC-CSC-NSC FP appointments.

    Did you get a notice from CSC saying they are transferring your I-485 to NSC? If so, when was it?

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  • ssss
    11-09 04:36 PM
    did you receive any transfer notice??

    Yes we did receive the transfer notice 3 weeks ago.


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  • India_USA
    11-03 08:25 AM
    Thank God Dems are out otherwise Legals will never get anything till every illegal crossing the border is ahead of them. Democrats are only good for three kind of people:


    I hope Obama looses soon and we have some sanity of law

    I have nothing to say about the dems in particular...........however, you are being extremely short sighted if you want Obama to loose. He is driving this country in the right direction, and you go with any republican who just talks nonsense of tax cut and national security, you may have a green card or even citizenship - and your children will be wishing to go to another country as there are no opportunities here!

    (When I say you and your children, I mean us and our children)

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  • morchu
    11-03 02:09 PM
    I think most of EB3I and EB2I are missing one point.
    EB3I didn't loose anything by the change in spillover policy few years back.
    It is EB3-world who lost. Obviously EB2I and EB2C was on the gainers side.

    EarlierSpillover EB1row->EB2row->EB3row->EB1I/C->EB2I/C->EB3I/C
    CurrentSpillover EB1row->EB1I/C->EB2row->EB2I/C->EB3row->EB3I/C

    (or to be more precise, it is currently EB1->EB2->EB3 since spill overs are not considering country based limitations)

    Either way EB3I was last in the que. So nothing changed for EB3I or EB3C.
    EB2I or EB2C on the other hand moved ahead of EB3row, that is very noticeable.

    EB1I/C also moved ahead of EB2row, by this is not that noticeable, since all these categories were close to "current" either way.

    In summary, you change the spillover whatever way.... EB3I is always going to be at the end of the line, least benefiting from any spill over.


    I hope once DOS decides to change the spillover and give the extra visas to Eb3 (whoever ROW , India....). The ensuing discussions from from the self glorified EB2 crowd here would make for an entertaining reading. I would like to see how much they enjoy the predictions after that.


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  • pappu
    01-11 06:04 AM
    Pls let us know if you have participated in the campaign:

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  • trueguy
    02-20 11:45 PM

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.


    Immigration office can come to your home to check on you if your application is family based, like spouse living together or not. But since you are on H1B, I don't know why would they come to your home. They should check with ur employer and do the verification.

    This is just my opinion.

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  • bfadlia
    04-14 03:45 PM
    I just got back from a lengthy fight with my local and state DMV offices to convince them I'm legal to continue having a drivers license. I'm EB, in the adjustment of status stage since July 2007. DMV asked me recently for proof for status check. I took the pending I-485 receipt and while they told me it is an acceptable proof, they said they have a rule that if the document has no expiration date, they can only give you a driver license with validity 6 months beyond the receipt date of your document (with the wild assumption that any I-485 application is approved or denied within 6 months)
    I have nothing against local government and their agencies enforcing immigration, but if you won't give your staff the necessary training to comprehend what legal immigration status is then it will be a disaster

    08-20 09:07 PM
    I agree that labor belongs to the company, but I paid all the fee for the same. They can always use that, but they are not supposed to screw up me In this case, they didn't talk to me and told me that my 485 was applied, which turned out to be a lie.

    Robert Kumar
    01-04 12:12 PM
    Applied for EAD and AP together (e-file at TSC center) in the last week of Nov 2010 and got the EAD card yesterday in mail. The validity period is for 2 yrs. The online status for EAD updated accordingly. However there is no status update for AP.

    How many days before expiry can one apply for

    1. EAD extension.
    2. AP extension.
    3. Since EAD extension is possible only because of 485 pending, is there a chance of risk, if employer withdraws 485 for some reason.

    Thank You,

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