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  • sreeraghu
    07-13 03:26 PM
    one GC for each family (3 or 4) members, instead of treating as multiple GC's.

    say for a family of 4 uscis is treating it as 4 GC instead they can treat this as a single GC. which will make many people eligible for GC

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  • santb1975
    06-19 08:55 PM
    I am sure all the state chapter leads will post an update when they are done with their work day.

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  • sunny1000
    12-11 01:27 PM
    This has got nothing to with corruption or bribe but, everyhting to do with milking helpless immigrants...they just wanna squeeze you harder and harder so that someday you will give up...

    This new proposed rule will not matter for retrogressed categories / countries.

    It will affect the lucky few whose PDs are current and can file concurrently. It certainly looks like they are enforcing (FORCING) premium process I-140s down everyones' throat now. It is a very typical dirty ploy from this administration.

    Think twice before you talk about corruption and bribes in third world countries. We all know how this system 'works' now...

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-18 12:41 AM

    Here is the same old Cockney reply from TSC on inquiry for my wife's case through my area congressman:

    TSC is currently processing I-485 visas based on filing date order. There are a large amount of cases that are being worked and your case will be worked in receipt date order. With the limited amount of visas that are currently available between now and September 30, 2009, there is no guarantee that your case can be completed before the end of FY2009. It is estimated, that in general, your case will be completed between 45 and 90 days.

    Thank you for your inquiry and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions regarding this case.

    Obviously that logic is bull crap, otherwise I also won't have been approved. We have the same receipt date and everything...........I guess there is so much we can do....


    SOP - Tell your congressman you got approved with the same day as your spouse and there are people who got approved in the later dates as well. Ask them to follow up with USCIS with the same. If not since USCIS has sent this info in written, tell them you will take legal action, if this is the reason.


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    07-12 03:05 PM
    my feeling is if it is not coming out till jul 14th evening

    dates would be some where end of 2006


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  • omved
    11-12 11:23 PM
    From what i know, if you have an Indian Passport and a US Green card, the only countries you can travel to without any visitor/tourist visa requirements are India, USA, Canada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Mexico (Thanks to Sunny1000 for confirmation of Mexico and Dominican Republic)

    Are there any other countries I can go to which don't require a Visa or will grant a visa on arrival?


    Thanks for this useful information. But does visa non requirement is valid only when departing country is USA or this would remain correct for traveling from any international destination to above countries.

    Thanks again..



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  • sledge_hammer
    02-15 02:12 PM
    What you are advising her/him to do is lie to USCIS that he/she is sick when she is not. This is on the same lines as doing what those guys behind bars did, brining people on H-1B from India to the US without actually having a job for them.

    Again, its people like you that is giving genuine legal immigrants a bad name, and putting us all (including yourself) in the LONG immigration queue!

    I see that you have written letters and participated in other campaigns. None of those will materialize if you're teaching others to missuse the H-1B system. How hard is it for you to understand that these are the kinds of loopholes because of which we are stuck with no visa numbers?

    Get a letter from your employer saying they are granting you a personal unpaid vacation as per your request(which can be done using a pre-dated letter to them). Make sure you are getting your medical coverage from them(if you have it through them). Provide that and an explanation that you are taking personal time off due to health etc/stress. Hopefully that flies with the USCIS.

    good luck

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  • Canadianindian
    04-21 08:55 AM
    Are we so idle that we are thinking about changing the name of IV? Don't we have something better to do like taking part in IV activities?

    Well how about chaging our own names too so that americans can easily remember our names? I think that its a good idea too.

    The suggestion for the name change was to identify us as "legal" tax paying individuals, and not for the ease of remembering the name.

    However, I do agree that it may be too much of an effort, and would recomend that when communicating with lawmakes and other inviduals, we introduce ourselves as legal tax paying individuals that are trying to reunite families and children, and provide ourselves the freedom and the ability to further our careers by attempting to streamline the immigration process.


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  • GCAmigo
    02-08 09:48 AM
    Does anyone know when March bulletin comes out...
    anyway you can check this link..

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  • sunny26
    11-19 02:32 PM
    U have 4 yrs degree.Ability to pay not an issue.No exp needed.This 3 are major RFE.So nothing fit for u.So maybe some minor issue.So of my friend got RFE 2weeks back but still didnt receive Actual RFE.his RD is nov15th

    or Can the RFE juz verify with my employer whether the position is still available to me or not ??


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    02-07 11:23 AM
    My 8th year H1/H4 extension applied @VSC on 10/22/2007. My employer received approval letters on 01/31/2008. As of today my online status still shows as "Case received and pending" (now that's why I call USCIS is a useless system):D

    Note: on 01/24 & 01/25 there were LUD's on both H1/H4 cases and nothing changed with online case status

    EB2-140 @ TSC still pending.

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  • Maxine
    03-31 04:42 PM


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  • senthil
    02-05 09:52 AM
    sometime's if they need to do some background-investigation to get more info on your visa status / educational background / name check or what-ever for no-reason etc , they just place you in this status. the tricky thing is do never know how long the wait is. ive heard / read some people have to wait in months for no reason. you should be happy that you received it in 2 weeks.

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  • ski_dude12
    12-10 08:12 AM

    What takes priority in life? Time with family or getting stuck in the GC mill.

    I find it disheartening that a senior member like you would advice someone on foregoing their pleasure trip and donating to IV. Would you be willing to cancel all your pleasure trips/family outings to donate money to IV? If you do, i feel sorry for your family.

    Please donate that extra money meant for leisure to IV instead going to Bahama this year.


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  • reddog
    09-18 10:41 PM
    The question is incorrect.
    It should be, "How many of you have children that are non-US citizens?"

    The reason is obvious. One less immigration visa if the kid is a citizen.

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  • kkartikeya
    07-14 06:48 PM
    Sending flower with little knowledge of H1B's would help him to know us better .:)


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  • krishmunn
    03-18 10:46 AM
    It is not 1 month , it is 21 days to be precise.
    Your attorney messed up with Labor, was sleeping from Feb 25 (Labor approved) to March 4 (129 mailed). Why is that a fault of CIS ?

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-12 03:05 PM
    One of my friend got EAD 2 year back even though his priority date was not came. Ofcourse this was even b4 this mess created USCIS. He was still using his H1 till couple months back, he is afraid of USCIS may roll back his EAD since PD is not yet reached.

    I do heared 11 people from Infxxxx company got EAD even though their PD was not current. They are saying by mistake send the package but they got EAD.

    I do know personally that person on the 1st paragraph, on the 2nd paragraph I dont have any evidence.....

    Just sharing this information to help this thread, hope there may be lot more cases got EAD without PD even before this mess they have created.:D

    You don't need your PD to be current for EAD/AP

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  • Saralayar
    06-05 09:36 PM
    I efiled my EAD in NSC on April 16th and Still I am waiting.

    08-14 10:02 AM
    I will be willing to join such a campaign.
    EB2 India PD 12/05

    04-27 01:44 PM

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