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  • lazycis
    12-15 02:50 PM
    AC21 cannot be used before 180 days. Also the employer may be upset if you take a vacation and do not return. Why not give two-week notice and quit normally? Plus, the new job is contract to hire. To use AC21, the new employment offer has to be permanent, IMHO. Programmer analyst to DBA may not be a big issue. You have to try to make sure your previous employer will not withdraw I-140.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    04-18 06:35 PM
    Thanks for sending the email. Whats the email address that we can use to reach Obama.

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  • Winner
    06-19 02:44 PM
    Guys and Gals,
    I decided to go with my credit union and called them this morning to lock the rates. I just received some disclosures and rate lock agreement, when I was reading it, there was a section where it asks "Are you a U.S citizen?", loan office assumed that I'm a citizen and checked the box.

    I understand that I should tell them the truth, but wondering if that may increase my interest rates. Please share your experience or advice you may have for me.

    H1B - Valid till 2011
    EAD - Expires on Sept 08 (will be renewing it soon).

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  • wonderlust
    09-19 10:16 PM
    I was with Swede and the Polish guy at the rally. I myself chose IV over other organization precisely because the diversity and the common ground IV embraces--they represent the true American Dream and the fundation of Democracy.

    The diversity: IV was initially established by a group of Indians, but it has a welcoming attitudes toward anyone who has suffered, is still suffering, and will suffer from the broken system.

    The common ground: IV clearly estabishes that English is the language for the forum (at least the main forum). By setting the language, the IV sends a message of welcome to all who share the American Dream. By including individuals across countries of origin, IV recognizes the nature of the Great Melting-pot and shows that we have the ability to be inclusive, tolerant, and work together on a democratic basis.

    Let's make efforts to mobilize people across countries of origin and work towards success! KEEP IV STRONG!


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  • Marphad
    04-03 11:02 AM

    Thanks for contacting IV with your SOS.
    An IV core member is going to be helping you to fix this with USCIS. Let us know if you need help. He already tried contacting you yesterday.

    As IV grows maybe this is a help IV can extend to all its donor members and help them if they get in such extreme distress situations. This is one of the ideas we are thinking for our members in the donor group.

    I appreciate your response even if the guy is not a donor. Great job.

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  • rrkany
    12-21 11:37 AM
    I live in chicago, want to be part of this effort.


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  • Onesimus
    03-19 03:53 AM
    Well, yeah. And I also found his other work ( (linked in his thread). :(

    I'm no native english, if i offended anybody in "any" way, It is not what i intended. Can't quite get it though.

    I asked "have you read the bible" on my design because if you did then you'll find this names familiar.

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  • va_labor2002
    06-23 09:33 AM
    Guys, If we try something its not gonna hurt us. If we don't try we may have lost an opportunity. The least that this dude can do for us is listen and then we can follow up.

    I insist, again, lets talk abt soc. sec treaty. With thousands of us having together millions in that account, the US gov. will have to do something. Remember-its our money- the US govt. cannot deny it if asked by The Indian govt. IF they wanna keep it, better give us our GCs!

    I agree !


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  • vamsi_poondla
    10-02 04:18 PM
    Get hold of a qualified immigration attorney and ask for a paid advice.

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  • nandakumar
    09-19 10:30 AM
    The whole experience of the rally was really great, meeting the staffs of Congressmen/Congresswomen, IV core team, other volunteers and members, hearing the speeches of Congressmen and being a volunteer.

    Rally was well organized and volunteers tirelessly worked all three days. Me and my wife are really proud for being part of this historic event and also proud for the participation of so many fellow CA members.

    It would have been great if members from neighboring states have attended in big way.


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  • corba
    05-07 07:41 PM
    I am working in IT field. Technology or field does not matter. I have seen people who did MS in US also got 221g.

    My only understanding is If it's a big company, then they are issuing visa, But not guranteed ...

    But for small companies / consultants, There will be a definite query / admin process is waiting for you.

    My case is very genuine... I am working for this company since 2005 and I am the only one H1B employee.

    I got my eb-3 140 approved from this employer only ...

    And my wage is always above the determineed wages in Labor / LCA ...No gap in paychecks ...

    Compnay also in profit mode always ...

    So they approved my h1 extn 2 times in the past and approved my 140 also. Now what the heck they got doubt in the employer ...

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  • ivgoodluck
    09-10 07:00 PM

    I renewed online on July 29th. In the online confirmation receipt, it was mentioned that i would get a biometrics appointment notice. So i didn't send photos along with supporting documents. It is been more than 30 days, i didnt get any biometrics appointment. So i called USCIS and the customer service person filed a service request for biometrics appointment. Yesterday i got an email response from USCIS as below:

    "The status of this service request is:

    A biometrics appointment notice is not required for your I-765 application. Your case is being processed within our normal processing times."

    Now i'm confused about what they are going to do for photos? Will they send a RFE for photo? Should i wait for RFE or Proactively send photos? If anyone send the photos alone?



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  • jamesbond007
    10-02 01:59 PM
    You need to ask yourself what you want to do with it?
    Because, any paper currency is currency - it will lose its values over time.

    Do you want to keep converting it back and forth depending on what the exchange rate is?
    Things to look at: How easy would it be to convert it back to the USD? What taxes will you be liable to? What are the associated fees?

    forex trading can be a lucrative business if you have the discipline and patience.

    Another thing you might want to consider: Gold is at an all time high demand right now. I think that price will keep going up.

    Do any of you have any information on Foreign currency CD. I am thinking of opening CD account with Foreign currency possibly with Indian rupee.

    Rupee is 47.50 today and i think its the best time to buy rupees rather keeping ur money in dollar.

    Please throw some input.


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  • webm
    11-19 11:09 AM
    If you consider waiting from Feb 2005 is too long, then what you would say for those guys stuck still in BEC from 1999

    I agree with you...


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  • beppenyc
    05-29 08:46 AM
    Hi Beppenyc,

    I have a very good friend who is French. He live is Paris. He tells me his view is different than yours.

    Beppenyc, could it be because France did not control the number of immigrants and ended up bringing more pople than what they should and made assimilation harder there ? Some believe that the US is heading to a path similar than the France one. Just look at the US. This is a country known for its immigration tradition. Look at what is happening now. Americans - unfortunately - are starting to become bitter towards immigration. Why ? It is because as everything in life, you need to have a balance. If you start letting too many people in, people may feel immigration becomes an invasion. Like France, this is a democracy. When you have the majority of your citizens pissed off at illegal immigration or even rate of legal immigration, honestly I would listen to the people otherwise the relationship between newcomers and citizens may look a rough road ahead.

    Just to give you an idea, today I have a lunch with folks from my church - some are here illegally - and they acknowledged that there are too many Latinos in Orlando and therefore they do not want to live there anymore. Just to give you an idea how serious the situation is. Even the illegal folks themselves admit that an unbalanced number of immigrants may not be advantageous.

    The problem in French is different. They bring the immigrants from Africa and North Africa to work to build the subway, La Defense (ask yourfriends),Eurostar ect ect. French has a controll of the number of immigrants, is not so difficult. The problem is that they put the immigrants living in the ghetto (Banlieu) and to not give any hope of future. When all the big project were done, they forced to sent the immigrants home, but without success. If you are really interest to see what is the reality in France, get this movie made in 1997, LA HAINE.
    Communique, the problem is different: Illegal immigratin is like poverty , you will never defeat it. The US economy have an enormous advantage with the Illegal immigration, in particulary in Agricolture, they were more competitive in the international market. If you have 12 million of illegals, means that you have at least 6 million of American Citizen who give job to this people, making a HUGE PROFIT. Let`s analyze the restaurant business, how is possible that is cheaper to eat in USA than europe? The reason because here they can use a lot of illegal in the kitchen or as waitress. What about the house building? What about it? About the legal, the difference is that of course we are playing with the rules, but the reality is that we are in the same condition: we are slave, we can not look for another job because of the sponsorship and 4 have this green card we will wait for ever.That`s give an enormous advantage to the company, butis not fair, because the company is really exploit us. You are talking about invasion, it`s funny, I have the same discussion with another american kid. If the American citizens are really angry about that, how is possible that they continue to hire illegal? . YOur economy is growing but US don`t have the capacity to answer to all the needs. Period. Your immigration law was wrong from the beginning, because did not undestand the really needs of the economy. The real challange is to make them integrated in the US society. If not , the situation will be worse in the future. Good luck and good nigt!

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  • snathan
    02-17 07:55 PM
    My wife worked as a consultant for first half of 2008 with a desi employer as an employee (on W-2). After many calls and emails we received W-2 Thursday that has income and taxes of only first two months. Now he says that he showed remaining 4 months as his profit so he can only send 1099. Please advise if I can take any legal action against this employer.

    Thank you

    There is an option in turbo tax, if you didnot receive the w-2 from employer you need to submit another form. So explore that one and will give you more information.

    I guess if you are submitting that form, IRS will take care of your employer issue. Otherwise just call the Trubo Tax people if you are using them.


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  • Pagal
    03-23 05:43 PM
    Hello Chi,

    I don't think there is any restriction on other income till it is not from a breach of your visa status. You can earn income from a business as a passive partner, but not as an active owner while on H-1B or H-4.

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  • rk07
    09-27 02:19 PM

    Anyone applied on July 23rd at NSC and not received the RN?

    Anyone in the same boat with me?


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  • brb2
    10-01 04:27 PM
    I would say a very transparent administration and solid institutions along with excellent educational systems is a key reason for these small countries being so competitive. Much of Asia and Africa is bogged down due to unstable political condition, rampant corruption, weak institutions and regulated economies, not to say low literacy and paucity of skilled workers.

    In finland, denmark, iceland and other small northern european/scandinavian countries, English is the main language used, making it much easier for new immigrants.these small countries have to use english to stay competitive and communicate, because most of the world including europe do not speak finnish or swedish.
    Just a thought for those wishing to get the hell outta here

    07-10 06:49 PM
    Thank you for your advice. My last M.Sc. and Ph.D. is from the USA. My Ph.D. is about manufacturing of aircraft brakes with Honeywell.

    EB1-B or EB-2 is more suitable for me?
    what bothers me is that I am not cited in the literature yet and I do not have awards.

    Your profile does not sound enough for either EB1-OR (aka EB1-B aka EB1-2) or EB2-NIW. As pointed out before, if your employer is unwilling to "sponsor" you (i.e., not willing to sign a support letter), then you can go only with either EB1-EA or EB2-NIW. All other categories, including EB1-OR require sponsorship from the employer. In general, the lowest non-retrogressed preference level is the best bet. If you were born in Egypt, then that is EB2 (standard EB2 sponsored by your employer). For people who were born in India and (mainland) China, it is EB1.

    12-30 11:19 AM
    I agree, battles are a great idea!

    I would never have done anything to the theme of the seasons without battles and I guess that was Kits fault hehe, cheers Kit :beam:

    Thanks for your vote Guig :P

    - Soul :goatee:

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