Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • abhijitp
    01-24 07:17 PM
    Also setup time with employer to request a letter.

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  • sandy_anand
    11-02 06:43 PM
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  • Openarms
    06-01 01:55 PM

    Great site and very useful for all of us.

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  • kumar4875
    04-29 02:18 PM
    WOW --Right from relationship between coutries tot he pros and cons of war planes we are discussing here.We have people with nice political knowledge per se Ministers and Kings who can analyze how just 11 billion (bully)dollar deal can affect the Green card processing and we have Generals and colonels who knows which fghter plane is good for which country.

    But still we are able to manage only around 200 for the advocasy event and large amount of donataions which barely met the expenses. what a pity ;)


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  • shana04
    02-12 05:15 PM

    If any one needs AC21 letter format do let me know. I can give you the format.

    Good luck.

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  • apahilaj
    11-29 11:26 AM

    Any update on your FP notices yet? am still waiting. Did any one of you file DHS 7001 for ombudsman inquiry?

    Thanks and good luck.


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  • nixstor
    02-11 04:23 PM
    Thanks for the comments. Its not my assumptions, it is the law.
    Please checkout how the spillovers between EB and FB are arrived. Here is the link

    My 0.02


    Thats a good analysis. As you noted EB-2 India got only 14K visas as opposed to other predictions of 30-32K visas. I have long said that the variable here is how EB1 and EB-2 ROW demand numbers. A lot of folks assumed that all the spill over will end up in the EB-2 I/C lap. It does not as long as there is no retrogression across the entire EB-2 category severely, making the old PD golden (this is not going to happen) or there is very less demand for EB1 and EB2-ROW numbers.

    While I agree with your analysis, I feel that the number of employers/applicants filing for Labor/140/485 has started a downward spiral in 2008. This means lesser demand for EB1 and EB-2 ROW numbers making the numbers available to EB-2 I & C. Again, it is very well possible that there are just enough number of people from both Eb1 & EB-2 ROW categories left & entering in the system to deny the numbers to EB-2 I & C. Unless the state of the economy continues like this, shedding 600K jobs in one month, equal to number jobs in the state of Maine, we can't say that EB-2 I & C can become close to current or leap into 2007 and beyond. Then we might be current and have a GC but the economic situation would be so worse that people don't care for GC. God Forbid we have to see that and lets hope and pray that the Stimulus will resuscitate the economy

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  • suren1
    02-12 11:41 AM
    As per data - EB3 is dead horse for rest of the FY


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  • DSJ
    06-20 01:25 PM
    I was saying all those things if the reason was money. If that is not the case then I am wrong, I am not an expert in suggesting different lawyer.

    I have no issues giving the lawyer what ever they want, if I can be assured that I will be getting good service for what I paid . If the law firm has a history of delays & screw ups etc, I do not see a reason why we have to pay hefty fees to get screwed in the end. There are a lot of stories where people have been screwed due to paralegal mistakes. We have waited so many years and I would like to control my destiny at least now. People have different opinions. Thats just how I feel.

    Every one is talking about potential RFE's and seeking lawyers help in that case. What will any one do if they an free RFE after180 days of receipt notice and you are no longer with the company? What kind of RFE's are people getting if they are using EAD instead of H1B? Do they get any in the first place? Can some one who has been on EAD and received RFE's shed some light?


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  • coopheal
    04-17 02:20 PM
    Do you guys think EB3 India will move forward?
    It does say that similar expansion could happen for other chargeability areas.


    Recent discussions have indicated that both the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and the Department of Labor still have a significant amount of cases in their backlog reduction efforts. As a result, the anticipated increase in demand has not yet materialized and may not for some time. Therefore, in an effort to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit, the Worldwide and Philippines Employment Third preference cut-off dates have been advanced by one year.

    Unless there is a significant increase in Employment demand, it will be necessary to continue this rate of movement during the upcoming months. Such movement could be expanded to include other chargeability areas and preference categories.

    One consequence of rapid cut-off date advancement is the inevitable increase in demand for numbers as adjustment of status cases are brought to conclusion at CIS Offices. Such increased demand could have dramatic impact on the cut-off dates. Readers will be provided as much advance notice as possible should this occur.


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  • vin13
    06-25 03:39 PM (

    Just hours before President Obama hosts lawmakers for a discussion on immigration at the White House, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel conceded that Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill do not have the votes to pass a comprehensive reform bill.

    "If the votes were there, you wouldn't need to have the meeting. You could go to a roll call," Emanuel told reporters during an hour-long breakfast.

    About 20 senators and House members are due to arrive at the White House at 2 p.m. for the discussion in the State Dining Room. Aides to the president said the meeting was intended to "launch a policy conversation by having an honest discussion about the issues and identifying areas of agreement and areas where we still have work to do."

    The president will announce administrative actions that the White House has already taken to chip away at the issues, including a modernization of computers that allow people to quickly see their immigration status. Officials said the White House hopes to begin the more controversial debate over a comprehensive approach to address illegal immigration later this year.

    But Emanuel offered reporters a more realistic assessment, saying that while it is "not impossible" to get immigration reform done this year, it is more likely to be pushed off.

    "It's not impossible to do it this year," he said. "Could you get it in this year? Yes. I think the more important thing is to get it started this year."

    Responding to a question about the political implications for Democrats of delay, Emanuel said, "It's better that it happens politically. It's also better that we continue to focus on improving the economy."

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  • sledge_hammer
    06-26 02:48 PM
    Is brightening the photos considered "retouching"?

    Anything that get's you a RFE is bad..

    I got it from CVS and they look good.


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  • H1BLegal95
    12-13 05:19 PM
    I tried to recruit 3 guys with 7-8 yrs of experience. We already have a 12 member offshore team...the average asking rate (H1s and citizens) is 90K ..H1B quota restriction is working in our favor very much. Market rate for IT professionals has increased quite handsomely..put ur resume out to dice or monster and see for urselves.

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  • vrbest
    10-08 01:18 PM
    Got EAD Card for all of us in a span of 3-5 days. My son got 1 year EAD (10yrs old) but me and my wife got 2 years EAD. Any way happy that I can claim 300$ tax rebate for my son and get SSN for him also..

    Still pending... Just checking to see if there are many waiting like me

    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...


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  • vin13
    06-24 03:17 PM
    Source:Immigration reformers press WH - First Read - (
    From NBC's Mark Murray
    In advance of President Obama's meeting tomorrow to discuss immigration reform with congressional Democrats and Republicans, immigration advocates held a conference call today with reporters, urging the Obama administration to make immigration a priority -- this year.

    Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento said that tomorrow's meeting will tell them whether the White House is serious about enacting comprehensive immigration reform or whether it's timid. "Delaying immigration reform will be a mistake," he said, arguing that the country can no longer accept the status quo.

    Tamar Jacoby, president and CEO of ImmigrationWorks USA, added that when the economy begins to recover, employers will need immigrant labor. "This is the time to do it. This is the time to start preparing for the economic recovery."

    Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, said it was smart policy and smart politics to take up immigration reform. He noted that Obama was elected in no small part because independent voters thought he and the Democrats were best able to find solutions to challenging problems like immigration. He also said Republicans "will have a huge price to pay" if they are seen as blocking immigration reform and scapegoating immigrants and Latinos.

    Asked about Robert Gibbs' recent comment that the "math" might be against immigration reform this year, Sharry replied, "When it comes to counting votes in the U.S. Congress, we tend to look to Harry Reid before Robert Gibbs."

    Senate Majority Leader Reid, per Sharry, has said that the votes are there

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  • conchshell
    08-05 02:42 PM
    On July 31st we got an email informaing us that my wife's EAD is approved and card production is ordered. Again on August 4th we got an email stating that the case is approved. Now we are surprized because if the case was actually approved on July 31st, she may get a two years EAD, but if it was approved on August 4th, she may get the EAD for one year only, as our PD is current.

    BTW, My approval CRIS email came on July 28th, and I have got my EAD card for two years validity.


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  • johnamit
    07-31 12:47 PM
    Wait for PD to be current
    Wait for RD
    Wait for ND
    Wait for EAD
    Wait for AP
    Wait for AC-21
    Wait for FP
    Wait for GC

    And again wait.

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  • Libra
    07-03 10:25 AM
    I thought to but now don't want to comment on your posting because you were already born confused:D

    Ugh, I paid thousands to the lawyer over the years. And the medical was a ripoff. They better send me a free pass for 30 days at some nude bar with my green card or...I'll just have to go there anyways to celebrate:p

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  • gc_kaavaali
    06-05 10:52 AM
    I think for few people this might be bad news. Some people changed their job without I-140 being approved. Sorry guys...i used AC21 but i have approved I-140.

    Form I-140 Petition Must be Approved Prior to a Favorable Determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    On October 18, 2005, USCIS designated Matter of Al Wazzan, A95 253 422 (Jan. 12, 2005) as a USCIS Adopted Decision. This AAO decision established that a petition that is deniable (i.e., not approvable), whether or not the petition is denied 180 days or more after the filing of the adjustment of status application, cannot serve as the basis for approval of adjustment of status to permanent residence under the portability provision of INA � 204(j). An un-adjudicated Form I-140 petition is not made valid merely through the act of filing the petition with USCIS or through the passage of 180 days. Rather, the petition must have been filed on behalf of an alien who was entitled to the employment-based classification at the time that the petition was filed, and therefore must be approved prior to a favorable determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    06-19 10:26 PM
    Chandu might be right.

    Carlau, I looked into the database. Thats a very good info. I found the record and also title. Thanks for your help.

    I will be getting my doctor's report shortly.

    I did contact another law firm, they want a letter from employer.

    Sats123, Chanduv23 is correct, also reading that with the paystubs you can avoid the employer letter saying that you work in such position and for such salary, finding out what position they used to file your labor (did you find it in the database on my previous post) and considering that you are about to get ripped off, it would be advisable that you go through that lawyer that someone was saying charges 1000 to file your papers and 500 for your spouse;

    Did you get the medicals? I know it takes time now to get an appointment, and if you want to file the I-485 on your own, please ask if you have questions, I think you can get out of this trap and before the immigration rates hike on July 30th.

    12-25 01:07 PM
    No idea what to do. Any suggestions.

    And are you doing anything to try and speed up your case since PD are current ?

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